Opening 200 Holiday Ops 2019 Boxes in World of Tanks

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Source: Taugrim

I received 200 Holiday Ops 2019 loot boxes in World of Tanks from Wargaming courtesy of the NA Community Contributor program.

Watch to see the phat lootz I receive from these RNG crates.



  1. first??

  2. I used all my Christmas crew for the fresh t30 I unlocked. Think I’ll be unlocking the tracks so I can use the 120 then play it until I unlock the engine and then work for the 155 gun

    • The 155mm gun is a revelation. 750 alpha is so gloriously punishing. But for grinding the 120mm gun is actually pretty solid. In my case I used Free XP on the 155mm gun and grinded the engine last.

      Gun > engine in my opinion, the tank is slow anyway.

    • +Taugrim I’m concerned with the impact a weak engine has on turret rotation. The 28 proto works sorta but it really is easy to circle and annihilate.
      I loved how much I can bounce in that thing. Thank you for the advice to treat it as a slow heavy

  3. They could always increase the reload speed of the last shell so it increases dramatically to load the 3rd shell. So 1 shell 15 seconds, 2 for 20 seconds more and 3 for 25-30 seconds

  4. I purchased 2 x25 boxes so far and I’m hoping to afford another 25 and then 75, so I can collect all the decorations and pile up gold for the advent calendar.
    I used the gold to buy the 50tp proto and to get the free XP to get the t30, I have a lot of tanks and I can generate insane amount of free XP.
    I’m nearly at 190 tanks in the garage, I have problem, don’t want to sell most of my tanks

  5. I got 75 last year and 75 this year, still no scorpion g. I did alot better this year than last year, all tanks except scorp g, all skins, 29k gold (i had none of these tanks before the boxes), and and enough credits to buy my 705a.

  6. On EU server we are very pissed about Loot boxes and IS3-A, for me personally is a game breaker and I uninstalled the game after 10 years – I started in beta. WOT is currently a milk cow and WG is not going to repair it or/and change it. They simply can’t do that as it would be a violation of the EU law in terms of customer agreement, which is “they can’t make purchased item worst or change it significantly without refund” – they’ve tried to do that in the past with preferential MM but player said that they will start a court case and WG magically changed its mind. In terms of the loot boxes they are already illegal in Belgium and as I know Wargaming has been reported to the Gambling Comision in the UK. So it will be very interesting to see how it goes :). Loot boxes are gambling in the purest form and IMO you should inform your minors that its illegal to gamble. WG practise atm is completely predatory and this game shouldn’t be rated Teen anymore. It is just bizarre. IMO its time to find a new game

    • +krasny111 I’m not sure how things work where you are from, but in the US you have to be 18 to go into a casino or buy anything that involves gambling/risk reward such as the lottery.

    • +vas1900 well keep calling it gambling if you like but as I say the UK says that you are wrong.

    • +BM8975 yeah but in this case theres no risk… you pay for gold you get gold… and extra goodies that you dont pay for… you never leave with less than you had. so yeah not gambling but a good deal on gold. if kids want to buy those boxes they can but i dont think they can purchase those without consent of tutor / parents.

    • +krasny111 first WG is not marketing the loot boxes for gold reward, that’s a lame cop out to fight legally if they need too. WG is marketing them with a pixel tank, which is what many players, right or wrong, are buying them for. Already I’m seeing players complaining about spending $400 and not getting it, and I expect this to get worse just like with the Type 59. Yes players have a responsibility, but WG also has to be held accountable for their choices.

      Second kids play WoT and are buying these loot boxes. Again not sure where you are from but in the US parenting seems to not be much of a thing. Sure they need a CC, but there is nothing from stopping them from buying at the time of purchase once the CC information is saved to WG’s system.

      Third these loot boxes are gambling. The excuse that you get gold value is just an excuse to use legally if WG has any issues from it. But it has no real value outside of the value that WG and individual players put to it. And again it isn’t gold that WG used to bait loot box sales, but an OP pixel tank.

