Operation Desert Memes – AMX M4 mle. 51

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Great stuff as usual!

  2. Inb4 people notice the typo in the video title.

    Edit: High-quality meme as always, Circon. 😀

  3. Circon there’s a typo in the title. you put two I’s in Operation.

  4. Was about to sleep, but nah.

  5. Great game, cheers

  6. Angana Kalsare Palihapitiya Gamage

    Obj.430 got better camo than bat chat 25t

  7. Gun marks mod not ready yet, Circon?

  8. Could you post some games using the 127mm gun? I don’t really see that used all that often even though it’s still fairly decent.

  9. so you see circon he was doing the same thing you did while shooting the t30 pulling back until the bush is no longer transparent

  10. Invisible tank glitch needs fix asap

  11. Maybe 3-mark a Grille? (if you havent yet)

  12. They should make all arty have AP only and have 1/3 current damage

    • Make them useless, but make adequate rewards

    • Arguably right now, if you play arty, you lose if your team begins dying anyways. So yeah, I’d rather get refunded xp for playing arty and have them removed than “improving” them anymore. xp earnings in the first place are probably worst tier for tier just because you’re not spotting your own crap.

    • Sir_Flankalot[BZD]

      So a tier 5 M41 HMC would be doing less than 200 dmg with AP, and no stun effect so you are making a more inaccurate TD? No, please accept what you have or go play Sturm Panzer or Lorraine 155 50 in War Thunder

    • Sir_Flankalot[BZD] clicker detected

  13. To chat about rebalance: just give E25 a long 88.
    And who the fuck says the T34 is bad WTF. It’s one of the best premiums you can get (that are 24/7 in the shop)

  14. Double Double 4G

    Last time I was this early WoT was balanced 😉

  15. camo is so broke in this game.

    • Working as intended*

    • not really scene it did not changed but people started to complain recently just because people did not relay use tanks with camo in the past blame quicky baby and others that advertised the udes as there were tanks as stealthy way before the udes.

    • It’s not broken
      It’s art
      When you learn to abuse it…
      That’s why unicums go for view range over everything else

  16. Were in norway do you live circon i am going to farsund next week

  17. Jagdtiger carries…

  18. Sir_Flankalot[BZD]

    The 430 was near the concrete circle behind the bush to the left of the bigger one, just to the right of the rocks, that way he had depression and was concealed behind it, nothing wrong there, 430 knows his bush work

  19. I commented on one of your vids about a week ago on how you were close to 100k subs
    since then you lost 200

  20. That Armor number penetration mod seems a little Shady.
    It finds weak spots manually instead of using auto aim.

  21. Objekt is Russian, da. Russian tanks best camo in game.

  22. Invisible tanks again?

  23. Thanks!

  24. 8:50 thats why you want: Diagonal, 100%, out of the “indicator” – reticle settings. Turn it on circon. Ive gotten quite a few arty kills and blind shots because i have that shit turned up to 100% (atleast in sniper mode. Doesnt matter that much in arcade mode unless youre a 3rd person master race)

  25. The last shot duuude omg

  26. I knew when i watched the game live it was going on YT. Nice usage of hard cover in this match.

  27. Is it me or is the 65t a hideous grind?

  28. Have you ever pulled modern warfare trick of noodtube at start for blindfire kill across map???

  29. Shoot da booshe

  30. That full heath Jagdpanzer was an idiot. Nearly dead E-50 ate him for lunch.

  31. God I love this tank.

  32. Ever get that feeling that bushes are broke beyond belief? I’ve literally had the largest of HTs fire on my max view range tanks and not get lit because of a few twigs between us.

  33. What gun the 130mm???

  34. ghost tanks are real

  35. Waste of time putting that on you tube, No arty in the game so it does not give a true reflection of how that tank plays. If you went to that position with Arty in the game you would have been destroyed.

  36. Why no French crew sounds?

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