PAINFUL Record Losing Streaks and Unbalanced Battles in World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

The Worst Losing Streak in World of Tanks. Fast and Unbalanced Matchmaking in World of Tanks. World of Tanks Skorpion Gameplay, Tier 8 Premium Tank Destroyer.

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Okay, so in my previous episode I talked about my most painful marking sessions/experiences with KanonenJagdPanzer. I told that it is the in this game and most surprisingly… it is a premium tank… WG heard that and punished me with my new record losing streak. 🙂
Okayokay, it’s a joke, they didn’t punish me, but I did get my worst losing streak on record and it opened up a discussion about more and more -sided, unbalanced in World of Tanks. Let’s talk about that!

What do you think?

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– British Manticore, 0 Light Tank
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  1. Losing streaks happen and it opened up a discussion about the craziest losing streaks. What is your record and what do you think… Why do we have or notice more one-sided fast battles than before?

    • @Spy Sir OP tanks: Obj 279e, Cheftard, Ebr 105 (and yes,they on platoon) – first two are not problem if u know where 2 shoot … if u have med with high velocity shell in your team EBR is not so much a big deal

    • I stop counting after 35 losses ,that Epic result was 3 year ago …I destroyed my rating ,win rating and everything,now after 3 losses I just simply click ALT+F4

    • About 18 months ago I really felt I was improving and could feel I was just about to take that next step which would have lead me from 51% to 52% and beyond. But since then I have been on a massive down spiral and it happened quite suddenly. I eventually figured out the game play style had changed so much that a lot of what I had learned and was getting good at no longer applied nearly as much as it did.

      Tactical play is the biggest thing that’s missing for me. I just rarely get a match where there’s one of those good tactical match endings. The ones you know the other two players left on your team are on the same wavelength..

      These days in those situations I find I definitely need to lead because I’m so often the best player on the team but quite often the two other players don’t understand what to do because they are less skilled. Ultimately though my WR is going down because I can’t carry enough matches and the truth is for me to do that requires a helluva lot of concentration as well as being stressful and I just don’t feel the game is worth that kind of dedication for so little in return.

    • Levitchi Marian

      16 loss and 3 win whit 3.5k wn8; 5 losses in a row whit 6.4k wn8. today i cant play this game if i lose first battles after i log in.

    • I think Jingles once had a three month long losing streak

  2. 12? What an amateur :). A few years ago i had a 35 games loss streak that broke me.

  3. Carlos Rodriguez

    Why? Because teams are not balanced?

  4. RedArmoredBear M_E_K

    remove wn8 or at least make a parameter that how often you protect your teammates how often you play for the team and not for your personal rate. well that game is a team strategy game. but cuz of silly missions wn8 and maybe other thinks it’s becoming more solo gameplay that team gameplay. except the clan battles… if wg remove those stats probably the game experience is going to become much better. instant of they put stats for his you behave in any situation (your calls your infos you gave, your position you going to take out hold, the cover that you provide to your teammates etc) maybe we’ll become much better… the last 2weeks I haven’t play more that 20 battles cuz it becoming too bad. people are becoming so toxic most of them complain too much… some are new player some are noob players hope just want to have fun. wg have to put some campaigns to play solo or with friends/clan VS AI could be a good Idea like road to Berlin… WG must focus more why people are unhappy with the game. personally I had seen a moderator ban a guy for no reason. I contact wg player support and still the same bots that they use. they do not offer any help with real people as assistance! or if they do is limited to minimum! that’s rude… well that’s all for me. if I do not see any changes (I mean cool changes) I’ll stop that game for ever. I’ll donate my acc to someone that want to have some prem tanks and around 2 years prem account.

  5. The Venom Rider

    Dez always a pleasure to watch your videos. i noticed something that might be a nice subject for another video.
    I know its a bit offtopic, but i want to take this hiding sneaky and dirty rabbit out of the hole.
    Wargaming is messing again with the players forcing them to spend more and play more , and i dont see any one giving this subject its due attention. normaly top of the tree as a 50% off discount to tier five and under, and a 30%off discount for tiers 6 to 10. now they bangs this pathetic 3 lines top of the tree, well make it 4 sinde the Bat chat still up till 20/05, and the discount are 30% tier 7 and lower, and 15% off to tier 8 to 10. pls as comunity contributor, make a video about that, let the comunity share theyr toughts in the comments, and make sure wargaming see it. seriously they are sinking the player base again and again and again. i understand they have to monetize and win money. but this is getting insane

  6. TehButterflyEffect

    I lost 21 battles in a row in one streak. I was being stubborn and refused to quit until I had a win. The game broke me. I quit and didn’t come back for a few days. When I came back, my friend and I platooned and had a 12-win streak. We quit after the 12th win because we figured we were pushing it.

