Opening 200 Loot Crates in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I’m opening 200 holiday ops 2020 crates show you what they contain.


World of Tanks is a Free 2 online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. I don’t think QB has ever played a gacha game. This doesn’t even come close to real degenerate rolling.

  2. I opened 150. Got all the skins and all the tanks except Su 130 and Progetta. But I already had them. OBJ 703 was like in my last 10 crates.

  3. “i have no idea why WG wouldnt sell this tank outside of boxes” game is full of double barrel tanks right now. WG knows what they are doing.

  4. Can you get the special Commander twice?

  5. bigdaddyfromaustria

    I had a lot of luck. I bought 75 boxes and dropped all skins plus all tanks except the su130 (but doesn’t matter because I already had it).

  6. Wargaming should make some deals for gold coz everybody has too much gold and cant do shit with it

  7. How do we know all the boxes have the same item drop chance ? ?

  8. Now See how i Feel, wasted 58 Euro of my monney and not even got one VIII like fucking shit game

  9. I have to have some family working in WG, I spent € 100 (75 boxes) – EU in a single environment and my God, I have left all but the Pz III K, Progetto and SU 103 that I already have both … I go To make a claim because there must have been a mistake so much luck is impossible even though I played from previous years.

  10. Oooh man i got x3 obj 703, x2 e75 ts, x1 SU,m 114000 gold, 108 premium days and 8 mill credits opening 150 boxes. I guess i was really lucky

  11. what a geek, he needs to get out more instead of taking money off children

  12. What is the best thing to spent gold on

  13. I got incredibly lucky and got the double barrel within 15 boxes

  14. I would like the Lootbox idea if it wasn’t a 1% drop chance lol. It sucks I can’t play WOT’s much anymore due to their graphic engine being updated, not their fault of course, but sucks for me since I lag on every map even when graphics are at the lowest possible..still..over 500 battles in a tier I tank, will always live forever on my profile xD. Also with the Double-barreled Russian Shot-gun (lol) Couldn’t you ask WG to get the tank that way? I mean..when my account got hacked years ago I lost majority of the premiums I had (including the TOG still sad to this day..) I’ve asked years ago if I could get them back but sadly “couldn’t.” However since they give ye containers I know dam well they can give vehicles, it may be worth a shot aye?

    With the styles, I don’t really get why they don’t sell them outside of the boxes? I mean WOWS’s WG Dev’s actually sell art designer skins outside of boxes either with the ship or it alone. Like the recently Christmas event skin “New Year” I believe its called, is costing 8k gold on WOWS atm. And its very beautiful and in my opinion worth that gold. Just makes sense to me to just purchase them with a ship/alone..rather then having to gamble through a box..

    Edit: Btw, what is the 2 items on the left hand side of the items that you get from loot boxes? Are they like collection items like WOWS has? And bare in mind I’ve started on WOT’s back in 2009 I believe? I don’t really remember but I know I was playing before WOWS was even in Beta, so for me seeing these items, black market etc are all still new for me. Especially since I stopped playing a long time ago in 2014 due to lag problems.

    Also the 1d premium Quickybaby well, WOWS kind of has the same thing..their special “Wargaming containers” that they give to players that participated on the PTS are rewarded with 24 hour premium time..yea, ye would think a WG Container would contain something a bit more special lol.

  15. Im a blitz player and i think that wg like to try out new concepts on blitz before trying on their big game. They sell those styles in gold which you can buy anytime you want, and they show you the actual percentages of the tank that you wish to obtain. Hopefully these features enter the pc version as well. But no doubt that lootboxes are disgusting…. keep up with the amazing content qb

  16. Alejandro Perez. C.

    I get the tank after spent 20 €. I was very lucky

  17. i got an E 75 TS after 3 boxes, FeelsBadMan i dont want a german meh heavy

  18. I think I got the Sexton on my first box. Now that I have an idea of the odds, I think I’ll pass on more boxes.

  19. Got obj. from 2nd one out of 3 boxes D:

  20. my best friend bought 6 boxes and got the E75TS and then his brother bought 12 boxes and got the 703 version II like wtf what is going on

  21. Good review,
    To bad WG is not listen to the community.

  22. in 75 boxes i ”win” all 3D styles, 47k gold, 57 day of premium, around 7M credits, all of lower tier premium tanks and E75 TS..
    I was probably lucky

  23. I got 75 boxes on NA, got all the styles, 24K gold and the Double Barrel Rushkie tank on my last box

  24. The funny thing is my first 2 boxes was the double barrel and the su 100, then the rest of the skins and only did 75 boxes

  25. I got one premium tier 8 and two skin from 11 boxes for $20. Not bad I’d say. NA server.

  26. I got the Object 730 II in my seventh box from a 11 box set. RNG to the fullest…

  27. Opened 9 boxes, got Obj. 703, E75 TS, Progetto and 2 skins ?‍♂️ sorry

  28. After watching this I didnt realize how lucky I got on my 75 lunar boxes. got all skins/santa helper/all tanks but the su 130 on my NA account.

