P.44 Pantera Review/Guide, Playing the New Kharkov Map

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I review the P.44 Pantera, a tier 8 Italian medium tank in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of all tier 8 Kharkov and Live Oaks battles.

The P44 Pantera is the first tech tree tank in the Italian medium line that features an autoreloader gun, which combines single-shell reloading with a clip of 3 shells. The autoreloader gun provides a lot of flexibility: you can play the single-shell DPM game or you can unload your clip for maximum burst damage.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Autoreloader gun delivers compact burst (720 in 5s)
+ Superb speed (60)
+ Excellent gun depression (-8)
+ Good accuracy (0.33 base)
+ Unusually high velocity for silver AP (1050m/s)
– Low view range (380m) makes it difficult to get to 445m without a very skilled Commander
– Armor is not good enough to rely upon, but it will give some troll bounces

Recommended Equipment
1. Optics
2. VStab
3. Rammer

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

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  1. Steve Mc. Gregory

    Heyo Taugrim, Kudos to you buddy keeping playing this damn game. I am very very fed up already and just watching your videos to keep the shape, in case I will actually continue to play this (once) amazing game. Thanks for your time and content <3

    • I still enjoy WoT, despite its warts. It’s a PVP game where thinking and tactics matter.

      I watched a video by Fevir today that talked about 2019 MMORPGs. I’m still waiting for a great MMORPG to be released. I’ve lightly considered playing WoT but the combat style is not sufficiently skill-based to interest me. Tab targeting is so 2010.

      There was a Kickstarter that I funded for a game called Oath which looks fun and promising to me. That’s supposed to be out in Beta by the end of the year.

  2. Hey taugrim , a few vids ago I ask you to review the charioteer and I wanted to ask if you can give some tips for the Conway since I just got it

    • I have no interest in grinding up the Brit TD lines while HESH exists in its current state. It’s a broken mechanic, because it’s a high-cost round that has meaningful penetration AND if it doesn’t penetrate it deals damage like HE.

      So I guess my advice to you is spam HESH if you want to maximize your performance LOL.

  3. My fcm 50t has like 476m view range without food

    • Yea the 400m base view range for a tier 8 heavy is a total outlier. The FCM is good at spotting things. The issue is that it has no camo and it’s a big whale, so it’s easy to be counter-spotted.

    • @Taugrim yeah it’s a “fake” medium. It has the mobility and mostly the gun performance and the view range but it lacks the camo. The crew in mine is currently the m4 51 with controlled impact, it’s a great rammer. Previously it had the 50 100 crew, but now that’s in somua for FL

  4. great as always <3

  5. Just hit 1000 wn8 on my wot account! I know its not much but i credit that milestone in large part to learning from your videos: trying to be patient, read the map flow, positioning, etc. You are an inspiration to all of us trying to get better at the game with silver ammo only

  6. I actively hate the gun on this tank, all because of that 2.5 intraclip. So many time I find myself a half second late on being able to take a 2nd shot that would be a kill shot. 2.5s is awful for a 240 alpha medium. Atleast the Standard B will have 360 alpha, even if its intraclip is 3 seconds.

    • The gun is awful. 2.5 seconds intrclip is bad. Its actively bad for a 240 alpha medium tank. Every other part of the gun is spoiled because of the intraclip. Period. In every meaingul way the gun on the Progetto 46 is better and for a medium its gun is everything.


    • Avalon304 is a good player. We’ve platooned hundreds of battles together.

      He’s right about the Progetto 46’s gun being better, but for whatever reason I’ve done much better in the P.44, which I wasn’t expecting.

    • @Taugrim Really well how is he so stupid?.

    • @caRn Here are the facts: The gun on the Pantera is actively bad. Its actively bad compared to every other 240 alpha autoloading or autoreloading fun at tier 8, because its intraclip is half a second longer than any of the other tier 8 mediums with autoloading guns. Its also not even close to the best tier 8 non-premium medium tank. There are far better ones out there. The Pantera is large, and not all that well armored and its speed isnt all that much to write home about, expecially not compared to the Progetto 46.

  7. The tier IV Italian has rather interesting derp gun. The tier vi has a lovely high alpha for the tier. The tier v was rather forgettable for me. Tier vii I’ve not tried yet

    • tier 6 is amazing, i had 9 kill in it

    • The tier 7 is basically the tier 6 with a slightly better gun, but overall worse tier for tier than than the tier 6. I enjoyed it more than the tier 6, but none of the low/mid tier tanks compare to the comfort and versatility of the tier 8. I love my pantera, and I’m excited to play the standard b

  8. I liked the 4, but moved my crew on. I hated the 5 and 6, but strangely enough like the 7 and kept it. I put a Christmas female crew in the 8 and use it for Stronghold battles. I’m currently working on the 9, and am close to researching the 10.

  9. Hey Taugrim, I think doing the low tier Italians would be great. After you do them, can you remake the Emil I video you did a while back to reflect on the buff, and possibly the Emil II and Kranvagn?

    • I have the Emil 1951, so I could review that. Most likely I will review the Emil II before going back to a tier 8, since the 1951 and tech tree Emil I are the same or similar.

