Opening 200 Loot Crates in World of Tanks – Holiday Ops 2022

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I'm opening 200 World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2022 loot crates to show you what they contain!



  1. Why is QB talking about enemies being able to use the style to find your weak spots? I’ve never seen the enemies custom styles, only my own team styles.
    Am I missing anything?

  2. Opened 50 boxes, got my Guaranteed Tier 8 and no 3D styles, luck was on my side I guess…

  3. from 75 boxes I got :
    all low tier prems
    26000 gold
    72 days premium
    6 3D Styles
    And the Skoda with the bad luck prevantion system.

  4. Those lootboxes are the worst ever in this game so far. Typical WG cashgrab scam.

  5. Noah Le Boutillier

    Just opened first 3 of 75. Got t3 tank 60tp style and fav style. So far so good

  6. Can you even get the decorations in small boxes anymore? opened 15 this morning got NOTHING. so wtf now? i have to buy big boxes to get… bs man -.-

  7. fun fact: in the box animation when opening if the light out the box is blue instead of yellow you get a style or tier 8 premium

  8. WOT is the biggest scam gambling game

  9. Lewis Machinegun and not a blunderbuss Quicky!

  10. I guess they aren’t giving anyone free large boxes this year. LAAAAAME

  11. what would be cool in this vid is if you worked out the total worth of what you opened vs what the actual cost was, and then work out the % discount.

  12. Yeay for Belgium! I know they had my best interest at heart! WG are predatory and somehow we’re suckers to drop $50 on pixels! shear madness!

  13. Other WoT cc doing video with 200 boxes for max 30 mins and there is Quickybaby with 1 hour video. I won’t watch all this. At least open them 5 at once.

  14. Claus just did a no bs review, the Caliban is horrible, not even worth it, rather have the gold for it instead, have fun shooting HE rounds cause that is its main ammo.

  15. i spent 475 usd last xmas not 1 tank was given wargaming more like scamgamers

  16. No respect to WarGaming obeying new laws and showing odds. Respect would have been if the past 3 years with no laws they showed odds.

  17. You do get duplicates before you get all low tier premiums.

  18. i got all 4 new premium tanks in the first 15 boxes

  19. Stop encouraging this predatory behaviour from games companies.

  20. is anyone else not able to buy any loot boxes and you just get met with “Please try again later”. I’m on the NA servers so maybe that’s why

  21. They should give 150 boxes to everybody…not pump money into it

  22. If only they had this stuff on Xbox

  23. 1 question is the new premium tanks ONLY avalable in PAYED crates only ???? or can y get em in normal reward crates ??pls ANSWEAR me this cause then WOT is only pay to win game

  24. As a belgian: fuck politics

  25. Your commentary is so infuriating. Like just be glad your getting anything man.

  26. I got all of the tanks and styles on a 75 box set. They did give me all the tanks before I started getting duplicate tanks.

  27. I originally wanted to buy 25 of these boxes. But looking at the price now, and even no guarantee for a tier 8 tank. I think I’ll pass.

    I don’t know the price for other regions but here in ASIA the price of 25 boxes equal to a tier 8 tank. I think for me at least better of waiting for THE tier 8 tank that I want to be on the advent calendar.

  28. Sorry Quicky but I just received the Yoh and the 122 TM in my first 15 boxes

  29. I got 3 boxes and got a caliban on the second box

  30. Just notice that if the box glows blue after you open it, it’ll be a good box

  31. LOL I just got the bofors in next five I opened….so threeTeir 8 in 20 boxes

  32. It’s all based on luck. Cause I got two of the tier 8’s within 50 boxes

  33. You can know if you get something good if the sparky effect turns blue

  34. I took you exactly 30 min to get the tornvagn haha XD

  35. On the ST-II skin, those devices at the sides are actually support pads. I would assume since it has rockets on top the pads are put down to compensate with recoil. Simalar pads can be found on backhoes when they have to dig with th rear scoop, too. Either that or something that swings forward to clear mines, though I doubt that.

  36. Need bonds not gold

  37. Not even Kidding I just got the caliban in 40

  38. My first 25 boxes:
    – 6 pre tank (Sko T56, KV-1Sh, M4-85, Matilda, 2x 35 R)
    – 27d pre account
    – 2M credit
    – 6,750 gold
    – 25 items
    Then I used gold to buy ELC EVEN 90 🙂

    920.000 VND ~ ~ 41 USD, I think it is a fair trade

  39. Nistor Gheorghe Romanian Biker


  40. Sad no crew books or credit boosters

  41. Opened 100 boxes and got four T8 premiums.

  42. Box QB i tis gift to WG……..Unfortunately everything has been set.

  43. Is there a different between the four boxes? I want to buy some but dont no which one.

  44. Cant believe you guys spens all this money on this shitty company.

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