Opening 200 Loot Crates in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I’m opening 200 ops loot crates given to me by Wargaming to show you what they contain.


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Please watch this video first for context:

    • I bought boxes last year and the first set were great, the following sets were poor, while I was watching you here I was buying 26 boxes. I was hearing you have such a difficult time and thinking I had made a mistake and I got an IS3A on the very first box, followed by two Turans and a KV220. My thinking is, buy a single set or say 26 or so, hope for the best, and don’t push your luck or get greedy and buy more because your first set went great because any follow on boxes may not measure up. Best of luck, Merovinchi

    • I opened 175 and got 134,280 gold, 6.3m credits, 135 days of premium, 33 premium tanks, all 4 tank skins, and santa claus. includes 6 lefhlefh, and 3 is-3a, no skorpion or defender.

    • Last year, the E25 & Defender did have one day each, during the 25 day holiday run, to purchase them individually. I missed the day for the 25. I think it was $50.

    • omg i bought 25 boxes and got defender and is3a, lefhehehe, and 11k gold, just got lucky i guess 🙂

    • Thnx! I totally agree this is gambling. And IS-3A is just #$@%^$#@%^#%$&

  2. i opening 3 box boc and got IS-3A, done, maybe this some salt for u lol

  3. guess i got really lucky. bought 11 boxes and got the is3-a byt after watching this video i will never spend money on boxes again. thx for everything you do for the WoT community ;)#QuickyBaby

  4. good thing: i will not meet tier 6 so much in matilda iv

    bad thing: i cant pen kv 220 with my matilda iv

  5. You are right.. this is not game.

  6. 2 big packs with 75 by pack: 150 days prem, 1 is3a, 1 defender, 1 m4 improved, 1 toulan, 1 kv 220, 5 special Crew members, and all skins for the Tier 10 and 104000 Gold. With the broken peaces built 2 full Packs for the old and New special skins

  7. “لا اتكلم اللغة العربية”
    is written on the barrel, it means “I don’t speak Arabic” 😀

  8. Well said QB. Surprised that they haven’t done anything about this yet. Serb must need a new mega Yacht to show off his brass balls in Monaco this year… well he can f**k off…

  9. wargaming is a diabolical company

  10. it says “France has fallen” in Arabic at the gun of the Bad Chat. Quite fitting if you ask me.

  11. Considering how “old” the playerbase is, I don’t mind the lootboxes. I mean, people are aware of the low chances, like in ANY other gambling game or lootbox mechanic.
    Imo, no one should cry about the lootboxes, at least not on the gambling point. I mean people are adults and capable of making choices. Plus every box is worth the initial cost… AT LEAST.
    Yes, IS-3A buff and sold in lootboxes is a big push towards buying and a bit bad. But come on, I’d rather have it that way, than with direct purchase, making it overflow the MM.

  12. The second YouTuber who gets extremely good loot in the first boxes and nothing special in the last ~150 boxes…

  13. For us in Australia 3 boxes costs 8 bloody dollars! Ridiculous if you ask me!

  14. It’s possible that different types of boxes have their own RNG. I saw another unnamed streamer open 200 standard boxes and his luck was a lot like what you had on your first 50.

  15. The skin on the bch gun is written in arabic and says (I don’t speak Arabic)

  16. They write “i don’t speak arabic” on that gun
    That’s so racist
    Thanks WG ?

  17. Bought 75 loot boxes for the gold and decorations, I’ve been working a lot and too lazy to grind the festive atmosphere to level X, left with what I wanted and an IS-3a.

  18. Mr. who is that guy?

    is it posible that those boxes the CC get are actually rigged to be very lucky loot drops so it looks very good on video and incurange players to burn more money?

  19. i must have gotten really lucky. got 75 boxes in the first 30 got an is3a(got 2 total), e25, defender, and skorp g no lefs couple of the t5 prems

  20. I would say a VAST majority of players agree with you on this one.
    You mentioned that someone at WG said you where to detached to have an opinion about the new player experience, and that prompted you to start your F2P experiment. Well maybe you should now throw that back into their faces, because it is obvious that they are to detached from their player base to understand what they want and expect.
    This game is really dying now, this was the start of a what will become a very big hole to get out from. Right now, this can be fixed, but with all the broken tanks, wierd attitude to its community and quite frankly just ignorance this can go downhill fast, and there will be no way back up if the whole gets to deep.

  21. in poland 200 boxes it is like 1,6k zł no idea how much it is on other currence in counting, I’am too lazy xDDD

  22. I will not buy ANYTHING from WG anymore…last tank I bought was the Lorr 40T. Last year I didn’t buy any lootboxes. I totally agree with you QB!

  23. I think the lootboxes have good value when you´re looking to buy gold to extend your premium account or buy some specific premium tank. You can get quite some extra value out of that purchase because the basic 500 gold p/crate is assured. But, if you´re in for the gambling of something specific… Thats always throwing money away. And I hope they start regulating loot crate gambling in more countries as they did in Belgium, for there is a lot of people who just can´t control it because of gambling addictions. And they are the target of this loot boxes.

