OSTWIND 2 : ELECTRIC BOOGALOO — Now In War Theaters Near You (War Thunder)

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OSTWIND 2 : ELECTRIC BOOGALOO — Now In War Theaters Near You (War Thunder)


  1. HAHAHA i have no idea what happened at 18:03 still hope you enjoyed the video

  2. The great boogaloo you say? Oh, wrong boogaloo. Still enjoyed though

  3. The 20mm PzGr is an HVAP
    (high pen but low post pen)

    The 37mm PzGr is an APHE
    (mid-low pen but high-mid post pen)

  4. So they replaced a wooden mockup tank with a tank that wasn’t built at all?

  5. Just fucking loving when m18’s get deleted

  6. A-6 intruder anyone no no damn I thought it would happen this time?

  7. Ostwind II, another junky AA because Gaijin has a stick up their ass:
    Replace “on-paper-tank” with “not-even-on-paper-tank”. Both having the same shitty problem with the guns firing at the same time, not staggered making it an absolute non-improvement over the Ostwind.

    And the crappy AP ammo on the Ostwind is another pile of bullshit Gaijin shoves down our throats. Pz.II: 64mm HVAP @ 1.0 ; AMX-13 DCA40: 98mm (REGULAR!!!) AP-T @ 4.7;
    Ostwind II: 49mm poop AP @5.7.

    But hey, what’s this? The Hs-129 B-2 and Ju-87 G-2 already have the same stupid 37mm with HVAP-T at fucking 2.7 or 3.3. Great Job Gaijin! How long are you gonna keep holding onto that “AA’s are supposed to shoot down planes” argument?

  8. Title should have been

    “Double the gun,

    Double the fun”

  9. Fucking David….

  10. 15:40 i love this music….you have a name for this music plz??

  11. Ho do you get goldegel

  12. Can I play whit you

  13. I think we’ve gotta get phly phlying the ultimate yak killer the KI-61-1 HEI

  14. Chinese tanks in Warthunder is just a meme to be honest

    BTW world of warships is goin to have subs real soon

  15. Well as you see Steven this is the kind of content we viewers want to see , I just don’t want you to kill every tank in the game this is not entertainment for me instead I want to see you shoot get shot back and help teammates use different tanks and planes sometimes i just want to see you struggle for a little bit , as you can see those are the ingredients for a great war thunder video……. I hope you read this,

  16. Phly, because you use “electric boogalo” in the title, cmon, explain to me the meaning, lets see how smart you are ?

  17. alexsander hovland

    I tought gajin wanted to remove papertanks?

  18. The Ostwind and the Coellian was able to use HAVP but this would be to OP (compared to the ZSU 37)

  19. Phly your vinyl record has a scratch at the end. hahahaha

  20. This should be what war thunder is, showing even the bad games and frustration because that’s reality. I prefer this than your typical lucky games that never happen

  21. Anyone notice that all flak37mm don’t have to reload?

  22. the ostwind II is a real 5.7 – beast

  23. i was expecting the base to drop after like the third time you said “We got multiple fighters up, they’re just un-hit-able” lol

  24. Sounds like phlys got a case of “been playing warthunderitis” I know that feeling.

  25. it is not the correct vmax. the 37mm travels with 970 m/s

  26. I never got the idea to use this AA for tank killing, since the update, where WT reworked the penetration values. I just load full explosives and rape planes. That works very well, because the 3,7 cm Fi-T (or is it Hefi-T?) kills a plane if even only 1 bullet hit.

  27. Mattias Antonsson Nilsson

    would you press the button if…

    the chinese army gets added.
    the maus gets removed from the tech-tree

  28. the more i watch is like wtf you wall………… make videos and giajin doesn’t care since there is no one to play and people like you… make others not want to play………. not ther first time all your tanker vids you “see” people yea……….sad to know a decent youtuber came back becuase of hacking

  29. lol what a weird ending

  30. i love coelian because you cannot kill it with planes without bombs or rockets. and i remember i bounced a T-34 shot.

  31. Ro-Go prem heavy 70mm cannon —> 21mm pen APHE (br 1.3)

    Try it out xD

  32. What the *a-10 warthog states battlefield* was that

  33. c0nst1 114 the 2nd

    Gaijin deletes prototype tanks, that were not really produced. Gaijin adds: Ostwind II

  34. Flak 341 is amazing, you shut your mouth Phly……

  35. Coelian fans sees title.
    *RAGES* .

  36. attempt #68, use the Tetrarch Mk1, BUT try and kill a german Panther with it.


  38. soviets still have no spaa between 4.7 and 7.7 ((

  39. “What the BRRRRRRR is that?!?”

  40. What I wanna know is, did the multiple planes become hitable?

  41. Me: Perfect bleep sound doesn’t exist.
    30mm Gau-8 Avenger: Bruh…

  42. You got energy of 110kJ with PzII and 409kJ with Ost. II. The projectiles of AA have 4-times higher energy but stored in mass of the explosive charge 🙂

  43. I’ve been wondering for several years about that question. How in the world did they manage make the 37, 40, 45, and whatever caliber with less penetrating values than the 20 mm? The 20 mm gun guy died and took all his notes with him to the grave? The war continues, technologi advances, you beef up your AA guns, but make them less powerfull… really? And if 26 mm pen for 12.7 is realistic, why does most of the 20, 23 and even some 30 mm on planes have less than that? Can someone explain?

  44. 11:34 the moment the Phly knew…. he fu@ked up

  45. Gaijin: remove Coelian because “paper tank.”
    Also Gaijin: replace Coelian with an equally nonexistent vehicle.


  46. “It was to the left” vehicle on right gets murked by phly

  47. Two .50 cal hits destroy my barrel(nashorn)
    10-15 37mm hits in anemy barrel, and nothing.

  48. Feels good seing aaa oneshoted 😀

  49. Ston3bridg3 Viking

    I love how German Spaa almost never brakes the enm cannon barrel, while allied spaa kills everything.

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