Operation H.E.A.T. / War Thunder

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

A new exciting summer event called Operation H.E.A.T is in full swing.



  1. knight of the 10th crusade

    Please fix War Thunder in the next patch

    • Please name what you want fixed and how to fix them

    • @SilverBud like repair costs

    • @rasheed12824 Yes, good. Now tell me how you want to fix them, and what you can do instead for their intended purpose which is “nerfing” vehicles

    • @SilverBud Best fix is to remove them completely. Nerfing vehicles isn’t a smart idea at all. Just shows th BR system is broken hence the imagined need for nerfing. If vehicles are used in the eras they were introduced in and used in the roles they were designed for, none of these fake workarounds would be necessary. Of course then they’d need to design intelligent missions not just heap all classes of vehicles in one silly cap the point mission.

    • ​@rasheed12824 So you want vehicles to fight vehicles of their era, and have them used for their intended roles as far as I understand. The problem you get there is unbalanced gameplay far worse than our current situation. Most players wouldn’t want to see a King Tiger when driving their little Sherman 75mm around, and that just one situation you could find with that idea. As far as their usage for their intended roles, that is impossible simply because of the playerbase. You can’t make people stop using the ZSU-57-2 as a tank destroyer, you can’t make players stop using the R3 T20 as a tank destroyer, you can’t stop people from using the BM-13 to destroy a Panther, or a Stuka for that matter. Unless you removed the playerbase or kicking players from matches for using them in an unintended role, which would absolutely ruin the game for everyone involved. And giving extra rewards for using a vehicle in its intended role wouldn’t make them use it only in that role, not to say I highly doubt the servers would be able to handle the calculation of what vehicle is being used against what target, but I could be wrong. I do appreciate you having some ideas however, means you already have more intellect than most of these lads spamming meaningless hashtags.

      As for the game modes, do you have any ideas for any others? If so I’d like to know, I rarely see anyone who come up with any so I’m excited to hear about them.

  2. How do I check my progress?

  3. please consider fixing the game aspects. We don’t want any vehicle additions. Just fix the game.

  4. The mighty Tirpitz

    Put squadrons on Xbox please. We have the vehicles now all we need is the squadrons to research them. FIX THE GAME IN 1.91! CAN’T CENSOR ME HERE!!

  5. 1:13 no, you didnt just say that

  6. Better fix your matchmaking and broken BR system…

  7. Welp I only got tier 1

  8. I didnt get the 4 kill in one game for rb for planes when i killed 2 ground troops in one plane plus 2 air kills in another

  9. I’m only in market for the planes

  10. You even making it rediclius hard for player to earn this Mark’s. You need 1 hour for a ship mark. The tank mark is not under 3h playing each day. And with some bad luck you need 5 hours for this 1 task.

  11. Hello, do you read all the emails sent with clips to you? Im curious.

  12. War thunder seems to me that the guns are made of cardboard … I believe that cardboard is actually harder than the guns of war thunder, with a machine gun they are taken out of service (it’s crazy!) … Another big madness they are the anti-air of war thunder … It is something so illogical and unrealistic (beyond that it is a game, no?), that an anti-aerial eliminate a tiger or panzer and end up winning battles. It seems to me that I have never seen several tales of former war combatants say in several words: “And I got on my anti-air plane, eliminate two or three panzer, a tiger and go to Berlin …” is something so … that just thinking about it, it sounds illogical.
    It seems to me that war … has to rethink many things, we know that money is important for a company, but that they cling a little more to reality, but this will end up looking sooner or later to World of Warships. It is unfortunate.-

  13. Hey guys how about you fix your spawns and put in some team balancing so that people don’t stop playing your game after entering rank II. Quit making vehicles and fix the game.

  14. top rank cas guide?

  15. The Iraqi franchise

    1:44 Su-25 anyone?

  16. “Another fine addition to my collection.”

  17. Aubl should be at 7.7

  18. I havent gotten a single mark of distinction and im playing over rank 3 all the time help??? (Germans)

  19. Will the P-40C ever return?

  20. How can you link your ps4 acount to pc

  21. They gaijin wont u add xb35 or xb 19?

  22. Herr Schnitzelnazi

    Hey why in your game sometimes a bomber is unkillable but other times the wings fall of when a single bullet hits them?

  23. I got jumped by a small Italian thing

  24. Can thebtank beat the ship?

  25. You Should Add IJN Kinugasa Because It Different From Its Predecessor The IJN Aoba, The Kinugasa Have A Decent Arnament I Would Say

  26. S.U.F.F.E.R.

  27. When B-52 Stratofortress with 1mil repair cost

  28. Christopher Ishikawa

    How about instead of adding more things that will add to the already broken system and fix the system already in place look at Runescape they lisened to their player base and they are booming again while War Thunder is dying a fiery death with no J out key to save them.

  29. pls tell me how to destroy maus

  30. What’s with the Janky Hot Rod flame decals? A real unit emblem or a real nose art decal would be nice. ) And no… Not some stupid 101st AB or Big Red 1 unit emblem) I don’t get it. Some of these decals are retarded. Why the hell would anybody play their ass off to win or pay hard earned money on a bad ass plane or tank and then put a lame ass decal on it? Look at the American aircraft decals. It’s practically the same since launch.

  31. Lorenzo Martínez

    When will you fix the game????? And more important, will you do this operations in a period where everybody can play??? Because a lot of people go out and can’t play.

  32. Stop introducing new vehicles, and have 1.91 and a few more patches dedicated to fixing the game. BR changes, Top Tiers, and many more issues. Fix the game

  33. The last event i’ve participated in. This is totally rigged game. I won’t believe there’s no “hidden balance values” that GJ just’t don’t want to announce, to avoid further explanations how this formulas and coefficients works.

    GJ tracks your objectives and % of completeness.
    Tracking kills – Ok, that depends only on player skill.
    Assists – can depend on game engine, how it Counts Critical Damage.
    Caps – you could get in a row of 5 to 6 games in Battle Mode, where there’s only One Cap point.
    Bombing task – you’ll get in plenty of Second Battle modes or with Fleet , without any Bombing points at all.

  34. can you make the crash physics in war thunder a bit better like l-2 sturmovik battle of Stalingrad game pleasemake the research cost for the RAF a little bit less because I’ve been playing since beta and I’ve only used RAF and I’ve not leveled up or anything I’m researching planes but it’s forever and they are a bit over priced

  35. Hey war thunder fix the game. There’s so many things you could start from, oh wait, how about ghost shells? Or the ADATS? Or listening to what your players have asked for since the beginning of the problems? Just a thought.

  36. I think the bff110 g is better

  37. Honestly they could make the b-29 repair cost cheaper , a lot cheaper.

  38. The Legit Gaming Raptor

    Gaijin : Hippity Hoppity your Vehicles my property



  40. Remove repair cost

  41. AndWhyCantI LeavethisFieldEmpty

    Stiil no idea or no incentive to actually go through all this hassle for as vague revards as possible. Some icon I’ll never click with interface as impossible to understand as the inventory system. 3/10, would not even bother.

  42. Why is this video comeing when the event has already been going on for one week and the first people already have the first vehicles.

  43. fix the game pls

  44. Alessandro silverthunderbird

    My best plane is the P38 LIGHTNING and the bf 110

  45. How to get a bt7 F32.? PLEASE

  46. Free Parts and FPE on all stock vehicles, yup I am bringing it back.

  47. Oh boi the POI ship has come
    This should be called operation P.O.I

    POI !

  48. #SaveTheMaus

    (And the other Tanks as well)

  49. #fixthegamein1.91

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