Opening 200 Footlockers in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I’m opening 200 Last Waffentrager 2020 footlockers to show you what they contain!


is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming is available as a free download here.


  1. haha 0.57 % chance to get T77 ? I’ve bought 1 single box and got T77 lmao 😛 I’m God

  2. Lucky me, i bought 10 lootboxes and got t77 from the third one.

  3. “WT auf E 100, one of the, if not the most OP tank”. It wasn’t. Very annoying in certain situations, but overall not perfoming amazingly, the win rate was normal. Unlike some soviet bobjects.

  4. Holy shit, got the T77 in my first box after a reopen. Was not going to buy anything after watching this vid but bought 10 anyway. Somehow this makes me more mad because I know how shit the boxes are.

  5. In 10 crates got t77, Lowe and kanon. GGHF.

  6. 279e has powercrept wafferntrager

  7. GAMBLING should NOT be used against YOUNGER PLAYERS, to PAY a LOT for (allmost) NOTHING in return. THAT is down-right WRONG. Thx to QB for an INFORMATIVE video.
    If u need a special tank, WAIT until it’s on SALE OR LIGHT A FIRE WITH UR MONEY

  8. For 10 boxes I got löwe and t77

  9. Opening 34 box and i don’t get premium tank
    Ok nice

  10. This is HORRIBLE rates, you either get GARBAGE or AMAZING rewards, there is 0 in between it looks like. That’s so sad.

  11. I opened 10 boxes and got t54 mod and t77 my heart just stopped

  12. I received a Lowe and a T77 for a 8 Euro lootbox package. I’m off to buy a lottery ticket.

  13. Alright. I bought 90 lockers for about 73 euros and this what i got.

    Gold: Barely nothing. I rerolled almost always once.
    Credits: 6 500 000
    Credit boosts: About 30ish
    Exp. boosts: Dunno, didn’t count. Quite many.
    Premium days: Maybe some 10-14 days
    Demount kits: Who cares?
    Small training manuals: Some, didn’t care.

    And then something better i got in this order:

    Kanonenjadgpanzer 105
    Personal training manual
    M4A1 rev
    Personal training manual

    All were new tanks for me(Quite lucky since i have quite many already from list).
    So, i got 4 new tier 8 premiums plus 2 manuals and some random stuff. I think i am quite happy about it. And i think i was bit more lucky than unlucky.

  14. James Sunny Crockett

    Why is QB always referring to “his Dollar”. He lives in the UK, WTF.

  15. Wow such a toxic comment section, DO NOT scroll down

  16. Yes it is gambling. And yes, you kinda endorsed it…

  17. Again the free boxes but buy them and get zero like the rest of us players

  18. as far as rerolling goes, I have played enough Warhammer to know if you re roll a 1 you get a 1

  19. Money grabbing scam.

  20. Plot twist: WG has increased the chances for QB (getting a premium tank) so that people would believe that the boxes have a great chance to actually get the premium tanks

  21. Premium tanks what they sell right now are 22-40€. So pretty much you could buy 40 boxes for 32€ which means with 5% chance when you reroll all that you would get 4 premium tanks. I think that would be being lucky. I think the chance is lower so you might get 2 premium tanks in that. Which would mean your moneys worth.

    How ever if you dont want gold or the premium tanks except T77. No reason to buy. For new players this probably is most worth. Its still gambling and you might not get a premium tank. Which pretty much means you did not get no where near your moneys worth. Because all crates are less valuable than your money when you dont get the tanks…

    For me I maybe would like T77 but from the other only Lowe and ELC 90. I can gamble and hope to get them or I can spend more money directly at premium shop. Neither option is tempting so in that sense WG is doing bad.

  22. Dam i bought 11 dollers worth (10 lock boxes) and i got mostly crew books and always rerolled for 100 gold. and i GOT the T77 and ELC even 90 which i never had both woooooh!

  23. Its bad. I spent $40 and got a stg and like 11 days premium time. So really bad. I got more out of holiday crate last year and only bought 25 crates. Bad bad bad wargaming! Its nothing but a cash grab imo.

  24. i get my t77 in 5th box and 8th was wz

  25. As someone who bought 20 and got two tier 8 premiums including the T77 I would say no they are not worth it. You are entirely relying on getting lucky, otherwise I think you get about half the gold value for what you pay in real money, the rest then has to be made up by the other stuff in the boxes. But the other stuff in the boxes can include things like XP boosters and demount kits, stuff I don’t think many people would want to pay real money for. You also can get the 20k experience training manuals, which again are not worth real money I’d say to most people.