    As far as one-sided goes…. I recently had a battle where it was 0-15, tier 8-10, and nobody on our team survived long enough to get 1000 damage.

  7. TehButterflyEffect

    I agree with the autoloaders, not so much with the autoreloaders. They tend to have really long reload times and since being nerfed, are not nearly as good as the autoloading tanks. The high-alpha guns and the decreasing relevance of armor because of the pen creep are also big factors. Gold ammo plays a factor, but not any more than it used to. I’ve played since the beginning and I can’t remember a time when you couldn’t buy gold ammo for credits. You always could. It was just far cheaper to use gold for the ammo.

    The maps… most of the maps are better than they used to be. There are a few maps that were really good back in the day that are missing or have been reworked to make them worse (Empire’s Border, anyone?). There aren’t really any GREAT maps that are large and don’t just boil down to “I’m in this tank, it’s this map, I need to go to this point on the map.” Frontlines was the exception. They need to bring it back.

    • TehButterflyEffect

      Also, speaking of high-alpha guns. What the HECK is this stupid VK 72.01 that does 900 damage in a HEAVY TANK?!?! Absolutely STUPID.

  8. It makes good sense…
    I also find that personally, once RNG decides your gonna have a crap game and bounce a lot, then that is that…
    Many times I’ve played and ended my evening with a 70-80% win rate, but not often…
    I’m lucky to stay at or slightly above 50%…
    And more often than not I end up with a 40% rate…

    It is not all RNG I can blame ofc, somedays I just seem to really suck shooting or positioning myself…
    But I do blame RNG for 7 hits on a tank but only 1 pen… Even with gold rnds…

  9. I played arty in a row, and I found some strange correlations…

    In a “good game” from individual perspective, shells fly directly at the target, sometimes “stray” to hit.
    In a “bad game”, shells stray to the farthest point in the dot circle away from the aimed target. This becomes obvious when the target is no longer spotted and the shell hits straight on.
    Also, splashing seems to be reduced.

    There seems to be a slight bonus when you have handed over money (premium days, gold, tanks), but this is neglectable.

    Missions: if you have missions, WoT seems to be diminuishing the opportunities to reach the goals. Like if they want to keep you playing a certain number of games (I guess about ten or 15).

    Server change or loging off for an hour seems to help.

    Also, this seems to come in waves – one day, you get the fast games with win, another one is a close, long game with win, then a long, close game with loss, and then fast losses.

    I chose arty bc your personal input in the game is smaller than in other tanks. After all, the role is narrowly defined, and most of the time, arty cannot make a losing team into a winning team (bc of reload and stray).

  10. EBR105 and arty killed this game

  11. Coreigh Utegaard

    12 losses that is NOTHING. It is COMMON, it happens ALL THE TIME. WG WANTS THIS TO HAPPEN, they think it will make players spend more $$ on premiums. Same for fast battles, the faster the battle is over, the more battles are played per hour, the more battles played the more $$ WG MAKES ON PREMIUMS.


  12. I stop playing this game and replace of moderm warfare. I realize that this games (WOT) is a paytowin. I thought it was bad matchmaking but it’s not. If you pay in your account you have high win rate percentage but if your account is normal you get high blood pressure 😂😂 of losing streak.

  13. those fast battles starte after update 1.6 andafter this x-mas yaeh the game is unplayble for me i look at my wn8 i have normaly 50% win rate the last 30 days is 46,45 and the last week is 43,7 so for me this game is broken,i have 17 battle lost in a roll

  14. Getting teamed with morons is the biggest reason battles are so one-sided and end so quickly. I can’t count the number of times the “team” has completely ignored one side of the map, then fail to push the side they went down. Or, if the other team ignores one side, my team will fail to capitalize.

  15. allso i max do damage whit 30% of my shots, the last week its 10-20% thats how you lose

  16. my favorite day: 20 games – 20 losses – 1865,68 wn8 in average over those 20 games

  17. Welcome to the club Dez 👏

  18. bla bla bla.. we can discuss forever. The problems are WELL KNOWN still WG refuses to take action. What is their focus at the moment??? To buff some old and useless premium tanks to increase sales. It’s our fault guys we should simply stop PAYING.

  19. Gints Rodionovs

    Every tank each day is set by RNG to a winning team or loosing. That’s it! If you’re on a team that is SET to loose become like Star wars storm troopers, you can’t hit targets as big as Mause or penn “paper” armor. Only chance is to change server if you don’t want to play different tank.

