^^| Opinions on tier 9 Light Tanks thus far!

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  1. 13 90 has to be buffed.. is one of my favorites but if they leave it like
    this it will be painful…

  2. It should be old T71 as tier 7, Bulldog tier 8, T49 tier 9, T21 and/ or T37
    go to both T71’s

  3. NO WAY! the AMX 13 90 wont pen USSR heavys?
    Oh, and all 122 guns can autopen the new ikea tds…
    u know that a shitstorm of epic proportions is coming in the comments

  4. AMX 13-105 is actually a Dutch idea ;)

  5. From what I’ve seen, the AMX is now completely worthless, no VR buff, no
    pen buff, nothing about that gun can be justifiably that trash at tier 9,
    especially compared to the others, which all had a VR buff of 20 and have
    190ish pen. The T49 is losing the top turret and gun, so we get to play a
    stock T49 with an AP round. I don’t really mind it too much, but I wish the
    old standard round became the HE round, as 102 pen is pretty great for HE
    pen, but I guess they didn’t want to take that feature’s uniqueness from
    the M41 90. The Ru speed nerf is stupid, that was that tank’s selling
    point. The new WZ seems like it’s gonna be the king of the hill for how
    absolutely baller the gun is alone. And the T-54 lightweight is still the
    lightweight. It is what it is. A few other things, you were wondering what
    will happen to the bulldog, I’m sure someone has probably already said this
    but I like watching my fingers move. The bulldog is being uptiered as well
    to tier 8, although it’ll still probably be nerfed, probably to borderline
    hellcat levels knowing wargaming. The Americans will get their new light at
    tier 7, probably the T92 light tank. The T37 will be nerfed, and hopefully
    they don’t touch the Chaffee. The other light line for the Americans has
    promise too. There are enough light tank projects to finish the light line
    out from the T71. The T71 and T21 should be fine and not need any nerfs, if
    anything maybe a slight buff to the T21 because it simply doesn’t compete
    whatsoever to any of the other tier 6 scouts. It’s basically a shitty stock
    T20 that sacrifices what little armor that tank has to…turn slightly
    faster? At the very least it needs a speed buff just so that it doesn’t get
    outscouted by things like cromwells. Anyways, just my thoughts

  6. The 132A’s gun is the same one from the WZ-120, and the 110. Expect for the
    accuracy. Not really a deep

  7. makin all the light tanks more the same and removing the derp from t49
    mistake that was the only reason I’m grinding american lights well won’t
    have to worry about that anymore… sucks boooooo wargaming boooooo

  8. t49 has no derp? time cry myself to sleep. my game shortcut even called
    woT49 I play the thing so much

  9. I don’t get why they have to change that much on them. I mean at tier 9
    they basically get the same MM as they have now. Thus no need to adjust
    that drastically tbh other then HP or maybe a pen buff on normal ammo. Some
    do look more appealing, but the 13 90 and T49 looks like they will get sold
    the second they move up. I see no reason to keep the 49 around if he only
    gets a 90mm. The derp is not that good, but the 1 round out of 10 when it
    it’s. You remember why you keep it.

  10. what i would like to see is if the people who already have these tanks will
    get the new tier 8 for free, obviously we are gonna get the tier 9
    varients, but i would like to see us getting the tier 8 for free, so its
    not a waste of our time to grind all these new tier 8 lights

  11. thanks for the review. always interesting to see these kind of videos from

  12. i gave gold to buy the camo for my tier 8 tanks couse i thought they were
    the end of the line. Are they gonna give me my gold back so that i can
    paint the tier 10 that i would get? i dont think so. i am so pissed off.

  13. Adblocker? How could you Circon? lol

  14. if they raise the lvl of lights do u think theyll add 2 more tiers to the

  15. why only 65 kph? the real Sheridan could go 70, I guess for game balance?

  16. Light tank drivers still get the short end of the stick. Take good tier 8
    an basically nerf them an move to tier 9. If you want to scout I still say
    go Russian mediums.

  17. French line 800 dpm difference whit other line is alot

  18. I believe that tier IX scouts should have at least 195 pen minimum and 235
    maximum. Almost no tier IX tank in the game has less than 200 pen, why
    should lights in this sense?

  19. Pls make video about tier 10 when there is more info!

  20. thx for this vid

  21. Really informative Circon! Excellent video as always. 🙂
    I always like hearing your opinion on topics such as this, you give deeper
    insight to what lies underneath, and don’t sugar coat anything.

