Opening 100+100 Loot Boxes feat. Skill4ltu | World of Tanks Christmas Loot Boxes 2019 / 2020

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World of Tanks Christmas Loot Boxes 2019 / 2020, Opening 200 Holiday Ops Loot Boxes with Skill4ltu. New Premium Tanks – E-75 TS, Object 703 II and More. World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2019. World of Tanks Loot Box Opening.

I will always be providing entertainment and content you, but it really helps the channel out!

Today is going to be filled with Loot Boxes and openings, because today is the first we are able to get them and hopefully we can snag that tier 8 premium tank with 2 barrels, the Object 703 II.

We are going to get 200 boxes from WG later today, but those boxes are bought by us.

Full list of premium tanks:
1. Object 703 Version II (Double-Barreled)
2. E 75 TS
3. Progetto M35 mod. 46
4. SU-130PM
5. Sherman VC Firefly
6. Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. K
7. Sexton I
8. AM 39 Gendron-Somua

On the top of that, many new special 3D styles some legendary old tanks!

What do you think about it?


  1. Soooooo… What do you say about that? 😀
    Had awesome time with Skill tho, thanks bro, check him out:
    Also, about the rewards, forgot to mention it at the end. All those boxes got me to Festive Level 10, 25 boxes from each type.
    PS! This episode is not part of the Dezmas, most likely double upload today, so stay tuned!

    • You couldnt get any more Gold than 250 when you got Credits, Premium etc. So thats why you got so much 250 Gold drops

    • @Dapper Mouse I think they are all the same tbh. Its gambling 100%. No method.

    • i didnt get double barrel too but i got su-130pm so i feel bit better

    • Hey Dez, last year I bought 75 boxes and I got ALL the premium tanks, I got a TON of gold and a lot more. I was so happy I got the IS3 A, Skorpion G, you name it. I was very pleased and I came out ahead BIG TIME. I wish you good luck friend.

    • Yo Dez, let me cheer you up a little. I opened 14 boxes, not even the tier 2 shiter I got, no 3D camo, nothing. I won’t bother saying anything about tier 8s ??

  2. Wow i bought 50 boxes and got 19500 gold all premium tanks except progetto 46 (i already had it) and i also got all 3d styles except the jagdpanzer e100 one


  4. I knew this one was going to be a laugh, but I almost spit my drink out when Dez said “Uninstall”.

  5. I Love This Style Presentation, makes me want to buy a hundred or two boxes ; b

  6. or you can spend 100 + euro and have memory that in 2020 ops you was unlucky af and now you can cry everytime when you remember

  7. I was so blessed. I bought 75 and in the first 30 alone I received female tanker, Object 703 Shotgun, Projetto and E75. Best Christmas Ever!!!!!!!!

  8. Its possible to send me 11 boxes?

  9. Its me Agent from the server! Lucky lucky Dez… Guess Friday the 13th must be a lucky day there in Estonia. Sure isn’t here lol!
    I got all styles, Bret Panther, Sherman VC, 3 Pz. III K, 1 sexton, 2 AM Grendol… ~28k gold, 31 days of premium, & 2.4 million credits.. out of 53 Boxes..

  10. What was that tank in 10:19

  11. Should have played a drinking game. Every box you open that doesn’t have a tank take a shot of Vodka and sing a little song.

  12. At 17:24 is the start of Dez’s desperation… and the first second that i began to had a big smile on my face(because i would have reacted 100% the same way), but at 19:16 (again same reaction from me too) i laughed so hard that I fell from my chair. This rare moment is priceless. Everything else in this video you can buy online from Wargaming. I won’t do it again this year, it’s not worth it. But this moment is unique – it’s more funny than all the comedy movies of the last 15 years.
    I appreciate both of you for the quality content you share with us. And this comes from one of Claus Kellerman’s subscriber(now also yours) – Those three guys keep this game alive for me.

  13. The summary of video: Look at 19:30 Dez’s first box second decoration. Thats what you get for 160€ 🙂

  14. Skill trying to comfort dez when he gets little shit premium tanks

  15. Im sorry Dez but i had 25 boxes and all tier 8 premiums exept progetto…

  16. After watching this episode i consider myself EXTREMELY lucky. I bought 25 boxes today and got 703 II, E75 TS x 2 (10500 gold second time), SU 130 PM, Bretagne panther, sexton x 2 and that french tier 2 wheeled vehicle. Also over 14 days of prem time and some 12K gold and 5 out of 6 of the 3D styles lol well worth it as the cost of boxes was 40 € and the outcome was worth around 180+€. Thanks WG !