  20. Lodon is not my first language. xd

  21. We have more and more new players progressing faster through the game…..battle pass gives a lot of boosts, you get a tier VI tank for completing the tutorial, crew books, blueprints and all the boosters we get from events. It’s nice to have but because of this, players with less experience are more common these days in higher tiers.

  22. Nice video.
    The MM is super unbalanced.
    We ned more balanced rounds not 3-15 or 15-3.
    We ned a normal setup for day after day. For example 2 days i play a tank from garage and work perfect , but then day 3 , 4 and 5 it is not hiting nothing even from 50 meters , the sheel go in the ground or do a critical hit without damage.
    Inconsistency of this game is super frustrating.
    The problems are:
    -AND TEAMS WITH 3 DIFERENT TIER , Exemple: tier 8,9,10 and you a tier 8 get face in face with a tier 10 good luck my friend.
    WG change sheels , changes tanks , but our OLD PROBLEMS.
    Autoloaders are not a problem, they miss a lot or no pen…or they are alone.
    Aiming sistem is a garbage we need another setup for aiming. Why do thei not implement the aiming sistem from ARMORED WARFARE.
    That game has the best aiming sistem implemented from all tank games.
    The game is a big disapointing.
    I can not play for exemple 12 mounths non stop , i need a brake because is a garbege and super frustrating.
    You can balance the MM with the players personal scores + tanks too.
    I prefer to wait more for a round , but to be balanced.
    A lot of problems. And this game will hawe this problems 10 years from nou. WG is not given a fuck about us and our opinions.
    From 1 to 10 stars i give this game now 11.05.2021 3 stars (THREE)
    Hawe al a nice day an the best of luck.
    Dez Gamez nice video dude.
    Big like

  23. Problem in my opinion is…:
    – WG tanks and players MM
    – Lack of more servers out of RU…. so WG is saving money on the rest of servers (many less 1/15 and 15/1 battles in RU server)
    – That’s all folks!
    Result is :
    – WG is loosing clients, but they don’t care as for the time being they still winning more money like this.
    – Players base is getting bored on this game and WG is treating us like idiots.
    – One day WG will regret to push us so much, but we all hope they will react one day, even this will surely not happen…
    – I expect to have a terrible week playing 1/15 battles… A good listener, few words are enough!

  24. In my regard i think there shouldn’t be “gold” ammo. It’s stupid and many times really dizimates your game without a chance.
    It’s like you say, it should depend only on the caliber and armour, angling, etc.

  25. Until they fix the player stat match up and balance that, it will never be “fair”. Putting 4 or 5 players with really good win8 and the rest of the team is average on one side, against a team of average players with 4 or 5 below average win8 players on the other side, is just not going to work out for the lower average team most of the time. Seals are just gonna be clubbed. Also, good players play good tanks. No one trades a passed pawn at KR8 for a knight in chess unless it’s a winning move. They trade the pawn for a queen.

  26. Dez Dez Dez damm man Londons not your first language LMAO.Dez london is are capital city m8ie english is the language of the english 😛 hahahaaaa ,i heard you say it and i was like NOOOOOOOOO ……. dez dont hefing doit ,ok now ur informed 😛

  27. If you mention any of these topics on the reddit everyone just calls you bad and blame something else as long as they are “right”.

  28. My record losing streak is straight 24 defeats and I broke my mouse for that.

  29. JustAGamerNL2017

    xd jeah i had ones a 16 loose streak but after that i had won 16 so xD balance

  30. Shahriyar Sheykhi

    I have 14 battles lost back to back record 🙂
    I lost two +6000 damage battles with Mauschen at the time

  31. The lack of tactical thinking in the majority of the players, is what I consider NO.1 factor of 0:15 games, which include but not limit to: mini-map ignorers, players not playing the tanks right (for example sniping light tanks and 268 4).
    The second goes to shitty map design, many maps are having pointless flanks, winning these flanks usually results in total annihilation by TDs camping at base for example 9 line for cliff, 2 line for mountain pass south spawn. Heavy lines for both Mannerheim Line and Glacier. Airfield is a total cancer camping map that will always stay in my banned list.
    Third reason will go to Wargaming’s marketing, tier VIII totally balanced premium tanks has flooded the tier VIII MM for long and there are always more to come. Those 1:35 (even 1:40) xp converting sales helped more people getting their dreamed tier X tanks fast, but only experiencing how hard it is to play with seasoned top tier players, new players at this point would either start a new grind or ditch the game. As for Wargaming, they got their money.
    There are many other factors that fuel the flame, broken matchmaking has always been the elephant in the room, pairing EBR with Rheinmetall Panzerwagen, or 279 (e) with ANY other normal heavy tank is usually an instant lose for team 2. People refuse to use “gold” round and dont care that you can buy them with credits; People laughing you for being a “try hard”; or people who simply push you into your death.
    If you have low blood pressure issues, go play World of Tanks, it will certainly cure you.

