OTOMATIC, M3 Bradley, T-72A & More | Ground Vehicle Overview (War Thunder Patch 1.85)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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F-100D & MIG-19 Impressions & Flights (War Thunder Supersonic Jets)


  1. Phly what about the new premium jets? AKA “NOOB CANCER”

  2. I like the username in the video

  3. Did that man just call the Canadian LAV 3 a Stryker?

  4. T-72A should be compared to T-64A

  5. Phly you are an ARTIST, my man… listening to you fumble for a second mid hype up vs the BMP only to realize they made sure this is the weakest version of the Bradley they could give us. Smooth though, you picked right back up trying to find something redeeming to say it’ll do well at that BR an not get reamed while waiting for ATGM deployment or the lackluster performance of 25mm penetrators vs a frick’n GAS TANK. Was a good chuckle.

  6. Blyatiful

  7. Where’s the T30 US at

  8. Why all the fucking images are tigers

    P.s. Where is the ariete?

  9. The second driver is to drive fast in reverse

  10. That moment when most of the tree is the same tank destroyer with different armor values and cannons because it was the ONLY succesfull Italian tank design.

  11. Neil F. 381st Model Group

    Hi guys, I’m Really liking the early Italian vehicles. The Sahara scout car looks very cool indeed. Breda’s everywhere.??

  12. War Thunder should add the German VK 26.02 in the game.

  13. What’s next in war thunder? long range mobile missile carriers? Some aa with lock on ground to air rockets?

  14. Still think they should add Italian artillery tanks as some were used as tank destroyers.

  15. This could have a great Turret down meta

  16. biglightpanzer better than bwadli

  17. Sebastian Gerner Berthou H9C Skovvang

    19:25 xDDDDDDDDD
    i just hear the disappointment in you “WTH” “IS THIS?”

    edit: OMFG if you look close at the middle guy at 39:23 you can see he is sitting with an old Computer!!! 😮

  18. Phly that spaa is based on a ship turret.

  19. Fuck yes

  20. The 9.0 AA look like it soon become a Navy sdip

  21. Navy ship

  22. The renaissance man

    You are correct sir, indeed the m3 most produced variant carry’s 12 TOW
    atgm (10 in storage) with two already loaded, which can be fired from dual TOW
    launchers, in addition some m3 Bradley variants haven´t got the squad seats
    which in turn can carry a whole lot more TOW.

    Anyway can´t really tell why WT decided to go this direction as atgm is in fact, for this one the bread and butter, maybe its BIAS or maybe so in their mind to generate a more balanced MM.. Don´t really know.. In another note, I know maybe a little off topic, but dreaming of WT putting out the German Wiesel 1 and 2 .. 😛

  23. The OTOMATIC will be terrifying when it has a friendly point to sit on and quick-reload.

  24. “Alright fiat 6614
    Opens it:



  25. 26:07 “phly looses it”

  26. It’s bound to happen now. Next will hopefully be the Swedish tech tree, especially now that supersonic jets have made a boom! Would love to see the J-35 Draken, the JA-37 Viggen, the CV90, CV90AA and the Strv103 in the game 😀

  27. Uhh, sherman with m36 turret at 6.7? With sherman hull it should be that israeli m4a1 with french 105mm gun. Like really, germans have tiger II at 6.7 and italians got shermans with airplane magnet turret and 90mm gun that american medium tanks have at 6.0 and 6.3 BR. Sounds balanced as fuck

  28. With 8mm, does it even count as an armoured car?

  29. Nice additions to bad im gonna need 100+ years to gt there with idiotic WT grind levels

  30. If you wanna give the Bradley M3 more then 6 ATGM’s, give BMP’s more missiles.

  31. if you can put a 30mm Gatling gun on a jet, you can put a f**king rapid fire naval gun on a tank!

  32. MN Gaming & Tutorials

    So many countries copying tiger h1

  33. MN Gaming & Tutorials

    13:48 so much choice

  34. MN Gaming & Tutorials

    Friend: can you screenshot me italian tank tech tree
    Me: sure (13:48)

  35. MN Gaming & Tutorials

    15:00 he is making bbq

  36. MN Gaming & Tutorials

    Italian light tanks look awesome

  37. The 90/53 M41 is just a SU-5-1 on steroids.
    8 shells at 5.3, it’s gonna hurt…

  38. Im hype for OOF

  39. Shame on Phly for mispronouncing Automurder!

  40. To unlock good japanese atgm you need to go throu type 60… Which is agony…

  41. The gun that the OTOMATIC has,is that the 75mm Oto Melara that was mounted on Destroyers?

  42. Rush b in the berlin map with some russian stiff start with b word like the bt7 attampt47

  43. I want progettos 🙁

  44. The arm that supports the tow missile laucher is very small it only has 1 hydraulic arm. If It’s up while driving around and the road gets to bumpy the arm will break. Then be unusable

  45. PHLY take the t72 out for a test drive and shoot in 3rd person.. something awesome happens at  the back of the turret

  46. The “butt optics” are for the troops in the troop area for incase they have to put their M4 in the gun mounts and shoot anyone on the outside the coaxe can’t get

  47. still prefer the bmp 2 over the bradley.

  48. the leopard gained a little wait from moms spaghetti

  49. AA strongest sphagett tank in game 17/10 gaijoob pls

  50. AB41 is the Italian Puma

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