P.43 bis and P.43 ter Review/Guide, Dealing with Awkward Situations

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I review the P.43 bis and P.43 ter, the tier 6 and tier 7 Italian medium tanks in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of tier 6 Mines and tier 8 Paris battles.

The P43 bis and P43 ter tanks lead to the excellent autoreloaders at tiers 8-10, so they are worth grinding through, and both are solid tanks in their own right.

P.43 bis Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Superb alpha (240)
+ AP penetration (140)
+ camouflage (~31 with Camo and BIA)
+ Sides of turret are autobounce
+ Frontal upper hull provides ~135mm effective armor
– Lackluster gun
– Acceleration bit sluggish
– Very slow AP shell velocity (700)
– Somewhat large profile

P.44 ter Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Excellent AP penetration (165)
+ alpha (240)
+ acceleration
+ camouflage (~31 with Camo and BIA)
+ Frontal upper hull provides ~165mm effective armor
+ Sides of turret are autobounce
– Very slow AP shell velocity (758)
– Somewhat large profile

Recommended Equipment
1. Optics
2. Rammer
3. VStab for P.43 ter, GLD for P.43 bis

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

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  1. Re-posted the video.

    I had tried uploading with YouTube “Upload video (beta)”, but all that did was leave my video at 360p, which is unacceptable given that the video was rendered in 1080p.

    Sorry for those of you who watched this twice, but hopefully the 2nd video in 1080p HD made it worth it.

  2. I thought I saw a notification come up but failed to load whrn I tried to watch it. Tank-time!

  3. Good stuff!

  4. Taugrim, its cool that even though you’re playing at like 30 fps and you never use gold, you can do so well. Also, can you review the progetto 65? I can’t consistently play well in it. One game I do 4k dmg, the next I do 1.7k.

    • I get ~40 FPS consistently. I find that that’s sufficient for smooth gameplay.

      I do hope to get a new gaming rig before end of year, and my framerate will go up quite a bit.

    • @Taugrim i find that i can’t play too well with anything under 60, maybe 60+ will help you a lot.

    • It will be interesting to see. I find lag spikes / latency are more of an issue so long as framerate is 30+.

      But I’ve never played at 60+ FPS with any game so I’m looking forward to seeing whether it makes a difference.

  5. Thx for the q u a l i t y

  6. I’ve already almost seen the whole thing. Great video, once again!

  7. first battle kind of a waste, you just sat there farming (after your team took hill). Doesn’t really give a good feel for the tank.

    • He sit in a very important position in order to prevent hill from being taken back by enemy. I have seen that happened many times

    • @zeroyuki922 I kinda think of someone TK a LT for not suicide spotting

    • In terms of viewing, sure, watching someone fighting from a position of strength can be somewhat boring. Being the player though, it’s quite enjoyable to rack up good damage in a tier 6 tank.

    • @zeroyuki922 sure he did. but it didn’t really do much to show of the capcity of that tank. he could have been sitting there in any number of tanks doing the same thing. It gave us no sense of it’s camo, spotting, mobility, etc..

    • @bikebudha01 I kind of get what you’re talking about, but sadly there’s not much to be shown in that tank anyway. Its mobility is slow, which is why he elaborated that he didn’t went in to the hill itself. Its only good option is alpha and DPM, which is showcased when he was brawling. Camo and spotting is irrelevant in that map because lol Mines, and even in open map you can’t really show much since it’s pretty much mediocre at these factors. Not too bad, not too good.

      He could picked a better match indeed, but there’s not much else that could be shown so I don’t think there’s much that was missed.

  8. load the skill

  9. Hey Taugrim, if you ever want to do videos some of the CW reward vehicles (or the 215b (120) or Foch 155), just let me know.

  10. Taugrim I absolutley love the content u are creating, please keep it up! 😀

  11. cool games, thanks

  12. Another good watch. Thank you.

  13. Nice lesson.
    The difference between the execrable T43 bis and the T8 Pantera, well, they’re different species. The Pantera is an entertaining tank to play, even when you lose. Same for the Standard B.

    • Agreed, the playstyle between single-shot tanks and autoreloaders/autoloaders is completely different.
      That said, people asked me to explain how to play the former as they’re grinding for the latter. And the information discussed in these videos is applicable for any tank.


  14. thx Taugrim for these videos. always quality explaination.
    I like soft tanks with good gun and mobility, i.e. Czeck, French and Italien mediums and all light tanks. Having good results in these tanks give me way better feeling than acing Obj.257 or 430. Although I don’t play silver-only, your vids are definitly a big help for this kind of game-play

  15. Those 2 tanks are very good

  16. The chi-ri is Japanese! Japanese!

  17. Grinding the bis right now with a 40% WR. I’m doing it so wrong.

    • Brakhai Warframe - CZ

      Its gun is highly disfunctional.
      It gets much better on the ter. Tanks.gg only says the bloom gets better by like 0.01, but it feels much better than that…

  18. I'm Not Using My Real Name

    Do you always use this equipment loadout?

