Only Tank I SKIPPED in World of Tanks!

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The is so bad it's the only tank I skipped in World of Tanks however… with so many changes… is it actually playable in 2022?



  1. 27.99 lol , and he does not work for wargaming………………wow.. youtube will not ban me like your stream does. Logic is not your thought . Money is .

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  3. This guy is Bad Wot player or what? Skipped one the easiests and hard hitting tanks on their own tier? Lmao xD

  4. M3 Lee. It was painful.

  5. Hello , i Need your help, can i?

  6. Is this tank bad in WOT? It’s a beast in Blitz. One of my favorites. The gun is amazing, great camo, and the low ammo capacity doesn’t hold it back with the shorter games

  7. QB, please post more subscriber replays.

  8. i hated this tank, it needed more ammo XD

  9. I always skip a lot of tech tree tanks until I get the T9 or T10 top dog bec the crew retraining grind was horrible when I started playing around 2018-2019. Now I’m gradually playing some of those I’ve skipped bec things got a bit easier since then.

  10. What an awful grind.

  11. 7:30 that’s a large aimsight you have there qb

  12. I loved this tank, still do. It is shit, but when you make it work, you know you did something! When you are losing slowly, it can carry a game as they push into you one at a time.

  13. I actually liked St Emil more than Nashorn. You really don’t play this tank to deal damage, you play this tank to finish off people. You really need to be patient.

  14. I loved trolling nature of St. Emil. Enjoyed KV-2 of TDs, as I called it.
    But I’ve skipped Churchill VII and Black Prince, and that seems like the best spent blueprints ever.

  15. Anyway to convince you to re-tackle t28 prototype?

  16. I completely skipped the t69

  17. This tank has my only kolobanovs medal. It was on ruinberg, with 400 hp left against 5 tanks, all were one shots though.

  18. Today you can make the St. Emil work a little better, true, a lot of stuff went in the game that can improve your experience in that TD. But all those years ago, it was dogshit. The lack of mobility, paper armor, very bad camo, especially after firing the big boom and the inexistent gun arc combined with awful dispersions made this tank gruesome to play through. The low ammo count wasn’t a big issue, you either missed or not penned your shots or died way before you got to use it all.

    The only way I’d play it today is by having the free exp to unlock all field mods, but I’d still argue that would be a waste. For new players, sincerely, if you can afford it, still skip this TD, it needs full upgrades to even become playable.

  19. Good teamwork from the arties at the end of the game. Nice to see.

  20. This was actually a tank i loved when i played it. I immediatly put a turbo on it and the big gun. It is a terrible tank to attack, perhaps when it come to base defense, that thing is insane !

  21. Stephen Iannuccilli

    Stubborn Emil for me

  22. I didn’t mind this tank 🙂

  23. T 54E1 stock 😀

  24. Γιάννης Κουρουμίδης

    I didn’t JUST skip the T25/2. I actually bought it and then sold it on the same day. Not because it is the worst tank tier for tier in the game, but because it was basically worse than the hellcat (not tier for tier, actually worse) even though it is supposed to be an upgrade.

  25. Its gun depression allows you to peak on unexpected places which is something you can use. Not on map like Ensk, but on bigger maps it can be strong advantage.

  26. I loved this tank, so many good games in it. Had far worse tanks that I have skipped, Udes 16 for example, such a bad gun, but the St Emil was really fun to play.

  27. but I like my St. Emil!!!!!!
    lol no, I wouldn’t recommend this as a permanent tank but it’s an enjoyable tank to go through compared to many other tech tree tanks

  28. Love the tank, i have at least 50% wr on all my German tanks, this one was the exception for a long time. I had to play about 250 games on it before i finally got a winstreak big enough to get me over the line. Its very team dependent as you cant do much except on the right type of map.

  29. this tank SLAPS in Warthunder, it just oneshots A N Y T H I N G it sees, T-34? BOOM GONE

  30. This is not a tank its a massive gun able to Move. And for that it does its Job pretty well. On PC this was my first line to play through as i just liked the idea of ferdi Tiger and Co, and that was the first tank that i liked to play as its a Good tank when you have no idea about armor and stuff. I knew about the camo mechanics so this was the first t7 tank i were doing some good stuff while watching my Team to learn about positions etc… short: i liked this tank. I think i even played it years ago on console and also enjoyed it

  31. I don’t remember which one but either the 40 or 45 tp was the worst tank ever

  32. I remember struggling with this. Don’t even have Borsig. 46 battles with 52% WR.

  33. This tank needs to be buffed. It’s stupid that the top gun has only 15 ammo capacity and it doesn’t have a premium round. Yes, the standard pen is good enough for tier 6 and 7 but it struggles against some tier 8s and tier 9s. Also some extra speed would be nice.

  34. I hated the stock version, but once I got the main gun, I really enjoyed playing the emil.

  35. QB you should go try the ST Emil on Warthunder. Its an absolute monster in its element with its 128mm vs its own Tier and higher vehicles.

  36. That thing is disgusting. I use it as a long range sniper and if you know where their ammo is you can nearly one-shot everything your tier. At least that’s my experience on xbox

  37. i oddly enjoyed this tank, its main gun absolutely SLAPS lower tiers, i loved playing it.

  38. speaking of mothers in law I haven’t spoken to mine for 5 years couldn’t get a word in edge ways lol

  39. I loved the Sturer Emil.

  40. Fabulous Grille at Tier X… yeah, I laughed!

  41. I really enjoyed playing the st.emil

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