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World of Tanks – E 25. The T7 German premium tank destroyer is once back for 24 hours at an extortionate price. Moon base imminent! Hide your T5 and 6s!


is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Like now theres AT LEAST one bloody e25 in every game and thats going to be reality for rest of year.
    You know what WG? Make special mode for e25s, so other players doesnt have to make bitches and e25 owners cant complain because they got what they paid for.
    Second option is nerf it, survive sea of tears, but then may someone get your game seriously again.

  2. Things have changed for the e25, gun is poor now against the heavies in the game. Not the value it was in the day, never had a a tier 5 game it’s all 7 and above.

  3. xXAngel_With_A_Shotgun Xx

    Great a blatant cash grab by WG. *rolls eyes* Honestly…. im glad I dropped WG from my games list, their games have become sub par, pay to win, and boring as hell. No regrets in finding other companies more deserving of my time.

  4. That video title though 😀 best i’ve seen in days….

  5. This is such a great tank. So much fun to play.

  6. Disgusting

  7. When money come first

  8. WG releases the E 25, but hey the Defender is too OP

  9. Nandakumar Chandrasekhar

    totally agree .. hate this tank n their drivers .. considering am still learning the game and still play 5,6,7 tiers

  10. fuck you WG i buy it for 100e in fact that will not be for sale no more.. and now sell again and on half price ? fuck you WG.. money bitchis

  11. I bought the package, and I didn’t feel all that good after 😛

  12. While I obviously don’t disagree with the E25 having some overpowered features, I honestly don’t think most people got it *because* it’s overpowered. Well, maybe the ones getting it during the most recent sales, but back in the day I suspect most people got it because it looked hilarious, which it is. Back then all tank destroyers had that stealth-shooting bonus after all so it was nothing special for the E25.

    Back when it first came out, I didn’t hear the constant “It’s OP!” stuff that we’ve heard since they removed the stealth-shooting thing from normal TDs. It’s basically a nerf to normal TDs that really made the E25 so overpowered. It also boosted things like the FCM36Pak40 to silly degrees. So did the TD view range nerf. Now, it was always a good little machine in my opinion but the nerfs to normal TDs made it stand out much more, as other TDs suddenly had a much harder time countering it. Before those nerfs the FCM36 could be spotted by a hidden TD and taken out without ever seeing the enemy just like it is able to do to others today.

    It’s really sad that they decided to suddenly change certain classes in WoT in my opinion. TDs used to be more competitive in general, scouts used to actually be scouts and could really help a team when played by someone competent, there used to be way more bushes etc. to use for visual cover while moving forward etc.
    I just think the game used to be much better back then honestly. For a long time it’s been all about the medium tanks now, especially at higher tiers, they can just do everything which is a silly “balance” to have in a game. Imagine the same thing happening in a MMO or whatever. You’d have a tank, a healer, a DPS class etc. and then one class that could tank, heal *and* DPS.. That’s just awful game design.

  13. *And no one ever was surprised….* XD

    They COULD balance the RoF for the gun, they COULD sharply cut how fast it turns, They COULD remove the fake bonus to camo loss reductions to make things fair…… They COULD Pay Us Properly for our games. But its WG.

    and we also have the choice to play Heliborne by Team Jetcat instead so who really cares. Eh? ^-<)'7

    • but yeah, *you know those supposed “New Players” are not actually in T2 and T3 tanks, QB*

      They’re the guys in the Lowe and Patriots we keep making fun of. ;3
      the “Bottom Tiers” were dead before I left the game like a year ago….. XD

  14. Hey guys, it’s ClickyBaity!

  15. I must be one of the few that earned this tank in a mission, before they tucked it away.

  16. they sold the cancer again.

  17. When you have to change your whole game strategy simply because you notice you are facing a good E-25 player on the other team surely this can’t be an unbalanced vehicle?

  18. Pay to win TD! I hate it.

  19. Tried the E-25 on the test server when it was brand spanking new, never liked it.
    Got the M56 Scorpion later though and that one is fun despite being allround a worse vehicle except for the hard gun stats and gun arc.

  20. I think we should all TK E25s as soon as we see them. I don’t see what else we can do with this. This tank is completely broken. Had yesterday a game with 14 of them. Obviously it was a very bad game, and got shot multiple times myself by invisible fairies. WG is really trying to get all of us to quit this game.

