OUTPLAYED – World of Tanks

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  1. Rhognald McDognald's

    lol, the one scrub that gave the vid a thumbs down.

    • Probably the Progetto with the full clip and over half his hitpoints who had the high ground and a teammate who could put in flanking shots, but still failed miserably.

  2. Holy shit what a game!!!! 🙂

  3. To anyone who gets the coupons and actually wants something useful, if you already have a premium tank, you can re-buy that same tank with the coupon. This will result in you being given the gold-worth of the tank in question, instead of a duplicate tank. Some people know this, some don’t. I was hella frustrated with it until I found this little trick. You can buy gold at a discount, but only if you have a prem tank already. You can check whatever amount of gold you’d get in-game in the tech trees. Honestly, a 30% discount on something like one of the 7200 gold tanks is a pretty good deal if you’re looking for gold.

    • Heroic_Spirit_Gomikubi

      I got super excited when I read this and then I remembered the only coupon I’ve gotten so far is a measly 15%, still technically better than buying a 30$ pack of gold but kind of a disappointment

    • Heroic_Spirit_Gomikubi aww, that sucks man.. They never come when you’re in need :b. I’ve had a few 30%ers, and I only play 4-6 hours like once in a month or two. I’m such a WoT-slacker… Been playing since beta, and I still do, but I only have 10k games (same ingame name as here, EU)

  4. Meme for this is so Jurassic park “clever girl”

  5. Praise be to Circon! Praise be.

  6. pietzak = gelukzak

  7. It is a small tank so it is hard to hit circon

  8. Thought it could not get better, then i notice you had a platoon invite from a player named NutzInDaFace. GG!


  10. Just beautiful !

  11. Got’em

  12. nah YOU can DO IT!!!!

  13. clap clap clap clap fap fap fap fap

  14. No but you can have 11 min of my life to watch it, and it was worth the time I spent.

  15. I am considering

  16. LOL…try to emulate this at your own peril.

  17. Pls upload in 1080p. I would really appriciate that.

  18. 2:04 Fuck yes! Circon’s best friend <3 Loved that carry, nail-biting stuff!

  19. The coupons are horrible indeed, I haven’t even used tha few what I got because its only -10% and you can’t buy this or that or even those. Basically you just have to buy a tank, thats not in discount at the moment like wtf?

  20. General Gao's Chicken


  21. Just another example showing that Circonflexe is a Minor Deity. LMAO!

  22. This was awe inspiring.

  23. Awesome!!! just….. Awesome!! 🙂

  24. RNG is out of control

  25. using cheaty zoom out mod. no respect for you

  26. Planejox CrazyHorse

    Well Jingles has another video

  27. master of puppets

  28. Ive got chills

  29. The Tokyo Craftsman

    All hail the mighty Circon!

  30. well played

  31. That was amazing. He’s so good I hate his guts ?

  32. Load the Skill rounds

    I got a 50% off coupon and used it for a year of premium account it’s the best way to use them IMO. $120 Canadian is too much and I won’t pay it but half off 60 bucks that’s like buying a new video game… ok I’m in

  33. You gonna get my prime sub now

  34. Damn nice game Circ!

  35. One of the best players in wot ?

  36. Wait, when were people getting coupons? I got one for 30% off a tech tree premium like 2 years ago and never used it because I had the ones I wanted. Only coupon I’ve ever gotten from WG

  37. When RNG is completely on your side end game. XD

  38. I GOT NUTHIN. HOW !??!?

  39. subscribed … dayuuum!!

  40. I was waiting for the title to be a joke and someone TKed you via an ammo rack hit.

  41. Circonicus Maximus

  42. And the pinger of the year goes to, seen from the Grand Budapest hotel timemark 28:14.

  43. Blablablablabla 2014

    5€/month – ahahahahahahahahahah. what retards pay for this free circus?

  44. That 13 90 screwed it hard

  45. 5300 combined ace… 9000 combined in my 432 was only a 1st class… Cries

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