Other things to buy instead of STRV K in 180 Seconds

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks STRV K, Tier 9 Swedish Premium Tank. First Tier 9 Premium Tank in World of Tanks. World of Tanks Update 1.15+ Patch News.

They actually did it… From nbow on, tier 9 premium tanks are going to be a thing! Let’s take a look at the first ever one they have released.

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. Olivia KFC Bucket

    ngl that golden shower is where im sold

  2. There are better things to spend money on instead of WoT.

  3. I’m saving my money to buy a good work truck… like in real life. Something tangible that will bring much fun and the ability to travel and haul things. Everyone needs a truck😃

  4. I’ll just take the bourbon.

  5. Pls spend money to buy porn stuff or something usefull or better game on steam this really not worth buy.
    Seriousl 33E to buy this crap when i can build my own tanks with less price in Sprocket game on steam?

  6. Waiting for Real Chieftain TierX Premium with RGB

  7. I will ake the cheese tray! Where do i order?

  8. I’d be better off buying a Fleshlight instead

  9. hello that is a good video showing an alternative to the purchase of this tank, I find it very funny, successful, imaginative, just awesome, they are the best

  10. I’m in for the personalized bourbon barrel flight with glasses and a cheap bottle of bourbon.. No sense grinding for meh pixel tank w/meh poser crew.

  11. Nice way of telling us to spend our money elsewhere. Sage advice!

  12. You see videos like this and then people wonder why the powercreep is real…

  13. そもそもゲームに課金する事とプレイする事自体が人生の無駄だからな

  14. What’s the deal with Wargaming and Sabaton? First Primo Victoria, now this 😁😎🙏

  15. In near future wg : we’ll add tier 11, that’s why we need tier 10 PREMIUM. ..it’s gonna happen just wait itttt

  16. 🤣 this is great, and the golden shower 👌

  17. I want the condoms and the garden sculptures.

    Don’t ask.

  18. this made my day 😀

  19. Golden shower. Nice one Dez.

  20. Giacomo Venturini


  21. Condoms?

  22. Peak content creation

  23. this vid is pure gold, congrats ma dude!

  24. STRV K the first premium tier 9 tank????? isn`t the Char 4 and K-91-tp (TD) premium tanks at tier 9?

  25. Got the tank almost for free but lost my girl friend

  26. I was able to get -70% at Day 4. Wasn’t to much time to get it to that dicount. I bought it for under 30 EUR. With all that stuff it was a fair Price i guess. But i think, it’s not broken or overpowered and is a Prem near the old T8. Pretty descent and needs a carefull playstyle to work.

  27. Like! Just for the Title of the Video <3

  28. This must be one of the most sarcastic WoT vids I’ve ever seen 😀 . Thanks Dez!

  29. Dez, I completed the Battle Pass two weeks ago and I’m still receiving Battle Pass tokens on the completion of daily missions. What a joke. WG should have something in it’s place as a reward for daily missions – like Bonds. Wake up WG. Could you have a word with them. They ignore us mere mortals.

  30. Epic!

  31. DUDE!!!! SOOOOO FUNNY!!!! I want the Zen cat!!!!

  32. this is just popularity talk.. you know all well that who wants to collect this will buy it, grind it or something in between. Better buy this than buy tabaco, is safer.

    EDIT: of course, if you pay this s*it with money that you don’t really have, don’t ..

  33. “Golden shower”!

  34. hey that chair is better… than mine

  35. The bloodborne tabletop game is pretty cool, and unlike wot you might actually convince your friends to play it with you!

  36. i would rather buy more legos

  37. Pshhh..that makes to much sense..buy the pixels!!

  38. The 29 dislikes are by the WarGaming Marketing Team

  39. Oh don’t forget that it’s gun handling & Match making will get worse once the sale is over. WG does that to all the other premiums so expect that to happen.

  40. Loved this, it’s always cool seeing equivalently priced stuff to our pixel tonks.
    (Edit to add: Dez really sounded like an announcer on a game show, tempting participants with alternate prizes)

  41. and itl be power crept and worthless in a few months. Some of those other things will hold their value way better.

  42. There should be a flashing neon sign “BUY THIS YOU SCHMUCK”. This STRV K is the mouse trap of WoT. We are a bunch of lab rats and all those WG people dress in lab coats. IT’S JUST THE FIRST ONE and more are headed into the game and I don’t care how many times the tank goddess Cmdr_AF prods me into buying it – I’m not. It’s a mediocre modification of two unremarkable vehicles made into one lousy tank.

  43. When did +1 – 2 become less than -2 from tier X ?

  44. Golden Shower at the beginning of every game!!!…LOL!!!

  45. So is this Dez putting things in perspective or his Amazon Wishlist? 😛

  46. grind to get, only purpose is to grind more
    a sad tank for sad people

  47. Maybe you can get real life golden shower for that price ?

  48. Or I can buy enough fuel to visit my friend 250 kilometers away and have enough left for a week of food and entertainment

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