Outside the Comfort Zone – World of Tanks

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. “1 view” 🙂 notification power!

  2. Great video Lemming!

  3. Now get out of your comfort zone and play KV-2

  4. NotiSquad!

  5. Hicham Gouchida

    Review TS-5 please

  6. its 2:29 for me

  7. Eromanga Sensei

    Well there’s one tank i can’t play for dick.. all this thing does = piss me off.. the reload + trollish nature of a “accurate german gun” .. it’s too fucking much for me.

  8. Nigellus Olicanan

    Have the same trouble with the Scorpion G gun, when it’s good it’s great, but RNG is often bad.

  9. What i have noticed when i play my Scotp.G. is:
    When you are setup and ready 2 fire, if your hull is angled shots fly whey off target or i bonce, eaven if pen indicator is green ( mind you, i have a 6 skill crew and run chocolate ).
    Idk…maby it only happens 2 me…

  10. Why do bad players wait until entire team dies b4 pushing in or moving their tank. It is a mind boggling mystery I will never understand

  11. But it’s club hours not upload hours lol pretty soon it’ll be time for after hours

  12. Hey Leeming! what is your opinion about the new matchmaker?

  13. I got the scorpion non G for 50% off because i had the “G” version as a rental once and it was still in my garage. It’s the only td I play minus the conway I’m grinding. The charioteer and the scorpion are playable, solid tier 8’s.

  14. do not expect that all heavies are blind, i have binos on sevveral heavies (if they have accurat guns). The aimtime is often long enough for a bino.

  15. Yousef Sangkula

    I have .28 accuracy in my Skorpion G and I miss fully aimed shots like crazy that it’s driving me insane like wtf

    • anotherrandomtexan25

      Pfff accuracy stats are a myth everyone knows you just snap shot as soon as you can! Bonus rng points if you’re in a ruski stronk tenk

    • German tanks

    • +anotherrandomtexan25 WoT community is the most stupid game community I ever encountered. I cannot believe what stupid shit, what retarded conspiracy theories are believed in this community. And all these dimwits patting each other on the back “yeah bro, i feel you, my tank is also hiddenly nerfed”

    • and why shouldn’t you? what do you think the circle means? its an area where the shot can go in case you didnt know

  16. The first battle should have been titled ‘how to farm when your team is rolling a shit team’…

  17. Watching lemming’s commentary on bad players like that VK 100 P is the funniest

  18. Oldřich Nesvadba

    I´m a noob who on TDs has only 63% on Strv, so last weekend I tried to first mark it…results? I felt to 58%, terrible, terrible gameplays, teams melted in first couple of minutes, not so good maps for Strv, a lot of bounces from lights, or zero dmg hits. So yesterday I played very carefully from behind and? Two loses, two zero dmg games 🙁 Now I´m feeling like every game with this tank is “Outside the Comfort Zone” I´ve had be4…

  19. Great learning from you. Thanks

  20. You should have binos or optics on a TD

  21. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    You should’ve played 130PM, its way more accurate than Skorp G lol

  22. get binos on TDs, they are more useful than camo net

  23. German gun so don’t expect rng luck xD

  24. Алексей Сафронов

    Camo net on a skorp is painful to watch, Lemming 🙂

  25. Lemmingrush my wot goat

  26. “I’m glad he’s dead”.. You sound like a salty ex-girlfriend..

  27. According to lemming the scorpion g is slow “I’m gonna take a hit from the rhm because this tank is slow” ??

  28. This should be in anyone’s comfort zone… OP premium.

  29. Fun to watch you play the SkorpG. It’s my most played tank. I do prefer the 130SU for it’s accuracy, but the Skorp is so much more fun to play.

  30. Valentin Kovachev

    Lemming, what do you think of making some sort of video series? I think its going to be successful.

  31. Not using HE Ammo??? And you are moving around in the map???? You are definitely out of your comfort zone.

  32. “He didn’t hit me and he hit me for 400”


  33. why cant someone gift me a WZ-120-1G FT ign bighatlogan

  34. lemmingrush at 8:00 – going *here* is super shitty so don’t go *there*
    lemmingrush after literally 10 seconds – * goes *there* *
    wtf xD

  35. I hate the scorpion g with a passion. Whenever I played it I couldn’t hit the wide side of a barn from the inside. Time after time after time fully aimed shots dropped into the ground yards short of the target or flew so far left or right they would ricochet off the flank armour no matter how thin.
    In the end I stripped all components off it, unchecked the auto repair option and took it out into battle to get wrecked.
    It now sits in my garage as a smoking wreck.

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