Over 10,000,000 Arty Players Have Drowned! | World of Tanks Best Frontline Reward Tank?

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World of AE Phase I, , Object 777 Version II – Frontline Mode Reward Tank Review. The Best Fronline Reward Tank? World of Tanks Statistics Overview.

In today’s episode I am going to cover 2 different topics, one featuring some interesting statistics about World of Tanks in the , one main “Swimming Artillery” data. Second part is going to be about Frontline rewards vehicles – AE Phase I, Object 777 Version II and Char Futur 4. Which reward tank is the best? Which one to choose?

Let’s talk about that! 🙂


  1. Should there be a punishment for stuff like this? What type, how strong? And which tank have you picked from the Frontline reward list?
    Also, stay tuned for the next episode, featuring another giveaway and winners will be announced!

    • Claudiu Paul Ilea

      Why there should be penalty when there are more cases than ever, that an flying whell Ebr get to enemy base and spot/shoot arty within 45-60 sec, and no1 can counter them, leaving the arty to theyr own fate? What should the arty do? If i get in that situation, and i have been there, i try to escape by any means!

    • Arne Ingvald Pettersen

      Yes indeed

    • Suicide helps to shorten the game. But it should award the nearby enemy a bit. Why spend 4 minutes looking for a hidden tank? Boring. Some maps/spgs are very good for hiding..
      And as arty i would rather not die by op ebr. Many arty suicide by shooting wall or jumping off cliffs as well. Personally i like to try to reach their cap. All are ways of suicide.
      It is less worse than player riding their tanks into the open after complaining about xv winrate.
      A time penalty would be better and less damaging for f2p people that do take some risks by crossing rivers.
      And what about stopping the game when only spg are left on one side. Sudden death. Shorter games.

    • I would not touch the repair amount of credits, I would leave all as it is, because, when a crew is drowned, tank is still in one piece. My solution is: when a crew of some tank is drowned, location of that tank should be automatically shown on enemy’s mini map and player who shooting at that drowned tank receive credits as he shot him in a battle

    • Automatic ban forever for pigs drowning after camping all game 10m from spawn. So what’s the big deal if enemy puts your sorry ass out of misery – your choice to play a dirty clicker vehicle – take your medicine like men. Pigs, death star, waffle and shite barn players should be banned from ever playing the game again. Just my unbiased, level and tolerant 2 cents worth 😂. Did it come through clearly enough that I hate certain groups of vermin in this game??? 😂😂😂

  2. You drown once with your arty you get drowning flagged for 7 days, if you drown in that time its 2 days bann and 7day flag restored to full time….if it happens again 7day bann

  3. hilmar engelbrecht

    When i play Artillery i always try to kill the other clickers first and when i get spotted i raise my gun and except my punishment for playing arty.

  4. I sometimes drowned myself on accident and i was….. -__- i really hated it but it happened on live oaks and was in the beginning in the end it just plain toxic denying the enemy tank the Hitpoints to farm and the kill often denying you an epic medal like radley walters (Happened to me a few times) or even a pools medal you drive there 9 kills in the pocket with 7-8K damage and you have to kill the last artillery and it drowns …. you brown shit tanktype shitting on me all game long and decides to deny you everything you even the little hitpoints it has to you and the last kill

    they should reset the Experience on the vehicle like if its a tier 8 spg and they are grinding the tier IX than the XP reset and it resets to stock also they should damage the crew for like 20-30% it’s just plain toxicity to drown or kill yourself in the game i had some many SPG players shooting themselves on buildings it ain’t even funny i don’t get the playstyle because i rather do a shot extra damage but hey thats me

  5. Penalty idea: You cant use that artilery one day because its wet and have to dry one day outside the garage

    I would like AE phase 1 first and 777 second

  6. How about removing crew experience. After all they drowned. That would be a decent deterrent as well.

  7. Whenever I see anyone, be it artillery or not, on purpose drowning themselves just to deny their opponents extra damage farmed on them, I am immediately reporting that as unsportsmanlike conduct. Because that is, in my opinion, not sportmanlike behavior. Period. Whenever you do that, you are on purpose an asshole to the opposing team. Just don’t do that, meet your fate with your face and go on to the next battle. You do not want enemies to drown on you, preventing you from getting more damage. So, why are you doing that to them? It is not their “fault” you lost guys, whenever you lose. So stop treating them like it was. Increased repair cost for anyone who drowns or falls to death is in my opinion a very good idea. Maybe decrease regular repair costs though, so statistically, it balances out, just so we don’t get flat out increase on repair costs, as that is certainly not something we need.

