Opening 200 Large Boxes in World of Tanks – Holiday Ops 2023

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I'm opening 200 World of Tanks 2023 large boxes to show you what they contain! Inc. BZ-176, M47 Iron Arnie and Char 75!



  1. I love these QB box opening videos they’re so relaxing

  2. I always love when you do the boxes, I do 100 every year…mostly for the gold…This year…I got 4 of the T8s boxes and the T9 in 100! Crazy, was good value in the end. 31 boxes would auto get me another T8. I too was light on the styles.

  3. I have got the AMBT for 12.800 Gold back in the day at black market

  4. wow either you got very unlucky with the credits or i got very lucky because i got 14 million credits in 225 boxes

  5. Illbegoodinthefuture

    Be careful! If you own a prem tank but you sold it (because it’s not a tech tree tank so you can recover it anytime) you can still get that tank from the loot boxes. That’s how I got AMBT as my first premium tank drop… Oh and also no gold compensation!

  6. Bought 80 boxes last night
    Got all low tiers and all tier 8 except for the tier 9 French tank and over 43k in gold…..I’m happy with that but will be buying 80 more just not today also to get that much gold if you just buy gold is 200 dollars…..and I got it for 106 dollars……

  7. Bought 12 because I needed gold. Won one tier 3 crapper.

  8. I might be overly pessimistic here, but considering how much of this lootbox crap we have in games these days I can’t really help it. So… I wonder if WG gave QB 200 regular boxes, or if there’s actually a possibility that those were “modified” for PR purposes? I must admit that seeing QB pull premium tanks, double and triple gold gifts right from the get go had me raise an eyebrow or two. WG isn’t exactly known to be the most player friendly company, especially in recent years where there’s more and more questionable monetization making it’s way into the game. Oh well, maybe I just lost faith in the gaming industry at this point. Great video as always, though!

  9. I really wished to win a t8 tank but sadly my luck is garbage lol atleast i got premium time

  10. I bought 200, got all styles tanks inc some dupes (inc 2 WZ’s in one 5 box roll!) and ended up with 120k gold, pretty happy as that will last a while. Also remember if you are pulling solo boxes like Quicky, look for the BLUE glow, that tells you that you have a tank or a style.

  11. I love how you still haven’t clicked that when the chest light goes blue your getting something special. It was the same previous years.

  12. Whats interesting Quicky I bought 28 boxes and received 3 of the tanks. The Arnie, Vipera and 75. Must be lucky I guess 🙂

  13. At 80 boxes , i had a lot of tanks and 3D Skins. I open the boxes like 5 each per box. I dont know if this give you more luck. So who knows

  14. “370 penetration with 140 alpha damage means you can do 720 if you pen both”

  15. To confirm, the non garuntee pulls of a tier 8+ premium can, in fact, be duplicates. I have a spreadsheet of every pull from each box in order of opening. Did fairly well for a player just starting out on pc

  16. not a bad haul compared to me, on my 50th box a wg forum mod knocked on my door just so he could punch me in the stomach and run off hooting.

  17. How can we complain to wargaming? Played 15 games today and every one bottom tier. My first mission is to block damage and for a low budget player like myself it makes it almost impossible. I’m not loading up on Loot boxes this year without an explanation as the extremely high amount of bottom tier games I get. I normally stock up on resources via Loot boxes for almost the whole year, but to be quite frank I have had enough. Who are the people that have the opposite, and constantly top tier?

  18. Got quite lucky this year. Bought 80 boxes. Got 2 tier 8s the tier 9, 4 skins in that 80. Was quite happy, decided to leave it there, not test luck. Although I did get the two tier 8s one box after the other. One was the garunteed, box right after I got another tier 8

  19. FYI Regarding premium time trade away, it IS existing(!!!) in WOWS already. So nothing new. Just matter of time while appear in WOT! Happy Holidays;D

  20. Two of my friends they have premium day’s to 2028

  21. 37:10 – After 143 boxes, with a 5% chance of getting a style, using the binomial distribution, the probability of receiving 4 or less 3D styles is 15.3%, so yes you got unlucky.

  22. Bought 28 boxes last night and I’m pretty pleased with the results. Got the new styles for the 103B and Minotauro, the German KW-1, the mini Maus, 15k gold, and 35 days premium. I’m not a diehard player so the gold and prem time was worth it.

  23. QB pleeeeeeeeeease…compare it with all years since 2018…:)))

  24. good breakdown quicky. i bought 12 boxes and got 800,000 credits, 3250 gold, 9 days prem, 3D for S. Conq and 4 Prem tanks (BZ 176, Pz Kfw KW 1, A25, and M3 Light).

  25. I wouldn’t be surprised if a new mechanic was introduced in the future where you could sacrefice 1 day Premium to make Storeable Premium from 3 normal days. This could be the next currency in the next sudden auction where WG brings in a new tank without having the time to analyse it’s worth.

  26. I got baited twice by the 3d styles, but in 28 boxes I got the bz and the char 75, I was very happy considering I bought about 80 last year and only got the skoda and the low tier premiums

  27. I dont know what you did wrong QB, but i got 3 Styles and 2 T8 in the first ten boxes! Haha omegalol

  28. I dont know why but every Christmas I look forward to this video lol

  29. I noticed that before the box opens, it glows blue instead of orange/yellow, when it’s a tank or style.

  30. wow watching this really made me realize how lucky I got. I bought the 80 boxes deal and got all 5 t8 t9 premiums and 41k gold

  31. I live for this every year, no one can make excel interesting but you QB <3

  32. I bought 50 boxes as a payday treat. I landed ALL the tanks (less Vipera and 38H, which I already have, and M3 light, which I don’t want) and all the styles for both years.

  33. Well, seeing this I’m not going to buy any boxes this year. I don’t need trash “filler” tanks and Garage slots. I was hoping to get some gold for better price through the boxes but these “low rolls” made me reconsider.

  34. I payd for 80 boxes and received all tanks but received only one skin ;(

  35. I have 2200 premium days and 500 plus garage slots. They chuck these in making out they are valuable rewards plumping up the gambling mechanics. If i buy any more my premium expiry date will be after I’m dead lol

  36. Just need the credits, do not want gold or premium time.

  37. Well very poor boxes only on the 50 you have to get a tank not before, for the price of gold your short by 1/3 WOT rip off looking for tanks

  38. I got all 5 within 70 boxes. I’m really happy. BZ is so fun to play

  39. ConfusionDistortion

    I did the 80 box package for $106. Landed some skins, low tier prems, 34,000 gold, about 3 mil credits, the Char MLE 75, Vipera, and BZ-176 along with 60 days prem time.

  40. I bought 25, got 2 tanks, bz and Char. Pretty op tanks.. I don’t know where wg is going with this idea.. But bz feels definitely like a t10 tank.

    Well what can I say.. Bad times
    to be a wot player

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