  17. Sorry about your results, but thanks for the entertainment!

  18. Decided to get some boxes got 100 premium days and 40k gold

  19. I opened 25 boxes and got:
    -2 special skins
    -T6 French Panter
    -About 14,000 gold
    -T8 E75 TS (on the very last box)

  20. All I wanted was some gold, and some premium time, but Skill licking the mic brought me luck!!

  21. got su 130pm and tier 5 prem with 11 boxes.. 20euro for gains i got.. more then happy.

  22. “That’s gold-digger, running to dude who gets more stuff” lol

  23. I like the collab between you two, you guys should do more videos together.

  24. Opened 150. Didn’t get a single tier 8 from it. Didn’t even get the Bretagne Panther. Got all the styles tho. I got 8 Sexton 1s. I got fucking robbed. 150 boxes and 69k gold.. what a fucking joke. Though I did get a few mil silver…

  25. great video. really enjoyed it. you guys make me laugh.

  26. Best couple ever!? Dez, I’m sorry to tell you, I bought 25 magic boxes and it took me 5 boxes to get object 703 II.. ? Good luck with WG 200 giveaway! Skill you are ridiculously funny! Wet kiss?

  27. 75 boxes, no tier 8 for me…

  28. Great video guys.

  29. Adalgiso Unoqualunque

    I bought the 11 boxes package. In the next to last one there was the 703 II. I couldnt believe my luck. I will never gamble again in my life.

    Until next year.

  30. damn skill is too lucky, wish i could have those too even the prem days only i would be so happy

  31. Nice vid Dez! Shame you didn’t get the 703 but grats on the Progetto.

  32. I was pretty lucky, only took me 13 boxes to get E75, Obj 703, AM39 and Julia. At box 70 I had all the tanks and camo. over 100K Gold, 8M credits. Not bad., I think.

  33. Two sexy voices in one video? Please stop

  34. im same with u dez fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  35. I opened 75 boxes and got double-barrel SU130PM and german TS (always open boxes on first day beacuse there is higher Chance to get something, that’s why youtubers open them on first day)


  37. 100 boxes, not even a tier 6 premium

  38. I won’t buy anymore boxes. It’s shit and total bias Russian server. Fuck wg fuck wot. I’m not paying for ur scams. Quicky just got the same when he opened Russian server. It’s total bias horseshit. Fuck em. No cash for u assholes. Shove ur double pos up ur asses

  39. Update: Last year i only got gold in the boxes. This year I got: Obj 703 II, E75 Ts, SU130 and all the 3D camos plus ca 36k of gold from 75 lunar boxes! ????

  40. I enjoyed watching your side by side unboxing with Skill. Sorry it did not work out to your advantage. Dez: “Uninstall” was hilarious.

  41. THIS is Russian bias

  42. Things can be worst Dez, 200 euros and the only tier 8 i find was the E 75 TS!! I give up, not more wasted money!! Guys you are amazing, i think we all enjoying your video, keep going on that way, Greetings from Greece ?

  43. Bought 75 boxes and i got 5 milion, credits 30000 gold, e75 ts and 66 days of premium day wow

  44. Still the unluckiest youtuber but we love you man !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. You had to jell RUSSIA ?

  46. it cost for 100 boxis in Australia Dollar in A North america server 1 x 75 $190.54 dollars 1 x 25 $79.11 dollars all up $269.65 Dollars only for 100 boxes we are strew up big time here only wanted gold and credit prim time bonus if get those tanks so don’t complain enjoy what you get great show guys had good laugh

  47. got 11 boxes, didn’t get a single fukcing premium tank, not even a tier 2.

  48. I got all of the tanks and an i have to say the tanks are really cool but i love the SU the most. The double barrel is actually the one i like the least

  49. opened 11 boxes and like got nothing good no good premiums no skins just a bunch of gold and premim account time which isnt that bad but you know wanted something cooler

  50. Last 2 years I have bought this stuff, this year not anymore, fuck wargayming and their shitty events.

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