      And no I’m not bitching because I don’t have the IS-3a. I bought 75 boxes for the gold and mainly decorations since I have been working a lot lately and no time to grind my festive atmosphere, and got the IS-3a there. Just like last year getting lucky and getting the Type 59. My opinion is coming from how wrong this is and the predatory behavior of WG and the gambling of the loot boxes that as well targets kids.

    • +BM8975 its not gambling because youre not left with nothing ! yes they could advertise drop rate % but they didnt … you could see it in a different way its, like buy a meal and get a ticket for a draw ! its not put 1$ in the machine to maybe win something. for the cc well yeah the info get stored but this issue only concerns minor and if it involve cc im pretty sure parents want to be involved 😀 i think its a great way for Wargaming to get some $ and a great way for us to get a LOT of gold 😀

  7. Glad you got the new IS-3A . Crap mechanic that Wargaming requires RNG loot boxes for their latest Flavor of the Month!

  8. I got one question, how is the m4 improved better? Who wants to play with that crap stock gun?

    • Youbetter Backoff it’s not better. I call it the M4 Nerfed. (I won one in a tournament.) That said, its gun handling is better, the mobility is quite good, the turret armor is a bit better, and the view range is nice for a tier 5. I actually kind of enjoy the stupid thing. But overall the tech tree Sherman (which is one of the only tanks in the game on which I am approaching three gun marks) is better.

    • It’s a T5 tank that can see T7 tanks, with a T4 gun that should have PMM. As a LT main, I view it as a MT trying to be a LT but without the advantage of LT camo and speed.

  9. those boxes are really generous… i know its pay to play or wathever but hey i work i want to spoil myself they give us a great deal. i wasnt even trying to get a tank i needed the gold to pay for premium time. and i ended up buying more boxes because of how amazing they were … no need to buy 200 boxes. buy the amount you want or can afford ! would people be more interested in buying if the rates were visible ?

  10. No summary of results?

  11. If they include the IS-3A as one of the calendar event days then this would be great. If you don’t pull it from your purchased loot boxes then the gold you get be used to buy it. That would be the smart thing. But hey, its WG. Save some gold for the end just in case they give us that opportunity.

    • I got lucky last year getting the Type 59, and this year getting the IS-3a but I strongly agree that these tanks should be put in the store in some way for players to buy.

  12. I’m not buying any loot boxes this year, although they are a great deal for gold, credits and premium time. Not sure when or if I’ll spend money on the game again. I’m just so disgusted with WG right now. (Near seven year player here.)

  13. I have watched 3 other community contributors open loot boxes and none got an IS-3A.  You are the first.  That puts the odds around 1 in 700 which is what one of the contributors reported was the odds of getting a T-59 last year.  So for those buying lootboxes for an IS-3A Good Luck,  You’re going to need it.

  14. Great balanced statement on loot boxes. I agree and I wish that they would listen

  15. Disappointed you would help market this crap.

    • Did you even watch the video?

      Just because he wasn’t ranting hardly means he was hawking the boxes. He is a CC. It was informative for people that may not know about them. But, it was anything but a hard sales pitch to go buy them.

  16. I guess I look at these as a gift from WG. Might be wrong but it takes money to keep the game running. So if you pay monthly or once a year the money is used for operating expenses and future development. So I will buy somemore loot boxes and get my gold back to 500k and that will last me another year.

  17. Taugrim a rework to the Italian version is not possible without offering a refund to all IS-3A owners. So it will not happen, as it breaks EU laws about virtual items. The “they can not nerf a premium tank” rule still applies.

    I brought mine 3 years ago and was teased about it. Now I am teasing back.