  24. 75x boxes gave me:
    57k gold
    All Premium tanks
    ~30 days of premium
    T57, Grille and BC25 Camo
    4-5 million credits.
    I got the IS3A 2 times. But I did not buy the boxes for tanks, only for the gold. Everything else is a big bonus, so I’m happy with what I get 🙂
    A friend of mine bought these boxes for tanks and got nothing but gold and premium…very disappointed guy right now. Last year he bought them for the type 59 and did not get it.
    And honestly, I would never buy these things for the tanks. Before doing so ask I really need this tank and is it woth it?
    Sorry for the bad english, greetings from Germany 😉

  25. I chucked in the game almost two years ago. The main reason for me was the cheaters ans WG’s complete lack of interest in doing anything about it. FFS one of the moderators of the server I played on runs the reload timer, showing how long it is talking for opponents reload, and the laser barrel lines to show who’s targeting him and this is a moderator,. What hope does anyone else have? (I think I’ve done really good not to swear (much) in my rant).

  26. Nice analytic – misses the view on possibilites. Example: You might expect that the content of the boxes depend on different settings for the random luck you have. Did you make the impression that you are an easy spender, maybe by playing more and more if you loose ? Let’s put you on less luck with the boxes ! Because you will most probably react on that frustration by buying more. If you are reacting to ‘bad luck’ by stopping to play – you might get the ‘high luck’ setting. That’s what I would do if I was wargaming …. more possibilites exist !

  27. I got the is-3a on my third box…..

  28. Pretty nice skins, I rather get skins than is3a

  29. I like the critical QB much more than the naive QB… +1

  30. i agree with you QuickyBaby, btw… i’am already too young to buy any of them xD and i cant expect no one to spend money for me into the game ;P ill just grind missions for free boxes and get that crew members 😛

  31. Bought 300 tonight. Here is what I got.

    200k gold
    15 million credits
    All of the tanks offered plus 30 garage slots.
    The entire festive tree done.
    And 200 premium days.

  32. This is the behaviour from WG now: release an OP or OP-ish tank, make people spend to get it (gold in premiuns, credits / gold on regulars), if it is a regular one nerf it a little after some time, now and then put a “will never be on sale again” tank on the Shop, rinse and repeat.

    5 years player here, and you and Jingles are the ones that made me like this game. But this behaviour form WG (and the current Tier 8 mm that is making grinding a real pain)…I’m in my last 28 days of premium time, and will not renew it for one more year. No more premium tanks purchases too (the AMX 13-57 was the last one that I’ve wanted).

    From me, no more money to Wargaming.

  33. i feel the same as you

  34. I bought 3… yes 3 boxes… and I got the IS 3a…but for me thats not the goal of buying these boxes.. for me its the value I get for it. But I understand you anger…

  35. The Writing On The Barrel Translates to :

    Don’t talk with the language of war

  36. QB – they did sell the Skorpion G outside of the loot boxes. It was in the Advent Calendar.

    I bought 75 boxes, received 30,700 gold, 3.9m credits, 80 days premium, four skins, Simon Claws and 4 tanks.

    I worked out the value of the gold was more than the cost of the boxes and that means the credits, premium time, skins, Simon Claws and tanks were free. I received a M4 improved, KV-220-2, Turan and Skorpion.

    I know one player who bought 11 boxes (for £17.10) and received the E25 and the IS-3A.
    I know another who bought 3 boxes of each type (for 4 x £5.12) and received an M4, Defender and IS-3A.

    Both of them received far more than they paid. This is not gambling. This is really good value.

  37. the blitz community has suffered A lot because of loot boxes.

  38. Dear QB i haw open 31 box ab i got 28 d premium 11k gold and kv 220, tura,m4 improve,105 lefH18B2, and Scorpion G , IS3 A . Only i regret thet i dont record all off thet . Love you and haw a nice day . ??????

  39. Not buying a single box. Totally agree WG have been lost many years now, and now totally lost it.

  40. After 100k views 3% disagree with QB… I think that says it all… WG wake the F up and fix this crap please.

  41. 3rd box i open i got a IS3A pity i already have 1 only 70 to go

  42. it would be a better option if u could send it on to someone else rather than the gold.

  43. It’s like playing an EA ga- *79.99$ to unlock comment DLC*

  44. I got my IS3-A from box number 30, and i only bought 50 boxes. PRAISE WG

  45. By removing Wt auf E100 and putting IS3 A the game was so balanced now !

  46. “So this is how World of Tanks dies…with thunderous applause.

    From Wargaming

  47. hm.. i wonder if any WoT player nowadays ever thought – maybe WG WANT this game to loose all the players and die off? at least i had this thought.. maybe they want to get rid of their project but don’t want to announce that they are done with it? im just speaking on what’s on my mind.. bc company who made a game like this and made it to blow up so much can’t be that unadequate

  48. Bought 25 boxes.
    Got 2 turan, 3 m4, 3 kv-220, 1 defender, 1 is_3a and 1 skin.
    Not being greedy but Simon would have been nice instead of the extra tier 5’s.
    But it is a gamble.

  49. I have bought only 11 boxes to get into higher tier of xmas atmosphere. Thats it.

  50. Lol, bought 11 boxes, ( € 19.99 ). and got M4 improved and IS-3A… .. I’m out!! ??

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