OP View Range on The Worst Tier 10 Tank in World of Tanks | Rheinmetall Panzerwagen

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Source: DezGamez

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Rheinmetall Panzerwagen, The Worst in World of Tanks with Maximum View Range. World of Tanks The Best View Range, Rhm Panzerwagen Gameplay.World of Tanks Rheinmetall Panzerwage Highest View Range Gameplay.
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Chapters in this video:
00:00 | Introduction
01:05 | Build Setup (Equipment, Crew, etc.)
02:50 | Announcement
04:19 | Battle 1
12:48 | Battle 1 Results
13:40 | Battle 2
19:50 | Battle 2 Results
20:40 | Details & Conclusion

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Today I am going to take the lowest win rate tier 10 in this game I try to make something out of it… Can it be the best passive scount in the game?

Enjoy the show!
►Tanks in action / мир танков
German Rheinmetall Panzerwagen, Tier 10 Light
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  1. How would you buff this tank? If you think it needs a buff in the first place? 💣
    Also, don’t forget to take part of the Gold GA, link is here: https://gleam.io/OI7d4/may-the-rng-be-with-you-part-1 🔥
    Stay tuned for more this month, much love!

    • Increase the armor pen on HE like ebr maybe bit faster reload and better concealment stats so it can be like a tier 10 elc even just without auto loader for active scouting there are better choices like sheridan with its howitzer against ebrs or of course the ebr or t100

    • ömər ismayılov

      alpha- 320-420, HE 510
      reload 8.88 up to 10 sec(for balance)
      camo up to 17.5
      dispersion on the move – down to 0.10 and dispersion on the turret down to 0.08
      aim time 1.55 – 1.82 ( for balance)

    • This light tank could use more concealment values.

    • I would buff it by fixing MM and nerfing EBR

    • I know camo is based on size of the tank but, I feel it should be more based on armor.. it has the 2nd lowest camo of tier 10, lowest armor and I guess joint biggest size together with Sheridan. Imo Pnzerwagen,Sheridan and WZ could all use a 2%ish buff.

  2. Yeah., Dez time!!

  3. commander has 16 skills 😳

  4. Unlucky with maps for this setup

  5. wtf is that crew, 16 skill commander?

  6. Deiras Jankauskas

    Deaderest is my acount and 2k battles + in rhn pzw

  7. I tried commander vision against a light tank. There was no difference. But it does work on a medium tank I tested. It only spotted the medium tank 12 meters earlier, at 72 meters. Instead of the 63 meters. (The medium was a T34-85.) That is why I am not even bothered in using it.

    • I have vision and optics on my ELC and I spot everything, long before they spot me and can even fire at spotted stuff without ever getting spotted. It works wonders on some tanks.

  8. Christiaan Carstens

    Turd, Not YET!!!!!
    This one being digital, my suggestion would be a copy and paste of the shitwagen files onto a memory stick.
    Then roll it in glue, then sand and glue and then sharp nails and then kick it back up wargamings ass, turd completed.

  9. Where do I find my commanders viewsystem thingy? I got it from the Batllepass and it says ists in the spotting category, but its nowhere to be found… anyone got any ideas?

    • There are two tabs, one for standard equipment and one for the ‘special equipment’ or however it’s called. The ones from rewards, bonds etc

    • I think it’s for T8 or T9 and above only? I could be wrong. Look for it in a T10 tank and you should find it.

    • @Parkour People yea but its nowhere

    • @Neil Williams I have tanks from tier 6 to 10 and I cant find it for any of them… is it also lights only? My highest light is tier 7.

    • @Victor Tarita yeah thats the problem, you can only equip the CVS from tier 8 and above. I like to use Vents, optics and low noise exhaust system on tier 7 and below

  10. An other role of the famous Rhm: it can be a EBR-hunter with his speed and good HE. I had a lot of fun with it;-) Karsten

  11. I wanted to say this tank has 3 good things, speed, view range, and HE shells, then ERB. This tank has 1 good thing, view range, but Sheridan has 420m view range too.

  12. T100 is just so much better

  13. Amirreza Rahimi

    dez pls make m4rev video its new referral tank

  14. You forgot another epic feature on this tank. 10 degrees of gun depression… on the side. Just so very useful…

  15. Luís Augusto Panadés

    This tank has a fucking potato gun, like Ru251 and Grille 15… the gun simply is not nay trustable.

  16. happier pandalicious.

  17. This tank would be better if more maps were larger

  18. You should do it again in another daily video, but You may have to wait for a NOT closed map or two, and after that the conclusion would be much better.

  19. Im so glad i stoped wasting my time with WOT. Im also glad i still love your contend dez 😉

  20. 00:31 It’s the second fastest tank with tracks Dez. The PZ1c does 79kph 😉

  21. This was my first tier 10 LUl

  22. Jakob Gregorcic

    I would probably try and max out camo since the view range is amazing to begin with… 😄

  23. Davor Damjanović

    W8 manticore isnt the worst?

  24. Johan Leiva Saldarriaga

    Please, más palabras en español

  25. And the RU 51 is so much fun then get pooped on a T101

  26. Vytenis Kajackas

    I dont get it why this thing is still not buffed, do they need more time to see, that it is completely useless? Like 5 years or so not enough? And before you say “its german”, leo 1, e50m and e100 got buffed

  27. Unbekannter Nr. 1

    In case WG will buff any stats on this one be sure they will take away half of its ammo.

  28. Don’t understand why wg doesnt buff this rhm panzerwagen gun with such bad win ratio but keep the ebr with 390 dmg alpha and I saw quite a load of ebr 105 replays where they manage to get over 8k damage a battle

  29. Amphetamine Logic

    Unsubbing. Ive unsubbed from another channel for the same reason today too. good content, but sponsor adds mid video completely unrelated are doing my head in. It was a great ride, Dez Thx

    • Sorry to hear that, but this is the only how I can keep giving away all that gold and able to do crazy events here n YT or on Twitch. But I do understand it is not for everyone, but I love giving stuff away and I simply CAN NOT fund it myself.

  30. subtitle please, en español

  31. i’ll try this once i buy the tank back

  32. Dez, didn’t you get the email? Passive scouting is dead.

  33. AusCan Plant Support

    Looks like you can just make any tank work, nice job!
    IGN: AusCanPlant
    Server: Asia

  34. “Worst”, “Legendary” Lol

  35. If this video taught me anything, its how irrelevant passive spotting has become in the current meta. The speed of the game has made it so that passive spotting can only work on specific maps and if there are no ebrs and less than 3 lights. Basically it has become like side scraping: if you can do it, it can help a lot in certain situations. However it can’t really be the main selling point of the tank unless it is at such an extreme level (live even 90 or maybe manticore) that you can seriously abuse it.

  36. I just can’t play a light. Thanks for the information. But I still can’t play lights.

  37. that thank need a buff for sure

  38. The whole german scoutline is an complete joke for years now, only the Ru251 is somewhat decent.

  39. yay you. hepkat server

  40. 8:30 why do you even use binos if you still dance like a striper? ;p

  41. Manticore is the best passive scout because of its size

  42. Best scout equipment is silence exhaust system optics commander vision system

  43. EBR should have 320 Alpha no 280 would even be better for EBR

  44. Ebr is stupid , alpha needs to be nerffed its rounds are op. Both the apcr and he needs a rework ebr would be fine if it didn’t hit so hard and pen too. Especially on the HE shelsl

  45. These 2 wins increased the server-wide win-rate of the RHM Panzerwagen by at least 1% 👍

  46. More and more idiot$ and less good ones…

  47. Im still waiting for auto loading e25 build

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