Opening 200 Loot Crates in World of Tanks – Holiday Ops 2021

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Source: QuickyBaby

of Tanks. Today I’m opening 200 holiday ops 2021 loot crates to show you what they contain.


of Tanks is a 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. Wait. Doesn’t the 143k gold include all the compensation for premium tank duplicates? The 716 average gold per box would actually be much lower for anyone who doesn’t already have those premium tanks and gets less than 20 boxes.

  2. when he gets more than you in the first 10 boxes and its all you want

  3. please open 1 000 lootboxes

  4. Big BS 🤮🎪🤡🐑🤬🐃

  5. Sanjeewa Chandrasiri

    opened 75 boxes,only got ISU 152k,17k gold and 450000 credits

  6. Of course we ALL work at home on computers !!!!!😐

  7. Mishu Călian Oficial

    I got about a month of premium out of 75 boxes while last year I got towards 180 days. Just sayin’… WG adjusts its profits

  8. I bought x2 25 boxes and got all tier 8 tanks and a the low tiers ones too plus a couple of 3D styles for tanks I dont have.

  9. As a Belgian, I’m quite proud that my country is forbidding this type of gambling. This should never be in a game…

  10. 13:45 “A premium day is better than 100.000 gold” QB2020

  11. I did get 152 🙂 No GSOR, Burasque or Bisante

  12. How you use free camera in garage?

  13. Drink every time QB says: Disgusting!

  14. quicky your next video is also you 1500 video i believe! i’m happy you still make content with the same spirit as before! Keep up the good work!!!

  15. Paid for 11 crates and got 1 day of premium and like 3k gold. Aka this is why games should have refunds and not lootboxes.

  16. I’m going to wait and see if I get 200 FREE loot boxes before I buy some. Then I can complain about the FREE shit I get. IDGAS

  17. What you can’t buy them in belgium? Not that i want to buy these, i am a free to play player but really??

  18. Give me a break his crates are riged its obvious and people who play from begining cant earn skin by playing a fkn skin smh

  19. I open 11boxes and i get 2× matildabp🙂👍🏼

  20. i spent 40 bucks and got 120 value including the GSOR and the Bourrasque

  21. Last year I got I think around 250 days of premium for 100$ it was worth it to me but this year seems like they got stingy. Which sucks because I’ve always looked forward to these boxes for premium time and gold, the tanks are bonuses for me.

  22. I bought 11 boxes, then 25 boxes for a total of 36 boxes. I got about 90 premium days, 40,000 gold, 7,000,000 credits, the Bat – Chat Bourraque and the GSOR 1008 and some styles. I am satisfied with the cost/benefit.

  23. So I spent £42 and got 25 boxes. Open up and get 6k gold, £3m silver, 40 days prem. And the tanks, ISU 152k, M4A1 (oh yes), T78, Mat Black Prince. That is a good haul of pixels so quitting while ahead which must be rule 1 of gambling.

  24. The only reason I buy loot boxes is that the big purchase once a year will fund me for the next couple months on credits, and most likely the entire year in premium time and gold, the premium tanks are just a bonus 🙂

  25. I think the idea of these “Dust” is a very good one. I was very lucky with my 75 Boxes. I get all T8 once, the M4A1 FL 10 twice and other small Tanks. Together 12 Tanks.

  26. Seen the recent shenanigans of wargaming, with the world of warships santa crates scam, I wouldn’t be surprised that the boxes that were provided for you were a little bit more positive as compared to the one players get to buy ….

  27. Sorry that was £34 not £42.

  28. Problem with your math is your putting all the gold and the tank you recieved together….but you don’t get both right.

  29. Feel like I was lucky? Was this a good roll?
    75 boxes=
    Gsor 1008
    Is 152k
    29,200 gold
    4 mill credits
    65 days premium

  30. Should retitle the video “A guy who doesn’t understand probability whines about probability”.

  31. reee I am pay2win player and I cant get the new tanks reeeeeeeeeeeeee. Luckily the free2play players DO NOT GIVE A SHIT about the PRODUCTS you can buy. As more OP premium tanks and shady practices WG do=> free2play players are more hapPy. You deserve this, dear WG CUSTOMERS! Spend MORE money, fill their pockets! Merry Christmas and HapPy nEw Year!

