Our Red Army 2 – War Thunder Russian Bias Sequel

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Source: Ruskii9000

Maybe(?) the last vid of the decade from this channel. Decided to make a classic. Want to wish you all a very happy Christmas and a happy new year 😀

– Don’t have War Thunder?


  1. Are those like user skins or decals?

  2. True red army

  3. As the best man on earth is putin

  4. It’s an honour to have my speakers shattered by the KV-2


  6. Love the kv2 shot sound boosted

  7. Русским нравится!

  8. 6:45 Stalin would be proud them
    Ruskii, make milk truck gun sound earrape
    Edit: Comrade’s watch out on ears because kv-2 is stronk

  9. Можно спросить что ты делаешь у меня в рекомендациях!!!

  10. 2:50 omg, danila are you crazy?

  11. Long live кв-два

  12. Mobile Music & Gaming

    Is it still possible to buy or somehow win katyusha ?

  13. Are these clips easy to make? Cuz honestly I get completely screwed when I try to be big brain

  14. NVA: Nationale Volksarmee

    What is the Orchestral piece at 5:50 called?

  15. How do I get his Russia skins?

  16. World of Tanks is better game

  17. Russian Bias 2 – Electric Boogaloo

  18. How to get skin? Asking for our comrade

  19. Civ 6 should have this as an infantry

  20. マスタードマスタード


  21. does anyone know the name of the music..

  22. Very nice end of decade present from comrade Ruski

  23. Dominator and who cares anyways

    “Your membership in the continental has been revoked”

  24. The glorious mother Russia demands more zis30

  25. Wat song is dis?

  26. best camo: r e d

    Stalin: put bush da

    Tank: *invisible*

  27. a lot of “fishy” moments in your game-play.

  28. Pls help me i dont finde a katyusa in the War Tunder. It’s a premium tank?

    • Man,the katyusha was a limited edition truck that you could grind for or buy with eagles back in like 2014 or something
      its super rare now and you probably wont find somebody selling an account with it,or at least not for cheap,but dont worry you arent missing out on much
      it was pretty useless and hard to use

  29. Bt-7 is russias m22……change my mind

  30. Олежа Бабичев

    Fuuuuuuuu! Kemper

  31. You play on ps 4 or pc

  32. One Russia bias player to another. Happy New Year Ruskii!

  33. Zaebis vidos komrad!

  34. Steep hills no problems just gotta climb it while reversing

  35. anybody know how he makes them red without user skins?

  36. Матвей Романов

    Красная тачка ездит быстреееее!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!

  37. Dat first song though

    Its Kalinkia instrumental fti

  38. Олег Игнатов

    Za Stalina

  39. Thats comrade moment got my heart yoo, that shit hurted…

  40. When a milk truck with an anti-aircraft gun is better at killing stuff than an actual tank is.

  41. Love ur vids so i am sad that you don’t ship your merch to Czech Republic. I would smash order button faster than a travel time of T-80’s round.

  42. whats the song name in 8:15

  43. Russia there’s no such thing as water we drink vodka

  44. where do you get this wonderful skin

  45. I feel very good about myself right now

  46. Make next video about BMP-3 pls

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