  29. You’d better come to see the T10 ship Porto Rico event in WOWS LOL.

  30. This is painfull to watch

  31. The boxes are a really good value for money in my opinion.
    I spent £85 for 75 boxes.
    Without anything else that means 75×250 gold = 18750 gold = £54
    That leaves me to pay £30 for everything else.
    And I’ve got:

    1x E75 TS
    1x Object 703 version II
    1x Progetto M35 mod. 46
    2x SU130 PM
    1x Bretagne Panther
    1x Sherman Firefly
    2x Saxon I
    3x Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. K
    3x AM 39 Gendron-Somua

    AMX 13 105
    Object 430U
    Obj 140

    3 5000 000

    Gold: (with compensation for duplicate tanks)

    Premium days:
    I didn’t coun 😉

    Not counting the bonuses in credits, new crew members, etc, etc.

    Overall, I was probably lucky, but it was my third year of buying the boxes, I was never disappointed with the value (once you get on board with the notion that you pay for premium tanks, gold, etc.). Last year I’ve got IS3A but didn’t get Type 69 – no biggy…

    Your mileage may vary, but I am reasonably happy with the outcome.

  32. These loot boxes can either be a really good thing, or a really bad thing. As a non gambler I found them amazing last year. i wanted a year of premium, and bought 75 boxes. For the same money as a year of premium I got 4 skins, lots of non tier 8 premiums plus enough gold and premium time for my year. Great value.

    However if I was a gambler after a tier 8 premium, then I would have been bitterly disappointed.

  33. Wow. I had so much luck. The Object 703 was in my first box yesterday on the EU server. XD

  34. Could the Russian bias possibly be because of the poor state of the Russian economy, meaning that they’ve raised the chances in Russian boxes so that Russian players get better value for money?

    Best CC ever

  36. Here’s for the YouTube interaction rating.

    I was lucky and I bought the IS-3A back before it was OP because I was not going up the Russian heavy line and I wanted the IS-3 to play. Very fortunate in hindsight. Sadly I moved and now Comcast where I am has horrible routing to the WG WoT servers and I get 500+ ping at all times since the servers were consolidated to the Central server so I cannot play anymore. If I were able to play the game, I would be tempted to buy boxes to try to get some of this content, namely I want the Panzer III K, looks interesting to me and I have always liked T5-T8 the best.

    Thanks for showing the never-ending gambling that these companies try to promote. Might I suggest talking to Jingles and maybe doing a piece on what is going on in WoWS with the U.S.S. Puerto Rico? To bring more light to these predatory practices.

    Thanks man, keep up the good work and content.

  37. Last year, with all things considered, I think I just about managed to break even on the loot boxes and I got all the premium tanks that were available.

  38. I payed 200 Euros and didn’t get a single T8 Premium ;-(

  39. Bottom line – this is WG, they are sure as hell selling al that box stuff in a couple of months. If you are buying boxes to get something specific, chances are you WILL be dissapointed.

  40. 25 boxes, three tier 8 tanks, 1000 golds and 100 days premium account in asia server, guess my luck isn’t that bad.

  41. So does EU servers get better luck than yank sercers and worst luck than Russia server

  42. The thing with those boxes for the Paytowin player is that there is absolutely no reason to not spend all your savings on those crates as the bare minimum you can get is the same value of what you payed.. I, for an example, buy some gold or premiums from time to time so this christmas i saved up some money and bought lots of crates and got 5 times the value of what i spent. In the long run its like an investment. If you buy 75 crates (100€) and receive just one of those tier 8 tanks its almost already more value/money spent than what you would get for this 100€ “Fort knox” bundle in their store. I see those christmas boxes as a perfect opportunity to stock up some gold, credits and premium days (unique styles and tanks too).
    Of course I get the Point, that casual players or others who simply won’t bother paying for a free to play game can’t really get those tanks by now. But its your choice!! WG already said they will be available outside those lootboxes, you just have to be patient. All that rant about bias is bs. A friend of mine bought 25 boxes and got 3 tier 8 tanks and some camos (he is a non russian, EU server player 😉 )
    This is not gambling per se’ as you get the normal ingame value for your money anyways it’s just luck to get some bonus. For all of you crying, you have been robbed – You haven’t I am sorry

  43. 100$ for 75 Box… 100$ X 4… yup… it’s 400MYR for 75… that’s why my husband told me to buy tanks on the premium storw rather than buy the loot boox… Poor Quicky…

  44. Totally agree with you about the gambling. I certainly won’t be buying any loot boxes, not worth the risk, just can’t afford it, I just want to play the game.

  45. got lucky with skins but unlucky with tanks VIII. 44 boxes bought but skins came with 1st 10! ist insane.. i just wanted 2 things: gold (20k) and skins (all 6).

  46. the mtls was actually the first double barrelled tank

  47. I purchased 3 Lunar boxes.
    1. 250 gold 100k credit.
    2. 250 gold 1 day premium
    3. 250 gold SU-130PM.

    I bought just for the gold. Lol. Guess I am lukcky.

  48. Last year I bought the 75 bundle of boxes and didn’t get a single tier 8 premium tank nor a single skin… not gonna do it again

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