  10. Good advice as always.
    Are you gonna participate in the next Clan Wars?

  11. Hey taugrim, have you ever lost a game because you were against something heavily armored and couldn’t fire gold?

  12. I initially thought you did not fire on the strv s1 because the p44 pantera doesn’t have >90 mm gun so you wouldn’t over match but guess it worked out anyways 🙂

    • Well there is that, too. I could aim in on the cupola weak spot, but that’s not a guaranteed shot.

      Like I said in the video I knew he knew I knew where he was. So he probably felt pressured to move or get shot at. He didn’t know I was near where WafflyTripod was.

      Don’t forget I had hit him twice in the video early because he was spotted, so he may have been thinking about that.

      If he hadn’t moved, that would be a real pickle given that I was 1-shottable. In that case I might have backed up so the bushes were solid and tried a shot or two.

  13. i have the Progetto and i just picked up the Panterra 3 weeks ago – both are nice tanks – thanks for another great Vid !!!

  14. Ambassador Somewhere

    I’ve only played the trench so far. Know it well. Great for scouts and low tier meds. When the timing is right, drop in and pop out in the middle. Lots of low ground to spot and shoot from.

  15. Thanks for this! I’m highly considering going down the Italian line. The Auto Reloaders seem like they’re going to be amazing compared to the t69 or t54e1 (I sold both because I hated them) What equipment would you recommend for this tank?

    • The autoreloaders can use Rammer, and so that’s a must.

      Optics always on mediums.

      Last but not least, VStab for the huge decrease to dispersion.

      Optics/VStab/Rammer is the typical medium trifecta.

    • Taugrim Awesome! I’ll remember those once I get to down to the tier 8 and 9. I’m only at tier 4 for the Italian line.

  16. my 44 stats are way better than my progetto also, (same crew also) you’d think I ran a 50% crew in my “premium”.

  17. 20:46  What is that noise?  At first I thought that you stepped on your dog’s tail, lol, but it is something else.  Good video and I enjoy your explanations of how to fight a map, tactics and commonly made mistakes (like mounting a ridge when lit).   I have been a watcher for maybe three years and continue to learn from your videos.

  18. Ambassador Somewhere

    Running along a ridge, we call that sky lining. iF you have do it, in RL, it’s manageable if you have cover behind your turret so you are not as obvious. Won’t work in WoT. Works in Warthunder RL/Sim mode. BTW, I invited you last March to check out a milsim. Didn’t hear from you tho.

  19. Spectacular_Insanity

    Awesome!~ Thanks for a great review!

  20. I’m not sure whats more impressive, ur tactics or the fact u don’t use gold ammo… well done! I’m at the Italian tier 7 currently, looking forward to getting to the pantera 😀

  21. I”m currently grinding this line and have enjoyed playing the T6-8 tanks so far.

    • Muhammad Ahdal'ula Rayhanfasya

      Continue till the end where the gem is located (Spaghetto 65, oven turret). I’ve finished the line and enjoyed it. Fastest line I’ve ever finished (maybe a little bit more than a week)

  22. Dont even pay this game. Started following you around Guild Wars 2. You make some great videos man, you need a bigger following! Keep up the good work!

  23. Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

    The fcm has the eye of sauron if I remember its vision range correctly.

    • 400m, which was very good at its time, but now it’s just above average, when tanks that are better in every way (Patriot, caernarvon) have the same view range

  24. I’ve been waiting for this for soooo long, gg m8.
    Can you go through the stock grind of the standard B in it’s video, it’s a nightmare for me.

    • it’s always recommendable to pile up free experience in elite tanks, which you in turnuse to get your stock tanks upgraded

  25. The way an autoreloader works…
    Except you play IS3A.

  26. Great games. I enjoyed watching this video – I’m learning heaps.

  27. Two great games, thank you. I remember you playing on Live Oaks a while ago and you suggested knocking down the row of tree on the 9 line at the start of the battle. I use this tactic often because the double bush cover is ready when you need it.

  28. Very nice as usual. Cheers! (IGN: Lincex)

  29. Good stuff, man! I was disappointed with the P.44 in that it always seems too difficult to hold your shots to maintain ideal DPM. Seems like I would dump them all just about every time. If that is the case, I would rather just have an auto loader and deal with it that way. Though I never could find the dpm difference exactly. Do you know?

  30. I love how you call it “gardening” when you knock down trees 😀
    Thanks a lot for showcasing Kharkov. I got this map 3 times since the update and still very much figuring out what is it all about 🙂 now I know better.

  31. Brjánn Jónasson

    Lovely, another episode of gardening with Taugrim 🙂

  32. Perfect vidéo, I just buying this tank + turret+last gun (no engine for this time) with my 3 skill crew.
    No game played but i’ve progetto, i want “op” T9 🙂

  33. Another thing about the amor of the Pantera vs the Progetto is that, in my experience, people sometimes shoots HE at Progettoes, especially those pesky wheeled frenchies and the Pantera has enough armor not to be always penned. I loved the Pantera but the Stardard B is absolutely fantastic, you gonna have a blast!

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