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  1. The Gender Blender

    Day 30: Hey Steve may you please make a nice long and long introduced video on the T-10M and even try to get a nuke with it, this would be super highly appreciated Phly.

  2. People still use Facebook?

  3. Older people use it like it is Instagram

  4. Militarum Tempestus Scion

    Loved that Normandy game, the hold at the church where like 4 of your team mates got killed in like 5 seconds was really cool, felt like an ambush. If we could get a ME 410 video that’d be great Phly Daddy

  5. Keelqn Suranofsky

    Holy hell good work

  6. Fing amazing

  7. Hi phly can you play a number generated combo

  8. 53 reviews on the facebook page and they’re all 5 star, nice!

  9. I rarely seen you defending a cap from the inside ..your more like a hunter than a defender

  10. Just impressive

  11. I want British tutel

  12. That Stewart looking thing was humpin your leg pretty good there, until you scaped it off and shot it.
    Fun times!

  13. Play war thunder mobile

  14. Run_it_ Straight

    Thank you for your service sir

  15. Beer_Gut_Boomer


  16. RomanTheMexican


  17. Ween is PHPH comming back?

  18. It is my understanding that the ISU 152 could launch actuall nukes, making it a literal nuke cannon

  19. goddamn that last 3 tanks were trying to be big brain and phly just said brain go brrt.

  20. Attempt 54 – Please play the SAu 40 tank destroyer. It’s one of the strangest looking TDs in the game and I love watching your french-tank videos!

  21. Intense video dude. Good job!

  22. This is probably the best ISU-152 game player ever existed, very intense.

  23. Zaneta Zabrocka

    M4A3 (105) plz. day 1

  24. Utolsó ゴジラ Kecske Lovag

    Fun fact: these SPGs were used to clear the ruble after the Chernobyl accident happened, due to their massive armor, the crew were safe inside

  25. Delirious Gaming

    attempt #52 use the M134 turrets on the huey and roleplay as a gunship

  26. It was awesome lol. You have to get 14 kills to barely win a game, it is so annoying. Gaijin, do something for AFK and one death leavers PLEASE. It is not fun when they keep doing it, you may not play good all the time it is ok but you won’t get 0 kills for 5 times in a row. Delete it already then.

  27. Bro that ending, just made me clap..

  28. Recommendation: Try the Japanese’s Ki-109 strike aircraft, It has a 75mm cannon that destroys tanks easily and is quite fun.

  29. emran the spartan

    Can you do a video on the squash rounds i feel there over powered if you shoot in the correct position.

  30. Serhat Bahadır Türkmen

    imdb 10

  31. That was a ballzy defense of the church.

  32. This ammo is literally a ballistic cap

  33. Phly, the phirephly (either variant) is the only aircraft that can transform from a monoplane to a “biplane” (by using combat flaps). Day 12

  34. Bonkmachine

  35. Can you please try the t14 American premium

  36. Bravo Zulu Sir. 07

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