OPEN YOUR WALLETS! | LION – The 125 Million Assembly Shop Tank!

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Source: DezGamez

New Assembly Shop Tank LION, Tier 10 Auto-Reloading Medium Tank. Lion is now one the most expensive tank in World of Tanks!

Official article about Lion’s Assembly Shop Event:

It is time for another assembly shop event and the new milking machine is going to be tier 10 Italian Autoreloader LION. If you want to get it, you better spread your resourche cheeks open!

What do you think?


  1. So what do you think about this one, going for it?
    Equipment wise you could have 2 setups I tried: IAU, Stabs, Vents for more snipy maps and Hardening, Stabs, Vents for closer fight maps. Field mods full snipe or pick nothing from the last 2.
    Have a good one!

    • @Sándor Kazai it’s true, i start to play long ago and didn’t think about that.

    • I would rather have another chance to get the 780, honestly. This seems somewhat MEH compared to Leo 1 or Proghetto 65…

    • @Srđan Lekić or 25k gold if you buy free xp with discount

    • I got 1k universal fragments, 500 or so national, 490k free xp, 50k bonds and 50m creds.
      Got the 780 last yr with numbered camo and i will NOT BE GETTING THIS tank.
      780 still is good tbh, nice gun and experimental equipment will make it even better … not so sure about this one.

      This tank is made to fight in brawl, not like the Leo I which has options of brawl and snipe.
      It does not have the accuracy of the Leo I, and is gold dependent.

      On top of that, it is a tank that will meet the BZ-176, which pretty much invalidated a lot of paper meds (and this thing is more paper than the Progetto 65) who try to brawl.

      PS: There will probably be another event where they will sell some premiums, like the way they sold IS-3A and a few others last yr after this.

    • Depends on what time they release it… I’ve got more than enough gold and universal BPs.

      But you’ll have to have stock market fast connection to get a numbered tank because within 2 seconds they’ll all be sold.

  2. The fact that clan rewards get OP tanks & the rest of us get weak tanks for gobs of resources sucks.

  3. Caaaaaash grab. Game is becoming more pay to win with every release.

  4. 10k free exp cost 200k more than last time (8k)

  5. It’s more like carro and leo child for the aiming time

  6. This is stupid. Most of the maps are already tunneled, so I don’t see where this tank could be useful apart the few open maps we have.

  7. Wg be like: let’s just add a faster, and weaker version of the carro 50T and most Italian tanks and sell it for 300 dollars 😁👍

  8. WG.igor how can we get the Xmas gold and credits out of the game.
    Igor. let’s introduce a new tier10 build .and make it overpriced.

  9. lep 1 can reload in 6 sec

  10. 200$ for a bit different leo. No thanks

  11. 55k gold? Like 200€? No thanks!

  12. only cost 25k gold if u converted your free xp during the 40 xp per gold discounts

  13. why in the hell do we need all these new reload let keep make new op tanks so the power creep over one of the old tanks people work very long to get there tanks and they would like them to be competitive but we know wargame only cares about money and not there old players

  14. thank you for the video

  15. I will just nuke it with T92.

  16. Ok so aim for dem cheeks if hulldown

  17. im lucky i already have around 400k free xp so i bought gold to convert another 200k because i then have enough to get the tank with other resources so it hasnt cost me alot to buy the remaining resources

  18. no fomo this time only an hairy middle finger

  19. If no one buys it wg will sell it cheaper in premium shop

  20. As if people will give this company their money.. right..?

  21. Yeah leopard is still better:
    Turret is still shit. Even in a leopard 1 you can bounche with the turret if you get lucky so pretty much equal.

    Then onto the gun, yeah you have 4 shots all cool but when do you really have time to shoot all for of them? In +-5 seconds im already behind a rock or house on most maps
    Then the reload of the rounds, Leopard 1 can reload in less then 7 seconds with the right equipment so dmp wise it is only a slight improvement from the leopard 1.

    With all those costs, why the hell would you do it?

  22. I guarantee you there will NOT be 5000 numbered tanks on the NA server… I would be shocked if there was more then 3-4k of them. The last assembly shop on NA server didnt even reach halfway for sales cap.

  23. i knew it!!! WG poster child changes hes mind about 780 and BAM!!! assembly shop is back, youre too damn predictable Dez

  24. I honestly have money for this so…. why not?

  25. will we have one event like this every year ?

  26. I’ll be trying to get one of these. I am not a good player, but I have the resources to get one and the desire to improve at the game, so even if it is a tank I struggle with now, I can always put it on the shelf until I get better at the game. But I think this tank for me fixes my two problems with Spaghetto: the low DPM and derpy gun handling. Aim time be damned, it seems like a much better gun overall.

    My only complaint is I just used a lot of free XP last night because the February calendar didn’t mention this event and I figured I’d have time to build up more before the summer, which was when the last Assembly Shop was. So I had very unlucky timing, sadly. But not unlucky enough to prevent me from acquiring the tank. Great video as always!