  21. It’s over powered but still is fun but yeah they shouldn’t give it out it was $60 for US you can buy a brand new game like cod ww2 for that amount

  22. Great message. Don’t spend money on a TD that is completely OP, because you can win games with it you would not be able to win with any other tier 7 TD. Throw money at us and get the tank you need to play better… I don’t get Wargaming…

  23. Accactly when i saw it on the advend callender i was like how fing stupid are you

  24. “violated that tier 7 American medium tank” lol

  25. Agreed, the e25 shouldnt have been in the advent calendar. Btw the whole calendar is a bloody joke!!!!…. Had 12 e25’s in a game yesterday :/

  26. i’ve been sick and tired of this game for a while now. stuff like this and wargamings “recent” pay-to-win mentality when it comes to prems and premium tanks is, in my op, killing the game.

  27. E. A. Learn a lesson with pay to win. I quit this game because of it. Hope others follow.

  28. Missed my chance they released it on the NA server two days before my bleeding paycheck, Wargaming fraks me and themselves out of my hard earned minimum wage. Now I just get shot up by them more and more and never allowed to be on the other end. Frak my blasted worthless luck.

  29. That A-43 was a total moron, i play this tank quite a lot, and with his full HP, he could have EASILY rush that litle cockroach and finish it, if he flanked around at the moment when pr0birka was fighting that arty and the Nashorn, it would have been gg for the E25..

  30. This is one of the vehicles and reasons that made me quit WoT

  31. Type 59 removed from selling shop cuz it was op and nowadays wg buffed type 59 i mean wtf

  32. Ok it’s official…
    EA buy Wargaming.

  33. Dear QB, you are absoluyely right on this one. E 25 kinda ruins matchmaking, what is left of it 🙁

  34. Oh shit guys I’m going to stick with tier 3

  35. i will play only IX T and X damn E25

  36. Gediminas Liučvaikis

    QuickyBaby, ProBirka means Pro D*ck ^^ I lough so much when you was repeating this 😀

  37. Well, i’ve read tons of comments about how the game will die, and they’re right, BUT we can change it, like we did in the past, there’s a forum protest rn, which is sponsored by MVPS clan too, we changed this game in the past, let’s do it again.

  38. It’s not 50€ for the tank. It’s 50€ for the tank + 7650 gold. So the tank costs about 23€…

  39. A lot of comments condemning QB for making this video with the logic that by showing the E25 everyone will buy it (despite his comments in the contrary) and therefore playing into the greedy WG hands. Yet, by commenting on a video about the E25, they are also highlighting it and making it more profitable for QB to continue to make such videos (if he was inclined). Whining overrides logic.

  40. world of tanks is dying and wg is milking the cow for every last drop until its over. they really fucked the game up with the op prems like the defender, the patriot or the chrysler, they made it impossible to play without gold ammo because of useless ap like on the e100 and op shit like the type 5 heavy and they fucked the matchmaking hard with the matchmaker changes in 9.18 (?). the new graphic engine will just keep it alive a little longer, but end is near.

  41. Well. now they’ll have to start selling the T18 again!

  42. Quicky mate if you hate it so much why do you not sell yours?

  43. Hey QB, remember when you said if you complete 4 out of the 5 campaign missions with honors you can skip one of them, this is no longer the case, if indeed it was so, i finished 4 out of the 5 with honors and …. nothing….i din not get 5 tokens to get the stug 4..did this change now with the new patch? i saw some artillery missions change to incorporate stun mechanics.

  44. It’s PAY-TO-WIN again.

  45. pri birka means pro pen**

  46. Every tank should be Balanced ALL the same? ~ you know in ACTUAL real-time war there is no balance at all anywhere (bit like WOT new MM) as the biggest baldest gun with the most modern possible tank is used by the USA all European counties – – WG is just doing the same in WOT – balance who needs balance its War seal club those low tier losers! its not chess you know ( lol oh lol!

  47. WoT totally isn’t pay 2 win u guize

  48. With the city meta it really isn’t as poweful as it once was. You mentioned the 122-44 which has a higher potential but less consistency. I am really happy I was able to acquire it from the advent calender but in city maps unless your wolfpacking it’s kinda SOL.

  49. Everybody has to take a shot everytime Quick baby says ludicrous

  50. Even WG knows the days of a good game is gone, and its now time to milk the players as fast as you can.
    Good company thinking.

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