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Source: QuickyBaby

Bat Chat 25t is my second most played tank in World of Tanks and here’s why!



  1. When are you switching to war thunder? After playing it for a month I can never play wot again. Wot is like a little kids arcade game once you get into war thunder. The grind in war thunder is quite brutal though but the gameplay makes you not care

  2. Rotation device makes bloom worse there bud. Re read that description. It does speed up traverse but that negates the improvements to bloom.

  3. In my opinion, they should really buff those gun handling stats… Those are 2011-worthy stats, where arguably the other tanks where more sluggish and their aim was worse back then, so that terrible gun handling of BC was justified, having that amazing clip potential… But it’s been more than 10 years now and the BC is unchanged, while many other tanks were added to the game that constantly pushed what it means to have decent gun handling. As World of Tanks is one of those games affected the most by powercreep, after 10 years, BC feels left behind.

  4. When i first played wot way back in 2013, bat chat is the most fearsome medium tank you can face..

  5. Enjoy ur holidays and ur stay with Tanya’s family. Cheers.

  6. When I’m betting QB is gonna delete this video and re-upload it so his commentary isn’t off-sync

  7. wyatt Blessington

    Yeah the batchats accuracy is shit but so was yours that second game, that 2/5 clip was all you quickybaby lmao 11:29

  8. @16:55 if I remember correctly…the BC was nerfed a long long time ago.
    I think it was an ammo capacity decrease?
    I also think it was moved up a tier?
    This must have been before 1.0.0 days >_>

  9. Great, you did it again.
    I’ll spend an entire day playing my BC 25, just to find out that I’m not QB.
    Thx …
    Well, sometimes it’s simply just refreshing to take a little spark of your entusiasm. 😊

  10. Oh look hes playing the clip and run

  11. I must correct QB in regards to VStab and IRM: they are calculated multiplicative rather than additive. So if used together their effect is somewhat lower than they appear.

  12. I’m not a top tier player, i really dont play much on tier 10 tanks, but that was my 1st one and before the tier 10 light tanks it was my favorit scout in the game!

  13. Darkness Nighthingale

    I’d say 50 B is better.

  14. I don’t use food or field mods, so my build is: RD, stabs, optics. still gives me 475m wr and good gun handeling.

  15. That off-sync… its making my head hurt

  16. The audio and video seems to be out of sync :/…

  17. You might wanne help the Belarus family out and paint the wall behind you, ugh

  18. The thumbnail made me laugh he just looks so troubled.

  19. oh wow we got QB right after his once a year shower. nice

  20. I think QB should make a vid on the mobile version of the game, I’m interested in his opinion

  21. Ripped around in my Batchat after this game and had a good ol’ time 🙂 This tank is great when you have others to take the shots for you

  22. that settles it.. after ranked im grinding this tank

    • lol, BC in current days ir complete garbage, you cant spot, because of tier 10 lights and your gun is too shit to do anything else, even when you yolo and shoot from 20 meters, your gun will troll you

  23. I hate brad from copper creek cuts…

  24. Any chance of a glimpse outside to see what Belarus looks like In January for those of use not being world travelers. Just curious.

  25. I have my first 10k damage game on bat chat so there is a special feeling towards this french assassin.

  26. Krzysztof Kowalski

    More info about cammo pls.

  27. Even though this tank has its drawbacks, I always feel like I can be someone’s worst nightmare in this tank: I can always find a quirky spot or stupid angle or bum-rush an over-confident fellow when his friends are asleep at the wheel. Am I good with this tank? Heavens no. Do I have fun? Oh, yes.

    Also, the Foudre 3d skin introduced in the Waffentrager event is AMAZING.

  28. not even 3 marks in 1.2k battles KEKW

  29. I am so disappointed that QB did not properly show the washing machine.

  30. Serious Question: Who plays BC 25t nowdays? And why shoudl you do so if there much better alternatives? Even Years ago a Skoda would be superior because all a SKoda had to do is to bounce/survive 1 Shot out of 5 from the BC and the Skoda could “clip” the BC 25t instandly because he even reloads quicker.

    BC25t is DEAD, like many other Tanks because of the Ballancing of Wargaming.

  31. WT E 100 was to overpowered but BC is not …

  32. Barry Wojciechowski

    Audio is out of sync with video

  33. apparently every swedish vehicle is now a TD XD

  34. Vikman Photography

    Can’t say I’d be going to Belarus right now…

  35. Out of sync audio. 🙁

  36. Batcha needs an additional 5 ammo cause missing shots like those can cost you the game

    • @Flying Berserker except other tanks can afford to MISS while the Batcha can’t I’ve played games where I loss cause my Batcha run out of ammo cant do shit

    • @Jov Pal i have the tier ix, i know the feeling, the gun handling is bad many shoots missed. They buffed so many tanks and just wanted more rounds the tier ix and 10

    • @Flying Berserker an extra 5 rds isn’t gonna brake the game for the batcha

      Look at what kind of tanks we face now
      Heavy tanks that moves like meds
      meds tanks that have heavy like armor

    • @Jov Pal i agree

    • @Flying Berserker we can only hope fellow tankers since WG won’t do shit

  37. Another good video QB and return of my favourite washing machine 😀

  38. 5:50 silly quacky, udes 15/16 isnt a tank destroyer xd

  39. your aim was awfull u should focus the TP

  40. Leo 1 is the king for me :)…can’t wait for a cool 3d style for it ( don’t like the halloween one )


  42. That thumbnail actually looks pretty dope with the pink foliage

  43. i bought batchat yesterday which equipment do you reccomend?

  44. Thought the bc25t has been pen nerfed no?

  45. Batchat was my first tier 10, well tier 9 that got bumped up to tier 10.

    Loved it, it was, back in the day, special because it was the only auto loader (though the French medium line did have a few more in it).

  46. Imagine getting a shit ton of money for playing a game and you stream from a fucking boiler room

  47. Bellarus-style audio delay.

  48. The M2 Light was like this too before low tier tanks got more hp

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