  32. Last year I was so fucking lucky. I got 7 T8 in 100$ worth which included the new tanks, all the unique style and the commander. I got something like 90k gold. This year I wasn’t so lucky. 1 T8(the ITA) and only 40k.

  33. Gambling is risking money for no return or making more!! The loot boxes give you the gold equivalent plus other stuff. If you buy gold during the year you get no other stuff. At Christmas the boxes give you a chance at a tank plus the gold equivalent it’s not straight out gambling. Nobody opens boxes and comes away with nothing……IF YOUR GONNA SPEND YOUR MONEY WAIT TILL CHRISTMAS EASY….

  34. Bought 11 Christmas boxes on the EU server for £17.10 GBP. Was hopeful I would get the Bourasque or the GSOR but it was a gamble. Luckily I got the GSOR result and the Matilda BP which I sold straight away, premium days, bonus gold and the decorations. When added up it was a very good win for me. A pal of mine bought 11 boxes but I don’t know which theme and lets just say he wasn’t happy. I would be curious how their algorythms work but in the end all it proves is you win some you lose some.

  35. I think your expectations are too high QB lol

  36. i just bought 25 boxes i only got Locust and T15 and 2 skins i dont even have the tanks for them yet 😆

  37. QB you sound like a disgruntled millionaire, complaining about getting gold for Christmas….I don’t have 500k of gold on my account never had lol

  38. QB please remember that most people don’t already have those premium tanks. They will not get them converted to gold = a lot less gold.

    Last year I bought 100 € worth of boxes which should’ve been enough gold to buy 1 year premium. It wasn’t and I felt like I just got robbed. 🙁

  39. World of Casino 2020

  40. Pay Up Scrub !😋

  41. Well done commercial for WG and their boxes, QuickyBaby, thx.

  42. I was seriously thinking about spending money on this game for the first time, getting ideally the Bourrasque and if it didn’t work out buying Type-64 for the gold… Seeing how lucky you have to be I’m gonna keep my money in my pocket.

  43. Polski faketank chainsaw massacre.

  44. Is his face changing colors early in the video?

  45. Man…I opened 40 boxes: NO T8 premium tanks and no camos….. T_T got really nothing worth of having, except gold, days and two T3 shitty premium wagons…. I hate this game

  46. Hey QB I opened 75 Boxes and I got everything except the artillery skin my friend done the same and he only got 2 skins and the M4A1 FL10 I don’t know if luck was on my side yesterday or something my first box i opened was the GSOR I had everything and still had 20 Boxes to open 😅 good luck everyone 🤞

  47. is it worth buying a liberte for bonds?

  48. I love QuickyBaby’s videos and I’m a big fan, but on this ocassion I don’t agree with his passion against the loot boxes and their contents. Loot boxes can be very very good for you if used in moderation like all good things. I’m mostly a free to play player and I coud only afford an 11 boxes pack, witch for me it was worth it. Why? Simple, I paid the equivalent of 20 euros for the pack, witch normally woud get me 5000 gold or 2 months of premium. I got instead 2700 gold, 11 days of premium, 200.000 credits and (I was lucky) a T78 tank. Financially I got my money worth. But even without the T78, IT’S STILL WORTH IT. Why? Because I also went straight to level 9 festive atmosfere, and I got to see if I’m lucky or not. So 1 pack of 11 loot boxes is very useful, more than that, in my opinion, HELL, NO!!! 11 boxes are enough to see if GOD will smile on you or not. If you didn’t get anything, it’s clear that luck is not on your side so don’t buy more, If you get something good, do you really think Wargaming puts good stuff in every box? Chances are you will spend your money for nothing. So, one 11 boxes pack is highly desirable, more than that, is good money you can use for something more useful. This is my opinion after all the loot boxes I tried in previous years and, since my birthday is on January 2nd, I tried some. :))))

  49. Hi Quickybaby have you got a link for the Charity you are funding for this please

  50. After seeing this I think the Belgium government has finally done something right…

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