ORDER 66 (War Thunder)

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Source: DOLLARplays

Soviet 2 (1939), KV 2 (1940), ISU 152, SU 152 gameplay 😉

War Thunder official website https://warthunder.com/en

#warthunder #wt #dollarplays

Background music: On The DL – Crack Skippy
Virtually Virtual – Fairlight
You Gotta Save Me (Instrumental Version) – My My Snake Eyes
Hadouken – Lupus Nocte
Funky Flashback – Guy Trevino and Friends
Chris Haugen – Tumbleweed Texas

Intro song : System 6 – Fairlight
Outro song : Powerwalkin’ – Future Joust


  1. The order is completed !
    BTW: if I want to play top tier helicopter… do I need to have top tier tank in the lineup (ground RB)? just meaning nothing question 😉

  2. George Periferakis Periferakis

    I am a bit late f#ck

  3. Ok so my theory has been proven true that su152s become kv2s when bombed

  4. dollar plis do the ju87 d5 in air batols i promise its forgiving i know u hearted my comments mutliple times ples dollar
    (attempt 121)

  5. I don’t think HE works as well as it use to, I stick with ap and concrete rounds with the KV work better nowadays.

  6. Like then watch the video, man love your edits, i die of laught every time i watch your video, you deserve much more views and subs, and PLEASE continue your work!! Big Support man!

  7. Loved the spaceballs part

  8. war thunder is a fantastic game with no obvious flaws

  9. Gabriel Amarilla

    11:14, music pls.

  10. DOLLARplays: was wondering why you choose to make ur videos in Engish? are you not Croatian? if I’m wrong I’m sorry, cuz most of ur content you happy to ur video is Americana LoL but its funny as hell my brathah

  11. Can anyone tell me the movie names from the clips?

  12. Роман Капканов

    Why do you add so much Putin in your videos?

  13. Anyone noticed that Dollar’s voice sounded a bit nervous in this video.

  14. 3:54 name of the 2 moves please

  15. 7:20 LOOOOL XD

  16. Ok, good enough for subscribe 👍

  17. Is there anybody else who thinks this guy didn’t really figured out how to shoot with the kv-2?

  18. Kv2s In Wotb before HE shell nerf: “UNLIMITED POWER!”
    Kv2s in Wotb now: “I’m to weak, plz don’t kill me”
    Kv2s today when they see the rears of light and medium tanks:
    “Just like the good old days”

  19. Gotta send them 152 mask each

  20. Just found u love content keep it up

  21. Honestly I’m starting to miss your sound effects while playing WT on my own 😀

  22. What makes a tank a tank, and a tonk a tonk?

    Me: *Waves at Abrams* Tank

    Me: *waves t the KV-2 and literally everything french* tonk.

  23. Lordzombi Polosk

    07:20 from which movie is this guy?! I’m just wondering….

  24. Use AP whit KV-2 and shot all, HE not very effective

  25. Thats why I dont play long reload tanks

  26. I haven’t commented on many WT videos, but yours made me laugh. Good job!

  27. Dollar give me an shot’kal dalet?

  28. Hello there!

    You are very strong and wise, and I am very proud of you

  29. Audio for 11:25


    Torture yourself with Not-Machine-Gun-Proof tank.

    Ha-Go(Paper tank)
    Ke-Ni( -Sneaky- Small boy)
    Ka-Mi(most survivable one)

    All of the above are more NMGF since M2 26mm pen become 31mm.

  31. No word of a lie, when it had the spongebob “8:01 PM” I looked at the time and it was 8:01….Am I being watched?

  32. Holy crap its stock image guy with one of the memes that ruined his life. Good shit lolol

  33. Francisco Javier

    Now you have a sub from Argentina

  34. Nice play!

  35. Su 152 destroys anywone.!

  36. 2:49 You had no depression… but after that shot, you have…

  37. This is not the quality content I was looking for, but this is the quality content I needed.

  38. Sebastian Bähler

    THE ANIMAL-Slayer
    Su-152 and Isu-152
    some Germans call them:
    (Animalslayer in english)
    he blast away some animals:
    Panther, Tiger, Puma, Grille, Nashorn, etc etc

    on little tip:
    SU-152 (not the ISU)
    are in right Hands a BAEST on Arcade…

    low profil – you can hide and cover everyware, so you can be sneak and flank without big risiko (AZU Big bro;)

    152mm – with the aim-help in arcade its easy to hit… and when you hit: nobody,
    i Repeat; NOBODY on your Tier will still stand! no tiger, no panther, no NOTHING!!

    Engine – your not the fastes; BUT your turn (right/lefth)in Sec Gear are Cracy!!!! light tanks cant turn you out any more…
    (not any more but in sone right hands…)

    and you reaload fast enough for not loosing your mind…🥴😂

    still one of me favorit Antitanks!
    ~Fast, low profil, !☢️-GUN! 😝😉
    what you wannt more in a AT?

    i must say that was back in Days
    ToDay many things change so i dont know how Today the gameplay are with su-152🥴🙈💩👌🏾🤷🏽‍♂️

  39. why you using he so much on kv 2 alot of the shots would be secure kills if you used the concrete breaker he filler one

  40. As the Heavy would say: This gun took one day to shoot one round.


  41. Use the fv4005, it establishes far more dominance

  42. Wtf i absolutely love this kinda video,

  43. Where is the first clip from? The one of the man on the ground?

  44. Yo you videos always kill me 😭

  45. Star Wars memes never get old thank you

  46. The elephant In the room

    Where is HELLO 2020 though homie?

  47. Have Kv2s been nerfed?

  48. you betray the royal tea!
    only one deathstar exists!

  49. komurcuindahouse

    *_STER WURS_*

  50. You’re shooting HE probably why you’re not penning.

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