  19. I’ve bought, played, and sold the bis 3 times, now I’m halfway done the ter and done it 3 times already. I hate these tanks so much. They’ve got to be some of my weakest tanks ever.

    • Getting to the tier 8 and 9 autoreloaders will make the grind worth it.

    • @Taugrim I hope so. The premium Progetto (which I do fine in) is the only reason I keep trying, and at this point I’m seriously considering using free exp to skip the ter. RNG just doesn’t want me to hit stuff in that tank ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  20. For begin a review video you should mention what equipment you are using and crew layout but that’s just my 2 cents
    Other than that I really want to say thank you for the review !

    • You can see those 2 things in the first 10 seconds of every video. I also post the equipment in the description of the video.

      One of these days I’m going to do a video on crew skills, since the ones you take depends on how many you have available to choose for each crew member.

  21. Woah, Paris ! Which maps have you blocked ?

  22. I found the P.43 bis to be very meh, whereas I enjoyed the P.43 ter.

    • Same here.

      I was expecting to like the P.43 bis due to the huge alpha for its tier, but the tank is rough around the edges. Whereas the P.43 ter has better mobility and gun handling – the tank is simply more polished and reliable.

  23. I hated these two tanks even though they were good for my win rate but the alpha gun is a pain in the ass to work and the gun depression annoyed me to no end.

    • The gun handling of the P.43 bis was certainly a limitation. -7 degrees of gun depression is OK but certainly limits how much you can ridge fight safely.

  24. Yikes. If only I was a better player in my Pershing.

    Its always good to see a tank in the hands of a skilled player to get a sense of its strengths and weaknesses, even if you don’t intend to go down that line.

    • Was that you in the Pershing? If yes, you were the only player consistently covering the southwest spokes, so you were in a relevant position given our deployment. Thanks for your help 🙂

  25. 11:00 most artillery can not hit you at this position, except for some like the FV304 and Conqueror GC, because they have very short guns. Some will be able to hit around J3 and K4, but not really closer, because of the high buildings in between.

    These mid tier Italian meds are so sluggish and that’s why I stopped playing that line. I got tired of the bad mobility. I watched video’s from both you and Quickybaby about these tanks and I find it strange why you both hit so many shots that aren’t fully aimed and snapshots as well. I tended to miss a lot of shots, that weren’t fully aimed.

    • Thanks for the info regarding arty.

      Yes, the tier 6 is sluggish. The tier 7’s mobility is meaningfully better.

      A lot of my snapshots missed in that Mines battle. It’s OK, I was trying to minimize risk.

  26. Kudos to you. I have seen several of your vids and learned a bit from them, especially map knowledge. You never use premium ammo other than the cheap to buy HE? I can’t rely on that many times. I have tried getting through games with standard AP but when I am behind in damage to the opposing player or simply when AP doesn’t do it in a higher tier match I feel that I have to load it. Have you simply disciplined yourself that way? If premium ammo was again purchased with gold I’d have to delete it from my tanks as I’ve seen it relied upon too much.

    • Long story short, no, I’ve never fired gold aka premium ammo in Random Battles, for the reasons listed in the above link.

      It can certainly make it difficult in situations where I’m facing a frontally well-armored target.

  27. stay alive – do damage – help the team

  28. Thank you for all your videos 🙂 They are very educational and enjoyable!

  29. Thx for this. Just got tier 7. Had some great games in the P.43 bis. Great vid as ever 🙂

  30. My overall thoughts on these tanks while grinding through them was “meh”…

    • The P.43 bis was a disappointment. The P.43 ter was much more polished. The autoreloaders are totally worth it though.

  31. Hi Taugrim, I was wondering if u can give me any advice with grinding the tier 7 and 8 czechoslovakia tanks??? I have the tier 7 right now stocked and it’s been hell trying to grind to the second gun. The stock gun is horrible to play with, I can usually only do 126 to 800 dam (on a very good game) per game. Your advice from Other videos have been very helpful, and I have been getting a lot better (thank u for that). I can usually get 1500-2500 dam games for most tanks except the tier 7 chek tank.

    • Did you watch Epi #44? I covered both the T-34/100 and the TVP VTU.

      Once you get the top gun on the T-34/100, it’s a decent tank.

      I despised the TVP VTU, one of the most miserable tanks at-tier that I’ve ever played.

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