P.44 PANTHERA – Review – World of Tanks – Is it worth it?

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Daniel Gaurav Solomon

    @circon !please fcm50t

  2. Meme 44 Pastara

  3. Biggest thing that surprises me still about Italian tanks is their insane turn speed

  4. Wasn’t the clip size dropped to 2?

  5. 15:03 you’re*

  6. Didn’t think I’d like the Italian tree, but damn it’s fun.

  7. I already got it. I find it inferior to the progetto in almost every way, unload speed, gun depression, view range, it was a painful grind, but its worth it for tier 9 and 10.

    • It’s bigger too

    • It might be worse than the Progetto but its still not a painful grind. I’d consider it one of the best tier 8 tanks to grind when you unlocked the turret and the gun.

    • One thing that people don’t do too much in Pantera is ramming. With that great HP/t, decent weight, and tight turning it could ram lighter mediums and lights to boost its burst potential

  8. Is it just me, or since consumables started being reusable, you get a lot more crits than you did before…

  9. 9:21 freakin spooked

  10. ya fice idea

  11. Stop posting this review crap and continue with the stream videos you used to post. Those were so hilarious and fun to watch. Basically, the reason I even subscribed!

  12. You should make a video called “World of Tanks is killing my blood pressure – Is it worth it?

    • Алексей Сафронов

      MMOs are not wotht it period, play single player games, my dude. If you REALLY want to play some shitty MMO you might as well play WoT.

  13. <3 the reviews bro, keep em coming! :)

  14. Yup, like that idea. I’m waiting til I have a full girly crew before I start the line at tier 6, so it would be nice to have a heads up.

  15. I wanted to click right away when you said that you would mainly use APCR. But I stayed for your explanation of game mechanics and your tactics. great vid !!

  16. @circonflexes maybe they can do the tier 7 with a 2 shot autoreloading? Like the tier 8 without top turret. That would be nice.

  17. A Ex-Blacksmith UK

    Just a thorough Ciron, when doing the tech tree video which talked about, how about doing a short bit of video on the best ways of how to play that type of tank, I know it would make it a longish video, but would be good and helpful for us who are not Minder Deity like your self. Cheers! 🙂

  18. yes, a review of the tanktree would be cool

  19. Food for a females only crew should be cheaper. They don’t that much of their own food, instead they pick some from their comrades…

  20. Is it wrong I thumbs up Circon even before I have seen video ? 🙂

  21. Yes, a review of the Italian line would be a very worthwhile video.

  22. 9:20 What is going on over there? I have rewatched it 3 times now, and I can’t see what Circon is talking about. What is it about that SU-100M1? What did it do?

    • The SU turned towards Circon instantly – normally this would take a couple of seconds. This is most likely due to server lags, which I noticed have been increasing lately since the Halloween event.

  23. As soon as the On Track Started for the Italian line here on NA server I started losing and losing and losing. This seems to happen every time with whatever On Track tank I’m playing. I quit I give up I will never do this shit again. I was doing just fine in my Pantera then the on track started last week and I haven’t won a single game in days now I’m down to. 39% win rate in a tank I was well over 55. This is creepy as fuck bullshit. Every single time man. Totally ruined my win rate in the Czech line too when that was running. Is anyone else having this problem or am I just super unlucky ?

  24. This isnt a fcm, angery react >:(

  25. Sounds go To make A tech tree review so thumbs up ?? from me circon

  26. Shoot first, have nothing left to question later. Sounds like a perfect strategy. Like “take no prisoners, you’ll have to pay all their expenses like food, drinks and toilet paper…”

    And yes, tech tree overview video’s of around ten minutes would be pretty helpful. Would be great if you also have some gameplay footage in the background – not solely static numbers.

  27. What was your initial route through the techtree?

  28. where you located to get such a low ping in the game

  29. Great video Circon

  30. Pantera is spelled without the h!

  31. You have no patience with that reload lol. None.

  32. Great review, as always. Fun to watch a review that is such a close fought, good team game. o7 Circon!

  33. The overview is a great idea. Nice job on this one.

  34. Italian tanks worth it than?

  35. Do they get Circon approval stamp?

  36. I like the idea Circon 🙂

  37. Soo untrue. Everything else better on Pantera, than on premium? What is it then? Nothing is better. It has more engine power, yet mobility isn’t better because of horrible terrain resist… Premium has better aim time and better depression, too. Nothing more is better here. Well, tank traverse slightly better and ammo capacity bigger, to be fair, but that’s about it.

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