Onslaught, Free 6th Sense, New Reserves and Map Rebalance in Update 1.18.1 Patch | World of Tanks

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of Tanks Onslaught Game Mode Gameplay. World of Tanks 6th Sense Skill, Map Rebalance and New Personal Reserves, Coversion, Free XP and Crew XP, 100% Credit Booster and more. World of Tanks 1.18.1 Patch Test Server.

Update 1.18.1 Patch Notes: https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/1-18-1-CT-1/

New Personal Reserve article : https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/1-18-1-improved-personal-reserves/

Update 1.18.1 test server is live and I am already there testing out all the new features. This first iteration introduces new Onslaught game mode, map rebalance, changes to crew skills which means everyone gets free 6th sense and new personal reserves.

What do you think?


  1. It took Decades to release a free Sixth Sense not to mention World of Tanks Blitz has it by DEFAULT and the norm.

    • Blitz is easy .WoT will become like it, I bet

    • I would prefer not having sixth sense by default to creepy multibarreled fantasy super anime tanks running around with new additions coming each month which could can only be obtained via using your credit card if you want to have them while they are still relevant.

  2. Tnx dez , CCH138 😉 :*

  3. They’ve finally listened for once…

  4. Every year the maps become more and more sanitised, with convenient shot blockers, obstacles and hull down positions. The maps we play on today are so radically different to how they were in 2012

    • I see opportunities to advance so you dont have to cross open fields with 2-3 hulldown monsters shooting you down. Where you are dead before you can “flank them”.

  5. 7:27 a single bush was removed from cap circle, nothing else.

  6. so when will they fix mines, expand/exclude ensk from high tiers? mines has the most unbalanced layout by far

  7. Free 6th sense should have been in this game like 10 years ago, I’m just hoping we all get compensated appropriately for already spending crew XP on getting that skill, that’s a lot of time, credits, boosters etc. spent for a lot of us. Also the 6th sense directive is now more or less useless.

    • @Joonas Laitinen oh, and why are you taking a car to work? Use your feet it’s more skilfull. You’re using 100% crew? PEASANT USE 50%

      Skill4ltu today, about 15 minutes ago from the time of me writing.

      It’s funny but I kind of agree with him.

    • @Juggernaut Well, it is oppinion. I do not like it. Makes it way too easy. I really did like when there were only 3 skills in game. And I would make tanks slower overall. I used to like game more when 50km/h was non existent for anything else than light tanks. I dont miss 6x arta though. I think I have wot “seniority” like 4xxx, so I am kinda OG.

    • @Joonas Laitinen yeah I totally get it man, mainly I just found it really funny that skill responded to the same comment while I was reading yours 😀

    • @Joonas Laitinen go play war thunder then

    • @Logical Snorlax Oh yes, people cannot have different opinions…

  8. Christiaan Carstens

    Free 6th sense after 10 years, world of trash being world of trash.

  9. Notice how almost all the maps they are changing are clan war maps btw

  10. Is the new game mode going to be temporary, for a given time only? Or is it staying for good?

  11. people have crewmen without brothers in arms?

  12. Free 6th sense yay well comanders have to many skils to lern enyway

  13. About the conversion of old boosters: Does one 2 hour booster get converted into two 1 hour boosters?

  14. This game mode could have been called, randoms but better

  15. “Hi, this is WG again. So, we saw that the new-fast-as-f vehicles we introduced reach the middle of the map faster than the old slow vehicles pass the middle of their own zone, so instead of stoping introducing fast-as-f new vehicles we’re changing all the maps”

  16. great now i have to add a new skill to evry tank with six sense lol the need to give tier 3 back there 3 slots for ger the have ton face tanks that get 3 slots so the should fix that

  17. omg how I like that they started to remove free shots in to people going in to positions, it was so stupid that you could get farmed just for driving in to position. Now do same on mountain pass

  18. Any comment from WG on the RNG changes??? -+ was 100% changed

  19. So what do the people who ground it out get? – fucked – AGAIN!

  20. im in frontline is great

  21. Even tho I didn’t like the way the game was going, for the last 2 update it get better (despite the Italian TD). Maps rebalance at great

  22. At 10:05 it seems to me that tanks from the west spawn will be even more vulnerable to K line push from east spawn…will definitely keep an eye on that in game but overall the changes are much needed and it’s about time they improve the maps.

  23. When does this take effect? I have a bunch of 100% credit boosters I’ll have to use asap by the sounds of it

  24. happy with 6th sense, but overall WG are dumbing the game down.

  25. Honestly, why even release Onslaught for Tier 10. Nobody liked tier 10 before, and making another mode for it is just going to sour the mode. It’s not a competitive tier.
    Tier 5 is jank, but it’s healthier than 10 and the mode lends itself to rooting out the problem tanks.
    Tier 8 is worse, but it at least filters out the worst players while banning the massive horde of overpowered reward/premium tanks like Wargaming wants so they can keep avoiding having to nerf them.

    Then again, Clan wars was a bust so they must think they need to try again instead of abandoning their mistake saying Tier 10 is competitive. Same energy as having Frontline use Tier 9. It doesn’t work. Tier 8 is endgame, anything after that is postgame.

  26. Aleksa Milosavljević

    Thanks god got the sixth sense

  27. WG does 10 bad things and than 1 good thing and after that 10 more bad things

  28. Finally, a good change form WG, now we want good things from crew2.0 without having crew2.0, like every crew can drive at most 3 tanks without retraining them

  29. Honestly I liked sand river so idk how I feel about the changes to it. But I guess the other changes are welcome maybe?

  30. I think they are still missing the obivious in fishermans bay. Add bridge to the harbor. Would make city way more playable.

  31. like and quit…..that game stinks like hell :0

  32. cant wait to test the chinese heavys

  33. with all these changes we have had is it not time to change personel missions not seen any of that done at all as its getting even harder now with nerfs buffs on tanks changes to maps …it needs to be changed too.

  34. Once again, no one in WG cares about fixing the ENSK or MINES MAP! Elephant in the room

  35. Ariliquin Ariliquin

    Dez, with new sixth sense you can combine with directive to get pre nurfed sixth sense performance, 1 second faster. Remember the old sixth sense? Its back.

  36. When will they fix match making

  37. They better give us back all the xp used to get the 6th sense

  38. So basically they give you frontline/steel hunter type of special abilities in Onslaught, allowing tanks to either repair, increase their gun handling and whatever else? So why is this not just in Randoms itself? It would actually make randoms fun and no longer a useless stale shitmode.

  39. Well giving sixth sense to everyone is the best thing that they ever do ftom a long time shout out to them this update looks great with regards to map changes as well

  40. Dimitrije Jovanovic

    It feels like WG started getting its sh*t together

  41. Good changes, generally speaking. A lot long past due, but glad someone over at Wargaming is finally getting the memo.

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