Out Playing The Outplayer

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. nice one 😮

  2. omg what a hax!

  3. monjodav - MonjoFR

    I saw it on stream ez


  5. Derrick Ranshaw

    make me your apprentice I will go to the Mustafar system wipe out viceroy gunray and the other separatist leaders

  6. Saw this on your hilarious stream, lemming. There can only be one non-red player in the battle!

  7. Squire Squirrel

    Lols! Best cure for arty, a lemmingrush!

  8. Great job indeed. This poor little fellow had no idea what happened.

  9. Balanced.

  10. Satisfiying shot of the day…. ow yeah…

  11. Best moment ever!

  12. I was there….2017!

  13. Chinese power!

  14. The guy was probably yelling cheat all over their chat

  15. cancer is cured

  16. It's not what you think

    You better have talked shit to him afterwards

  17. Well outplayed

  18. that was sick dude!

  19. how much do i pay to make u love me??

  20. Get rekt, nerd

  21. this is a hack and I can prove it.

    at 0:07 you can see how his reticle jumps after he moved his hull. his hull came into contact with the concrete which lead to a bitflip which lead to a chain of events which lead to his other monitor (using which he reads his chat) showing him where the arty was and how he should aim

    thank me later, kys, suc a dic, 420, bye

  22. “Approved by Anfield” xD Also, about yesterday’s stream, you said you would try to 3 mark tanks with sixth sense only, and not other skills. The cromwell that I asked you for advice on how to 3 mark, which I did, had and still has basic training 100% with the first skills of the crew at 85%… no sixth sense for me 🙂

  23. Lmao watched this live best thing ever

  24. Shouldn’t the title be “Outplaying The Out Player”? Not a strong englander here.

  25. Counter battery fire without playing arty? Impressive

  26. That was me DRwarrior25. I was actually not surprised since the damage indicator tells you where the shot comes from, and on Paris map everyone knows where arty sits. I’ve done the same thing to arty and TDs. I call it “paying attention”. Congratulations well played.

  27. well that was short

  28. yay t34 3 ma fav tenk

  29. Great Shot Well Done

  30. hax lol psst share the mod bro

  31. wow nice hack, reported……..lol i joke

  32. philippe poisson

    you haxing shitter

  33. You are not human. I repeat you’re a vampire with magic powers. Satan is with you.
    Looks like being on Satan’s side is satisfying.

  34. /r/JusticePorn/

  35. does 90 dmg then gets blindfired xD ultimate embarrassment

  36. Well played! I do agree with what someone posted on the main boards – if you get stunned but take no damage, an indicator should still flash. Thoughts?

  37. Developers should make a 0 arty limit

  38. It’s easy to conceal your hax in videos. I just can’t figure out how you hide them when you live stream. XD

  39. Unfair plane

  40. blind shots are always satisfying. good one!

  41. good meme

  42. Reported for haxxxxxXXXXXxxxxx

  43. Hey It's Franklin Hidden

    and thats the only way to balance arty

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