Oriental Scouting

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. First view and Comment. I request a cookie

  2. im first bitches!!!

  3. Circon 3 MoE the AT15?

  4. The first 20 subs will get 1 part of absolutely nothing ( circon 2017 )

  5. Swahili is #NotaPlace 🙂

  6. “That shot went to Swahili” – I guess it’s a country now, not just a language! 😛

  7. Should i grind the China LT line?

    It is fun?

  8. William Taylor Payne

    wow I’m surprised no one is upset about the title. Last time I used oriental I was blasted for it.

  9. t20 gun bbbbby tttthe wwwwway

  10. how to play LT 101 can I apply this with 59-16 lol

  11. Circon, how do you avoid hurting your back when you’re carrying that hard????

  12. For every ten subs, Circon gives you credits to unlock loot boxes.

    Loot boxes filled with nothing.

  13. Managed to play this tank on my brothers account over the weekend while he was visiting and I instantly loved it, it’s basically like the old WZ-131 before it got “nerfed” with the light tank changes.
    Sincerely hope they put it on sale over Christmas.

  14. Does he use any mods?

  15. Sometimes i wonder where Circon gets these retarded enemys

  16. Circon gib type 62 tanku
    Also: have you played on the test server yet? French heavies are… *MON DIEU*

  17. whats that mod where you can see your pen compared to the enemy’s armor

  18. Did i see over a milion free XP :O ?

  19. Armor pen mod link please

  20. I would like to enter the giveaway contest to earn nothing

  21. nice one

  22. The first 10 subs today will get a free ticket to Swahili.

  23. No need to buy Type 62, since I have the WZ-131 and it’s better. Rebalance, nerf WZ, don’t touch Type. Should have gotten it.

  24. Racist little prick

  25. Nice skills as allways ?

  26. Christopher brintrup

    Circon, the WoT NA YouTube channel has a video about how spotting works

  27. always works out for you

  28. I love the facecam on 2:51

  29. Action packed.

  30. thejoedude thefirejoe

    What was the AMX 13 planning on doing lol

  31. “A lot of no damage being dealt” … Yeah, because you hog up all the damages! GG man.

  32. Circon makes the game look so easy! (for him)

  33. It's not what you think

    Subbed as stream ended. Got no shoutout. Sadlife.

  34. lol Swahili is a language


  36. lol on what planet do people push the middle at tier 8 on this map? Never see it on the Asia server… at least not past tier 6

  37. These are the sorts of games that I would never win, despite being a purple wanker on 63% after 30k. While there were some mistakes, the technical level of his decision making/tank handling/aiming is simply astonishing, deceptively so. Replays like this make me realise the sheer gulf in skill level between us. The 3% win rate difference between us is gargantuan because of this skill difference, despite similar WN8.

  38. Carrying as a bottom tier scout. GG

  39. Here for the nothin giveaways… 🙂

  40. Haven’t played WoT in quite some time…what does a stunned crew REALLY mean to performance

  41. 6:35 – lol RNG at is’s best 🙂
    Also nice to see TD actually move and support – namely Challenger – gg

  42. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/oriental

    Now fucking drown yourselves you marxist SJW scum.

  43. circon, swahili is a language not a place lol ?

  44. TheCommoner AKA TheKingOfScrubs

    I wish WG would resell the Type 62.

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