  8. This is why i changed to blitz so i dont get shit on from the skies by some wankers…. But wait they added atgms in blitz wich shit on people through the skies. So now we got a light tank wich is also a mobile pixel perfect arty

  9. Scuttle your tank is a part of the war…

  10. Every arty that drowns needs to be punished with 500 000 credits or 500 gold. Simple as that!

  11. Since drowning a tank is now considered a kill unless you drive in or fall of the bridge id say anull experience earned that game

  12. Maybe make the artas amphibious, so they could not drown

  13. Give arty more armor, faster reload but a lot less damage. So it can have more flexibility and a chance to fight it out. Alternatively, remove the deep water. Problem solved.

  14. boristhebarbarian

    stop hating on arties alone and show statistics for all drownings: lights, meds, heavies, td’s and compare. and split them between accidental deliberate, team drowning and enemy drowning ONLY THEN can we get a fair comparison. treat all classes the same when it comes to drowning.

  15. Why are we looking at statistics from 2013 and 2014? And your 10 mil figure obviously is based on the assumption that the number of arty players drowned has grown linearly in the past 6 years based on only the 2013 to 2014 growth factor.

  16. its even worse when your team might still have a chance to make a reversal but your top tier arty just drowns himself instead of putting in just a little bit of effort for once

  17. enjoy these kind of vids with a nice suggestion of the tier 9 at the end. Awesome

  18. hi i think 1 time x10 rep 2time turn blue 3 time 14 days of bann AND if he still dose it ban from playing arty LMAO

  19. Personally, bigger problem than arty drowning is when ally block you from behind while you taking enemy shots. Also no penalty. Bigger problem is as you take sniping position with Scorpion G (i.e.) and then ally T95 push you out, bcs he think he deserved that position over you. Also no penalty. And there is more. Who gives a sh.. for suicidal arty? There are bigger problems.

  20. let them drown and they cant do anything no more – but u can still farm their HP …

  21. Drowning? Be banned from playing arty for a week and let them turn pink for each time they play arty for thr next 25 matches.

  22. I personnaly choosed the Char Futur 4 with no hesitation at all…. and cause i’m french

  23. Arty suicide, as often they feel let down by the team, who make zero effort to protect them, a team that lets lights and EBRs drive past unhindered to farm them…how many of you think of protecting your arty?

  24. Arty should be fitted with floatation devices so that they literally become sitting ducks if they try to drown :p

  25. Southern Comfort

    Not just 10x increased repair cost, no xp or credit for the match. Maybe even find a way to reduce their wn8. Take it like a man or take it in the pooper!

  26. I always drown when i play arty and when the end is inevitable. MAYBE the only exception is when some opponent player impressed me so much that I grant him another with my frag. Why? Because playing arty is playing griefer. Harassing, trolling and triggering the opponents is 95% of the fun. So why should I not drown if it spoils fun for the opponents?


    hola yo lo veo bien es mi opinión, estas en una batalla y vas a cazar la presa, la presa que es el tanque se esconde, se deja ver tu tienes que atacarle ir a por el , la presa si no puede hacer nada por matarte por que le es imposible, la presa ara lo posible para escaparse, si se tira o resbala y cae al rió o playa y se ahoga , es decisión de la presa. no se puede poner normas donde no las ay , lo que e dicho no las ay. y no de deveria nomas donde no las ay. te pongo un ejemplo: entonces que el que se lance por un precipicio para caer encima de otro tanque que esta mirando como le viene encima el tanque a su cabeza sin poder hacer nada. indefenso eso de vería ser penalizado?, aver que decís así muchas cosas. no sacar donde no lo ay penalizacion. asi es el juego lo cojas como lo cojas DEZGAMEZ . UN SALUDO I ES MI OPINION PERSONAL . LAS COSAS SON ASIN, Y ASIN DEVEN DE SER. Y SI LE PONES PEGAS A DONDE NO LO AY BUSCATE OTRA CLASE DE JUEGO DONDE LA JENTE QUE CAIGA EN UN LAGO O SE TIRE SEA PENALIZADO. ASTA LUEGO.,

  28. People who play arty or prefer to play arty I hope the worst for your life.

  29. If Wot do somthing about it in the game then people wont go dive and more of XP will be on the table. Meaning people will less play to achiwe same amount of xp….thats is oposit of WOT policy …they trying to make us play more…not less.