  27. Honestly looks like a tank I would not enjoy.

  28. I am starting to think that wot is reaching its inflection point, RIP…

  29. “Getting a close battle is like finding a gold mine”, you are right dez. Got to love the WOT matchmaker.

  30. No way am I paying that much for a progetto, lol.

  31. Dez 40% of match on Asian server are close battles and I face atleast 3 draws in a day of my gaming session also 15-0 games are only after 11pm at night and all players suffering 120-250 ms ping everyday thanks Hongkong server unlike in 2016 there was a Singapore server which was smooth but it’s no more hopefully someday we on Asian server get ping consistently around 100ms not asking for 40-50ms also we are wargaming’s largest market and big spenders if they make ping smooth for us.

  32. Yes another vampire event where wg sucks you dry of all your Christmas loot

  33. Tomorrow when the event starts I can simply assemble it since I have accumulated 161 blue prints, 995 nation fragments,100000 free xp,150 gold, 23300 Bonds, 27000000 credits on my account(which can be increased to 40 million by selling vehicles) this has taken years to accumulate, but when I try to check on assembly interactive menu it only allows me to use maximum 160 blue prints and 704 nation fragments but it allows me to add all of my free xp credits and bonds. Dez is this tier 10 worth it does it make more credits in tier 10 like premium tanks or is it just another ponzi scheme to clear our accounts?

    • Viktor- Drago Perković

      Just another ponzi sheme, to play it in full potentional you need to shoot gold ammo and have food, bond or bounty equipment soo you will be in negative credits after almost every battle.

  34. if they give the Leopard 1 the same turret as the Lion, i won’t fully complain. make sure not to change any other aspects of the Leopard 1 though

  35. This is not a premium tank its just another useless tier 10 dont buy dont buy, You can add this vehicle in comparison and check the overview it doesn’t has more credits listed.

  36. 60 top speed for a medium tank is “ok”. That used to be a superior speed. Now we have Russian heavy tanks doing that. Power creep is real.

  37. I still have buyers remorse from obj780…….so i am not going to sick my resources into this event again!

  38. Someone had one of these while i was playing tonight. A CC account.
    I was driving my Progetto 65 and ate the dude alive. He hit me only once and two bounces.
    I clipped him, waiting for 3 shells and finished him off.
    I wonder if I was on his livestream?
    Bc Thundering_Bush_Wookie is a lot better than my stats say.
    Beware the Bush Wookie!

  39. Why did they call the of40 a lion, and why has it got an autoloader

  40. Хомяк-шатун

    Just dont buy it….else wg will continue this shtshow of legal gambling in their casino/game….

  41. Emptying my whole account and even buying extra gold just to get one shitty mediocre tier 10 that i won’t play more than 5 battles? Hell no…

  42. I’m reluctant, but I think I might go with a no here. The only reason this tank was interesting for me in the first place was because I absolutely love my Leopard 1 and I also enjoy “autoreloaders” (I still think this is such a bad label for those kind of tanks).

    But comparing them on tanks gg shows, except for the damage output, the way better turret and the slightly better camo, this thing is worse in every single regard. Worse overall gun handling including accuracy, worse mobility, worse view range, worse shell velocity, worse penetration, worse hull armor (this might actually be kind of signifanct, since the Leo has 35 therefore can sidescrape against some tanks, while the Lion has 30 and can be overmatched by a lot more guns).

    What also bugs me a little, I could technically get this without spending gold, mainly for bonds. but since I haven’t bought a single loot box for 2 years, I would be completely out of resources after that purchase. All my free xp, blue prints and nearly 30k bonds would burn away for this tank, and that’s simply not worth it. I’d rather save the bonds for the next ranked rewards or maybe something new coming to the bond store, we’ll see.

  43. As a F2P player, this is truly one of the best things to ignore this year, the best thing about this is the new tanks to farm.



  45. Every month wg released new tank with recommendation from their army like that guy telling us buy buy buy waste your money more,more,more

  46. i make it with normal free ep , blueprints, nation fragments and a little bit credits and bonds. i have 120 k Bonds , 120 k Gold left , and 300 million Credits 😀 after 120 k Games played .

  47. I was waiting for somebody to go over how intuition works with this mechanic. It works just as I hoped! Can’t wait to get this thing 🙂

  48. this to me is just another grab money advent and for me im saying im going to pass on even trying to attempt getting the lion in my eyes not worth it just sell it in the store in my eyes then people can pick it up if they want to

  49. Just crazy

  50. There are 3 reasons what for you should use the last shell in the magazine.
    1, You are in high danger and you need to safe yourself
    2, You know u are gone so you want to fire atleast one more shot to make more damage b4 you go back to garage
    3, You want to finish one shot tank, and you know you are in safe position so you can take some time to reload it back.

    And by me this is some hybrid auto reloader tank, mixing the russian and italian auto reloader tanks.

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