  22. That background theme is actually fucking depressing

  23. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    I circon i have the same opinion, the tier 9 tanks are poor on gun handling
    on general. the penetration really need a buff

  24. The 13/90 is bad enough as it is never mind at tier 9 with those stats.

  25. feels like WG wants scouts to be SCOUTING only and not sniping out of view
    range with imo is really good… its meant to be a support tank and not
    medium tank gun with more viewrange and mobility. i think the accuracy nerv
    and and low penetration for its tier is reasonable. you can still fight
    other lights or meds and engage TDs but you have to decide if you want to
    scout for your team or rush in and deal a lot of dmg

  26. I don’t know why but I Like the video and then it goes black (ie not Liked
    yet), Like it again and it flips back!?

  27. snowisthebestweather

    Really hoping for Aufkl. Pz. Panther comeback! Maybe move SP1C to t8 and
    put Awful Panther back in at t7.

    Would also definitely be down for an ELC at t8 with a fully traversable
    turret and obviously much better gun stats.

  28. Great vid, great to hear what you think, Shame about the Frenchy but all
    others look good

  29. What will they do with the m41 90?

  30. What is the song playing at background ???!! Pls

  31. What’s the point of giving tier 10 scouts 420+ viewrange? That basically
    just means they can put vents on instead of optics. Not like they can
    actually scout better than mediums considering everyone is going to hit the
    cap anyway.

  32. Crap tanks again. What a fucking joke!

  33. I wonder what will happen to the M 41 90mm GF, will that move up 1 tier, or
    stay at tier 8? If they move it up, i want a refund, because i bought it
    for clan battles only…

  34. Cheers Beardmeister, great update, like the Daily Bounce website, concise,
    clear and a pleasure to receive.

  35. Alexander Krikorian

    Batchat is still the best scout.

  36. I think the current plan for the 1390 is bullshit. A shorter reload for a
    smaller clip I can live with, but as it is there’s so much more that needs
    to be fixed on the 1390. Particularly when you consider that the bull-God
    has 1500 clip potential, better pen, and is a tier lower. And let’s not
    forget that the bull-God can aim in less than an ice-age and actually hit
    things on the move.

    All said, I like the 1390, is good tank. But dammit, give it aim time or
    moving dispersion or something to make up for the lower clip and shitty
    pen. Or just make it all better.

  37. Ramble on!

  38. Wargaming thinks that scouts should be fighting other scouts and mediums
    and it’s probably true for 99% of the player pool. Only total bosses like
    circon go after heavies. 175 is still too low though and you can’t even pen
    some mediums with that. And if you are supposed to fight scouts then at
    least give the gun some handling and faster shell velocity.

  39. Tier 8 scouts are currently fine at tier 8 in terms of their ability to
    combat similar tier tanks. Maybe nerf their camo a bit so they are not OP
    on the 5 maps that actually let you “scout” but tier 9 and 10 scouts should
    be buffed accordingly. Fast tanks with rapid firing guns and no armor would
    actually be fun to play, buff the penn to be similar to medium tanks. You
    may say that an amx 1390 is so OP vs tier 6, but so is all -2 MM !! And its
    camo would be nerfed. Penetration mechanic are a bit iffy, but ideally you
    could penetrate same tier heavies against poorly angled side and their
    frontal weakspots. Again its really hard to balance because of +2/-2 MM and
    gold ammo but this would be fun and feel fair, unlike world of tanks.

  40. I think the 13-90 should have a base pen of 205-210, view range of 410.
    170pen is poor no matter if it’s in tier 8 or 9, I’ve had games where I’ve
    flanked E-75’s and E-100’s where I bounced 4 out of 6 of the shots.

  41. Love hearing your opinions and agree with pretty much all of them!! Keep
    playing well and making content!!

  42. Will the t-54 lightweight still lead to the t-54

  43. if you see only see tier 8 in a tier 8 game…then you are top tier as a
    tier 9…

  44. Currently tier 8 scouts don’t even see tier 8 mm “once in a blue moon”.
    While they can get it games with only tier 8’s in, it’s still technically a
    tier 9 game — it’s just the tier 8 light tanks count as the only tier 9’s.

  45. Gap between 170-248 on13-90 is huge, 248 is good pen tho. What people
    allways forget is that you talk about WG, the first thing they do when
    balancing tanks/game: “”So with this do we lose or gain money?”” “We might
    lose a bit by buffing pen but will make the game better” “”No, no pen buff
    then.Think how to make more money””.

  46. I wonder if the RU251 gets -10 to the front instead of it being on the
    sides only as a buff.

  47. Do you not think all the scouts in the game will get up tiered? So the tier
    7 scouts and so on simply moved to tier 8 just like the tier 8s were moved
    to tier 9? Also on a side note what do you think will happen to the premium
    German bulldog?

  48. amx 13 90 should get the bc 25ap second gun

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