  18. I want an e25….

  19. F2P games balance their income model around whales, who are projected to spend $100 a month on the game. You’ll notice that WG tailors their new released every month so that if you spend $80-$100 you can keep up with the flow of new goods. That is not an unreasonable amount for many people ($1200 a year on their hobbies). I’m not one of them, but I do have friends who are there. And like it or not, those are the people keeping the game afloat, when the average spent across all players is $5 across the timespan they play the game.

    WoWs has loot boxes at Christmas as well. Not sure about WoWp, I uninstalled with the release of 2.0, which was completely unasked for and fully rejected by testers . Maybe because of that, I’m more tolerant of the mistakes they make in the development of WoT, because they are far less onerous in comparison.

  20. Thanks for a fair assessment. It seems there are a lot of emotional over-reactions to the loot boxes.

    I’m ok with the loot boxes themselves. I bought some last year and funded my premium time, etc. for all of 2018 with them. I didn’t spend a cent all of 2018 until this year’s loot boxes came out. It’s my money. I budget it. It works for me. I know what I’m getting from them and know I am not guaranteed any of the enticement tanks.

    My problem is what they put in the boxes to lure people to buy them. Several (all?) of the non-tier 5 meh tanks are troll or OP tanks (E25, LefHfehfeh, Defender, Skorp G). Plenty blatant. And, the IS-3A is just plain broken. I think people get all worked up because they don’t understand probability and somehow think they are entitled to win the tank they want if they pay X amount of dollars. Sorry, doesn’t work that way. You’ll get value (gold, credits, prem time) with the possibility of a tank. You’re not being ripped off if you don’t win the tank you want.

    tldr: loot boxes, ok. OP tanks in the loot boxes, not ok, bad for game.

  21. Just should note that even when empty the IS-3A still fires slower than the normal IS-3 as well.

    The boxes however are a great value in gold and premium time, however. Bought 75 of them day 1 and got all the skins and the commander, as well as gold from getting an IS-3A dupe (as I had bought the tank originally).

  22. You sound so disappointed. It sucks but we have to accept this game is becoming more pay to win every time a new tank comes out.

  23. “Open next 5 boxes”

  24. Thnx for the video. WG is great in doing harmfull decisions for WoT. It can be too that owners of WG need a new Ferrari or something, and they dong give shit about game, just money what it makes. Stupid idiots, maybe..?

  25. so QB and Taugrim opened 400 boxes and no IS-3A…enjoy your M4 “improved”

  26. I bought just the 11 box deal and to my surprise the IS-3A popped up in a box straight away. I’d have liked the skins for my IS-7, Bat Chat and T57 but that’s enough money already for me to waste on loot boxes. I think there’s going to be a lot of people keep buying loot boxes hoping for the IS-3A but I hope people don’t overspend on this game just for that.

    Is-3A is a novelty and powerful but at the end of the day it’s pixel tanks and when one day in the far (?) future WG wrap up the game and shut down the servers then you won’t own anything in a game that no longer works exists

  27. Buy those boxes only for gold and premium time, the drop rate for tier 8 is fucked up, better wait some time and buy the desired tank when it will be on sale.

  28. I felt like this vid was a projection of my own thoughts. You were critical but not SirFoch critical.. I’d say now you can use that gold to test different theories like specific load outs and their advantages and whatnot.. I believe this vid epitomizes your view (and many others, mine included) of the game… Thank you.

  29. runescape (2007 version aka OSRS) is doing well with the subscription business model but you are able to buy subscription with ingame money

  30. Spent 80$ on 25×2 0 Tier 8s, thought at least I would get the LefH ….nope, Ive wanted since I started playing 5 years ago. I did get the Claus Commander and the gold is worth it to buy Advent Tanks. GL everyone else.

  31. Don’t load gold on a leaking, sinking ship.

  32. Justin Raug Veggerby

    Why do you go back to the garage after 5 boxes? The button clearly says “Open the next 5 boxes” and it will continue with that until all boxes are gone.

  33. Hah I’ve never understood how can a cc effect the game’s (well, that’s what the company says..) development if they don’t even know everything in the game. Just makes no sense

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