  30. What I wish they would do is that if someone drowns, you can still damage and kill their wrecks like a normal tank. That would remove any incentive for arty players to drown.

  31. For me that is click bait but whatever, hope its the first time.

  32. I think the penalty idea is a double-edged sword: new players would be heavily penalized by (let’s say) a 5x credit penalty to repairs… And veteran players wouldn’t give a F, as they would have more than enough credits to pay for the fine.

    Just like the limitation on buying legacy tanks, I think a penalty system could be setup to reflect a player’s experience in the game: if a player has only reached tier 5 (for example) the penalty could be less hurtful than if a player has reached tiers 9 and 10.

    OR if a player drowns themselves (esp. while playing an SPG) that tank could be ‘locked’ from further play for … an hour? Something along those lines.


  33. tomislav jambrasic

    band fof 7 days!!!!

  34. Perhaps loosing crew skill percentage since they drowned and had to be resuscitated as well as water damages fee.

  35. Fuck yeah, at least 10x repair cost for drowning, and why WG hasn’t figured out that it benefits them in terms of draining some credits from the game I cannot believe! Just fkin do it already

  36. Crazy Crackhead

    I never drowned just because the team lost… i remember 2 times i drowned coz i fall down the cliff and second time enemy arty tracked me while running for my life throug deep water XD when we lose i shotgun 1 and take it like a man with high raised gun 🙂

  37. I’m still getting WOT ads when watching WOT videos, lol poor WG are being ripped off, the game is actually on on my pc and I’m just taking a lunch brake haha

  38. I have probably drown about a
    12 times all by accident when trying out different things. I play arty a lot and never suicide in any Type of tank. Anyone who deliberately suicides is a low life and needs to grow up.

  39. Dez, were you ever quickly checking ur phone and felt into a pond without being able to swim back up?

  40. On a lot of maps, the best place for arty to be is in shallow water. Unfortunately, the water is often a lot deeper than it seems and arties are too slow to get out of there in time, so they die. On some maps, there’s a good place for arty on the edge of a cliff, from which they can accidentally fall into water when they’re trying to relocate. I also seem to recall myself drowning a few times because the drowning depth of arty was changed, so that you could literally drown in pretty much any puddle. A lot of tankers died going as deep as they used to, only to find out they could now drown if the water reached halfway up the hull.

  41. wot dont gasht 4 aim bots and why shod it , pay 2 play ,more tir 8 prem ‘s

  42. I have drown myself on purpose in pretty much every single tank. Why you ask? Because the match counter is 14:01 (exactly started 59 seconds ago) and we are losing 0-5, the heavy tanks are camping behind the arties, scouts are obviously gone along with half the mediums, and the TDs can’t hit anything. So… why waste the following 5 minutes of my life in an obvious loss? Besides, I can jump to another battle pretty much faster and with a lot less chance that those noobs are again in my team.

  43. in that time wasnt KV-85 it was KV-1S

  44. boristhebarbarian

    if you want to ban drowning then bring back 1 shots with arty shells especially against all wheellies and give the arties a bigger hp pool.

  45. I enjoy playing Arty (Console), I do my best to support the team (if you need help mark it, if I can hit it I will) if you corner me I will stand and fight, I think players that drown themselves are crap. As for penalties, I wouldn’t have an issue with multiple offenders (i.e. same SPG drowns 25% or of the time in losing battle) tank does not auto repair or auto resupply or triple costs. Give kill credit to closest enemy tank (even if already dead).

  46. Sudden death when only arty is left. Quicker games. Reward all enemy. So less reward for campers that stayed behind.

  47. Pworontocokwala

    You gotta love when you have one of those arty hunting missions and when you think you have it in bag, all of them drown, gaining nothing but ruining your missions and games

  48. Sadly I did not have any tier 8s for the first episode of FL so I have to wait till the first episode of steel hunter

  49. Seriously tho the number of drownings is really low compared to all the tanks that suicide by fall damage back then, but now suicide by fall damage is very common for light tanks, especially after EBR showed up, my God those suicide often.

  50. I’m against a penalty for arty players but they should be hit be a disadvantage in the matchmaker. This means increased queue time. Max. 1 arty per match but not every match and if it means every arty player has to wait this should be ok.

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