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Source: DOLLARplays

PART 2 of 152mm Soviet HE launchers 2S3M. the back we’ll be playing with KV-2 (1939), KV2 (1940), ISU-152, -152 . War Thunder. Enjoy !



Intro: Never or Right Now (Instrumental Version) – ELFL

Background: Disco in the Jungle – Daniel Fridell
Destination – Oleksii Abramovych
Anticipation – Future Joust

Outro: On the Way Home – Steven Davies

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  1. Hey guys, I hope everyone is angling 💪🏻 I’m planning to release one more video by end of the week , and after that we’ll be back to normal release schedule 😉

  2. yepp im that player( not in this vid) in panther just trying the game agen after a weeks brake wonder how the He.. i got killed ! ervery game :(, nice video and game play

  3. FVCKN CHEATER HERE: SirLukais fvckn radar and aimbot cheating pos!!!

  4. 7:01 Hit me right in the feels. 🥺

  5. Very good, wery good, I like this background music!

  6. next 100% CHEATING SCUM!!!!: – TSA – Sempervivum_ he is so clear a aimbot and radar cheating pos they fvckn dont care cause gay-jin dont care too

  7. CHEATER HERE 100%: midyl01 level 37 player knows exactly were the opponent is and doesnt take any damage with lots of hits BR 4.0

  8. another CHEATER : napoolion level 47 is not to damage and knows exactly were the opponent are, he shot from impossible posotions without any chance to aim or even to see target fvckn scum cheating pos

  9. 6:58
    Ah s### bo-
    I’m not scared anymore,
    Ah never mind he has b-

  10. Gallardo Ramírez Isaac Alejandro

    Which app do u use to do the headings and editing?

  11. Bernardo Maffessoni

    This thing have Something against tigers and panthers

  12. “Soviet has no depression” only wodka

  13. Thanks for the WT upload dollar, I always enjoy these since I can’t play on my surgery recovery (can’t sit, gotta stay laying down so no pc, watching on phone)

  14. yo lemme get a SAV 20.12.48 remake video

  15. 165mm of Besh. Do it

    Please UwU

  16. Nice video bro

  17. love the shots to the beat, you did well my friend LUL

  18. Material for you .Many interesting shots . https://youtu.be/pd2Gzkkwe9Q?list=RDpd2Gzkkwe9Q&t=6 Old synthpop.

  19. Soviet tanks do not have depression, unlike the Soviets


    kill me…

  21. That B-29 opening bomber bays at the end was epic. Although as a pure aviator I’d love to see how it ended ;P

  22. Order tu-4???

  23. The 2S3M has a 100mm wooden log on the back

    Don’t believe me? Look in the game it’s still not patched.

  24. Hi keep up the good work

  25. New top challenge required: Bri’ish HESH masters at top tier

  26. Dollar back with another masterpiece!

  27. i hope u start QnA while driving thick and hard vehicle for this year soon..

  28. May the 152 be with you, mhm…
    Amazing, as always)

  29. Seriously this man needs more views with the amount of editing keep it up mate I absolutely love them

  30. I know it Must Been asked a Million times But what is the Name of the german „Hans“ Music? 😅✌🏻

  31. Goshhh, just love your montage, i’am nit even playing WT but love to watch your videos, good job and do it more plese 🥺🥰

  32. Pestilence Paradise

    His memes just hit different

  33. как много у тебя подписчиков стало, я помню тебя когда ты пешком под стол ходил.

  34. Ah yes! More Soviet tanks, please 😊

  35. Thank you for the ivideo, it was fun to watch

  36. Руслан Товдиряков

    Were i can buy your decal?

  37. Found out about this channel just two days ago and I’ve watched at least 20 videos, considering about getting the decal 😅

  38. Master Rafie2009 RDBA :}

    What the map you use for outro?

  39. lol’d so hard at 7:03

  40. That Blyaaaa at 8:30 cracked me up lmao

  41. Бабан Максим

    Why u dont make videos with planes?

  42. You should play those russian boats with the t34 turrets on them

  43. I just uninstalled War Thunder. I just fucking can’t take it. I’ve sunk 250+ hours into it and it’s the worst experience I’ve ever had the misfortune of playing. Getting a fucking computer virus and having all my shit stolen would be a better experience by miles

  44. Got the decal. It´s epic.

  45. 9:29 what music is ?

  46. Only guy I dont want to face against in war thunder until I get better in it

  47. “Now that’s booming business”

  48. I can’t find music 9:30 😖

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