ORDER 152MM (War Thunder)

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Source: DOLLARplays

It’s 152mm Soviet HE launchers day. Mainly I’ll be be playing with the 2S3M, and for back we’ll have KV-2 (1939), KV2 (1940), ISU-152, SU-152 . War Thunder. Enjoy !



Intro: Never or Right Now (Instrumental Version) – ELFL

Background: Out of Left Field – New Fools
Muscle Car – Evgeny Bardyuzha
Tomorrow’s Headline – New Fools
Raptor – Kryptos

Outro: On Way Home – Steven Davies

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  1. Hey guys🙋🏻‍♂️ It’s a little shorter video this time , but there will be part 2 hopefully in a few days. I’m away from my home right now, so I have to work on my laptop, and I don’t have that much time.
    There’s a little different working 16 inch laptop screen from 27+ monitors at home… And it’s better for YouTube if I upload more videos instead of one long. I’ll be back next Sunday and that’s were we’ll be back to normal 😉

  2. Dolar plesi always good

  3. 2:30 recently watched MiB 1,2,3 and really confused me lmao

    “wheres that scene from!?!?!”

    “oh, thats not a Men In Black movie…”

  4. i just watch your vids for the memes

  5. Hey dollar idk if you can help me but I tried to buy your decal using your link but I only received the golden eagles and not the decal. Could you help me get it ?

  6. Me an Soviet TD player: * Ronaldo Smiling *

  7. Is there any extra for flying objects ?

  8. European players why are you constantly complaining? They complained about artillery smoke, which, well, is not needed at all. And for everything else, used to playing casual games and don’t understand real hardcore gameplay. If you do not want this, then go to the world of tanks, everything is created for you there for casual. Or play arcade fights and let normal players play.

  9. I nerd your graphic config 😫

  10. 2SM that sopost to be artillery tank not tank destroyer

  11. Stacha to się tu nie spodziewałem 🤣

  12. Editing skillzzzz bro. Love the vids and cheers from Estonia.

  13. Gaming_With_Friends

    you can kill a panther with a su 122 with he if you hit front left side of their turret

  14. I used your link Dollar but I didn’t get your decal 😕

  15. A minute of silence for tsipras2929, true hero of the battle 😔

  16. Βασιλης Παππας

    η ΝΔ τον εφαγε τον Τσιπρα

  17. Welcome to *Suffer Thunder* 🗿👍

  18. Just perfect 🙂
    I love ur accent bro

  19. teh reason why u live so much in direct torpedoes hits it because of the coal bunkers every meter of coal is equivalent to 27mm of steel pretty neat huh

  20. i wanna know on how dollar gets so good at this game, yes i know practice makes perfect but please tell me some good tips when playing war thunder, im good at using pretty much almost every tank class (heavy, medium, light, (SPAA and TD’s are not my style) and i main germany cuz big gun = big boom

  21. Centurion AVRE is still the ultimate derp launcher. It’s genuinely disgusting how easily it can dispatch things

  22. Genious Dollar ! Let me fight beside you ! Chotilo

  23. You think this thing is over powered with its HE ? Look at the SU122 that sits at 2.3 … It’s HE is just W O A H.

  24. 5:20 you hit a kv1s lmao

  25. @ 4:40 tsipras is actually the surname of the previous prime minister of Greece. and no we dont give a shit about politics lets play tanks!

  26. Mor maus vidios pls

  27. Yes HE is A shit against ordinary tanks (anything with a thickness of more than 20mm)

  28. Iiiiiiis dollar tine

  29. Btw Tsipras was the former greek prime minister between 2014-2020 or better known in Greece as the destroyer of Europe as he destroyed the Greek economy… like it wasnt destroed already but anyway.

  30. I here to see, and I can see, HE shells still is not that thing (ye I stopped with WT).

  31. xd “old school reload”

  32. neonashei

  33. The tsipras guy is prolly greek 🙂

  34. Nearly 300k pal!! Keep the epic content coming!

  35. Richard Pacheco Garcia

    One shot, one big hole on their tanks

  36. I love when DOLLAR shows me groovy new tunes and good gameplay.

  37. 300k so close!

  38. HE damage nerfed?

  39. 0:40 Stachu Johns.

  40. Does anyone knows what’s the video where dollar uses the fragment “Of mice & men”?

  41. dollar me and my friend really enjoy your videos and would like to be in a video with you :3

  42. I love my KV2 1939. and it’s not just in War thunder, in all games I like KV2, I love destructive weapons. Loading is pretty boring, but it pays to destroy enemies with a single shot.

  43. Keep up the good work

  44. Wait what?! 5:25 – you shoot at Jagd Tiger, but shot camera is of KV B I(r). That explains some Gaijin magic…

  45. Vesper • 420 yr. ago

    *Where is the Object 120?*

  46. Execute order 152

  47. Ooooo kur… THIS IS POLISH MEME

  48. ok i must admit
    these video edits are just perfect ( best edits and sence of humor ) that i have ever seen +

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