    Unlike the Xmas boxes where even if you didn’t get premium tanks (and you had lower tier prems in there to get as well) most of the box contents would be gold, premium time and credits, meaning you usually got more than what you paid for in gold and premium time. So buying xmas boxes in an affordable amount IF you buy gold or premium time or just finding grinding credits a chore is worth it because you will probably get more for your money and the potential for maybe a premium. Here you are basically getting half your money in gold and then hoping something better pops up.

    IF you are going to buy boxes, wait for Xmas, where hopefully they should be better.

  26. They always give the free loot boxes for content creators a higher chance of this stuff people watch that by the boxes that have much much less percentages

  27. Spent 16€. Got T77 and IS-6 lol 😂

  28. QB you also get 100 gold per lootcrate *meaning there anticipating you spending 100 gold to reroll a box every go if you wanted thats what i did if i did not get something worth while)

  29. Community contributors get 200 premium boxes for free yet the rest of us dont even get one, let alone the chance to earn one

  30. I got lucky..bought ten, got an STG on 2nd box and decided I am not going to get any luckier and stopped there!

  31. I got 4x 10 Packs and received the *T77* , *STG*, *HWK 30*, and *VK168.01P* on top of premium days, 3x 850k personal training manuals, some crew manuals, and boosters. I’m very happy!

  32. Wg are rip off merchants it’s that simple there getting like machine zone

  33. At least with the Christmas boxes, you could open multiple at a time. Also, they weren’t filled with the obvious bait rewards, such as 150k credits or demounting kits (which NOBODY wants)

  34. Our Fear is Their Power

    SWTOR hypercrates are really good

  35. i went through 50 crates and no tank at all. rewards were NOT worth the money.

  36. It is not your fault QB but this WG crap is getting out of hand. I down voted THEM, not you but yeah unwatchable, cringy and shameless greed. WG seem to have totally lost it now. I don’t play either game anymore where I once LOVED them madly for many years. It was the Carriers in WOWS that was the last straw there my return to WOT and the p2w and Clown cars made my recent return short and painful. Happy not to be playing anymore but still love watching you play. You play for me just like Jingles plays Elite Dangerous so I don’t have too. Since 2014 you have always been my go to guy for WOT and learning to play better (back when) when the Cromwell was your baby! Keep rocking QB!

  37. I was pretty lucky, bought 10 footlockers, got T77(!), vk168 and IS6 none of which I had, plus lot of credits and other odd stuff.

    I always rerolled once for 100 gold if I didn’t like the original prize, but no more than that. It was on the rerolls that I got the 3 premium tanks.

    Yes it’s gambling but I’m happy!

  38. My friend unboxed 5 boxes got an t77 and the lowe

  39. i feel like WG distributes these crates to creators not only because it is free advertising for their gambling scheme but also give so many of them because it makes it look like
    A) one would get a lot of quantity for your money (which is not what the paying consumer will experience AFTER their purchase) and
    B) one would have a high chance of winning one of the premium tanks since content creators shorten their videos to leave out all the bad ones (because they kinda have to), making it look like there are only good results (and I’d say that’s not the creator’s fault!)
    really disgusting imho

  40. Implying WeeGee didn’t put the T77 into QBs crates lol

  41. As long as this game is py2win: „no money for you, Wargaming!“

  42. Try not to be so negative, its another mehanichs in a game, its kinda nice, they add things to the game, but i agree they should sell every item seperetly… U dont have to “gamble” if u dont want to, right?

  43. Pretty sure this is gambling. They should probably include “gambling” in the games rating now

  44. You don’t really mess with loot boxes do you? This is a classic re roll in action.

  45. Premium tanks is worth getting regardless on what you pick from one of those crates. In Asia Server, i got T77, Spuer Pershing and M4 Rev out of 50 boxes

  46. The fact the you can get the same thing when you re-roll is bullshit. ffs wg

  47. Good thing I quit this game. WG is the russian EA.

  48. Even the opening experience is garbage on this set of lootboxes. It takes around TEN SECONDS to open each crate with all the minimal animations trying its best to be “exciting”, which is whatever… but also you can’t mass-open boxes.

    So opening 200 boxes even on speedrun would take around half an hour. Yeesh.

  49. I got a de-install kit

  50. War gaming: “Here’s a bunch of loot boxes for a really low chance at good stuff but everything else is garbage. Want some?” Me: “Fuck off”

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