OPERATION S.U.F.F.E.R 2020 (War Thunder)

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Source: DOLLARplays

2020 summer event with Churchill A.43 Black Prince…

Thunder official website https://warthunder.com/en

#warthunder #wt #dollarplays

Background music: What’s New – The Fools(edited by me)
Leviathan 3 – Johannes Bornlöf

Intro song : Sunstorm – ELFL(edited by me)
Outro song : Powerwalkin’ – Future Joust


  1. The Maus feels fast compared to Black Prince lol What’s your go to vehicle for the event ?

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  3. Dude stop talking ur voice is so cringy!!! 😬😬✊🏻

  4. the way he talks makes it even better

  5. HAH… “flanking” in a Black Prince… hell that thing is so slow a turtle could outrun it. (Huge props for playing that thing!)

  6. How you make cinematic think while you playing ????

  7. I thought, ze british Maus is the Tortoise? 🐢

  8. only reason this event is cancer, is cos of shittards playing atm. If the teams was more 50/50 it would be much more fun and easyer to do the events, however they are a complete shitshow, of 1sided bs 98% of the time.

  9. Tell us DOLLAR, when will you have a decal?

  10. Very nice montage!👍
    I laughed almost all the videos.
    keep it up.😉🦾 And catch my subscribe)

  11. Revenge kills. Can’t beat em. Then be them.

  12. Pls dollarplays,play with british big boy Tortoise😁

  13. This tank was bad at 6.0 now its crap with the sabot nerf gg gaijin. Either drop this to 5.3 or give it the proposed 650HP engine.

  14. I haven’t enjoyed any war thunder videos this much in a while

  15. 1:20 I fucking lost it

  16. I look forward to your videos… 😀

  17. kayky de sales carmona

    Manda um oi pro brasil aqui assisto seus videos sem entender nada e racho de rir

  18. The predator thing was so funny damn

  19. BP, Faster than a car…. I think

  20. Amirkosh is love your video

  21. No Dollar memes channel?

    My english is very well..dilma

  22. That King Tiger roaring like The Predator at 4:33 got me dead

  23. But when I drive a tiger 2, instagibbed.

  24. Wait Dont Move I Hear Tigers
    Tigers Passing by-
    Lets Try To Flank Them😐😐😐
    So Be Silent Lads

  25. DOLLARplays can you play with the Waffenfröger?

  26. Almost one million 🙂

  27. Ah yes, the Brits

  28. Hi guys how can i move the visual without the turret follows my visual in ps4?

  29. its my forest …! 🤣🤣🤣

  30. You sir…just earn one more subscriber…im trying to catch up with all ur fantastic video love all ur editing, sens eof humour…what an amazing person u are

  31. “Hey kids, today we are going to learn about violence”
    ~Black Prince circa 1945

  32. I miss playing wor thandor but my potato just got ye old

  33. I love your videos so much

  34. 12:04 I want that as an actual hit sound fx for the game, much better than what we have in game 😂

  35. Amo tu trabajo hermano.

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  37. That thing is soooooo British…Its soooooooo slow. Cool looking tho and the driver is an ace at this game…. Love the video Dollar

  38. Please you can play with AMX 10 rc pl

  39. Donatas Liulaitis

    Dollar im from lithuania and ir as tave ziurejau kai net nezinojau kad tu is lietuvos dar be to tu mano megstamiausias youtuberis

  40. what program are you editing? 😀

  41. 3:46 Джони, они на деревьях!

  42. …I wonder why he censored word “Hell”.

  43. at least you bounced that last bomb, initially

  44. Needs more suffer.

  45. I love your videos i cant wait to see more videos (tavo epizodai best!!!!)

  46. How did you know that you were up tiered at 2:46, I’m only a new player and I don’t know if I’m uptiered or downtiered like ever XD


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