  32. Chad_D_Thunderglock

    Its way, way worse on the NA server with the tiny population. I either see 80%+ WR or 10-20% WR, nothing much in between. I’ve gone 41 battles without a win across 3 days. The streaks a getting really ugly, but I think most of it is a push by WG to have faster battles.

  33. Andreas Apostolidis

    RNG in the first minutes,seems to decide what the final score is gonna look like.If your first three shot,or your first clip,goes to the tracks,and if this happens to another three tanks of your team,then the enemy team maybe have an advantage of 5000HP already,and if they are clever,they are not allow you to have a comeback

  34. 2 wins of 17 games. Welcome to my world XD
    I do that every day and twice on sundays

  35. Welcome to Club and 15:1 Simulator, dear Dez. 5 or 15 losing in ROW is standard algorithm.
    Match Making is RIGGED and RNG is THE WG TOOL for making the winners! NOTHING depend of player in 90% of battles.
    You asked “Why it happens?” Answer is so simple: One day you has very bad MM, next day was perfect , with so many
    victories and all in all YOUR Win8 is around your standard Win8, or very near! Also, some new and not so experienced
    players have chance to WIN sometime very easy, there are not disappointed and not leave WoT.
    After Patch 9.18 everything went wrong with game and philosophy of owners and developers!

  36. You know what is more rare than the Raider medal? It is a tier 8 battle without premium tanks.

  37. Wheeled clown cars. The primary reason in higher tiers.

  38. result of me playing recently this retarded game are two broken mouses and one broken monitor – it is no longer fun this game is pure GARBAGE and you are probably right about all things you mentioned in video – funny thing about this is that solo winning streaks like this usualy does not happen. But If they do you are going to feel misserable either just because your team will roll over enemy before you can even fart…

  39. #1 Wheeled vehicles. Not arty as they have always been a thing, which could be mitigated by map design.

  40. Guys I think I've seen a snip

    If bots/afk have 44% WR, then whats up with the 40k battles players rocking a solid 36% or so WR XD

  41. @DezGamez , at 2:48 you say that AFK bots has the same WR as the average of players in Kannonenjagdpanzer? 😮

  42. 13 in a row last year. 32% WR previous 2 weeks. Only starting to pick up this week again. It was painful to say the least. Fast losses is just down to very poor MM. When almost everybody on one team have a lower than 48% WR and everybody on the other team have more than 48% WR, the outcome is a foregone conclusion. And I have seen enemy teams where 3 people on that team had less then 42% WR, in a tier 8 battle.

  43. Im not a good player, Im 54% WR, but I have 3 mark tanks with 60% WR, 40k games tier 7 and under
    I can have the same tanks on different nicks, one wins a lot, the other loses mostly. So that isnt me, its the algorithm for MM
    I say this because, I get lumped into teams where the odds of winning are poor. Dumb ass highest tier or HTs, bad deployment etc
    Yes its not a rule, you might win, but more often than not they will make you lose, if not this game, the next and the next.
    * My rule is, if a tank loses twice and it feels like it wasnt the team, swap tanks as many as 5 times, then drop a tier
    you know, bounce bounce, critical hit critical hit. Ever bounce off a T67?
    the camo you paid for is worthless, everyone everywhere can see you and you cant see them, even though theyre right next to you
    everything you used to have going for you is useless
    you know when you are being Fd over, use that as a guide
    often the team that gets the first kill, wins
    but once you lose you begin to get less effective team players, until eventually the death spiral
    * and it seems like MM decides, lose = more lose, win = more win. Why would they do that?
    they end up with short games where, I think they cycle too fast which puts a strain on the player base
    IOW you have short games is not a good use of the limited number of players. You wont see that often in EU or NA, but on ASIA and AU its a feature
    Also with new tanks, I find that the ones that suck most at the start, can be sensational tanks after theyre developed
    anyhow thats my say

  44. how they havent implemented a match maker that matches similar skilled players together is beyond me. (better than what they have anyway) would remove so much toxicity and improve gameplay. and actually allow new players to get better. below 3k wtr/ 3k+ wtr etc

  45. I stopped to care about winning or losing and I just play arty to make the life of the tankers worse.

  46. @dezgamez – WG company revenue spreadsheet clearly show that 4 minutes battle makes most profit for WG. CC hype about an upcoming tank, creates a stronger sale. WG has succeeded in making players believe that they will be better in a new premium tank – the urge is strong, just look at the reward tank on the loooong grind events. People play like crazy to get as far into the event as possible to get a small discount. BUT LISTEN! all of you out there! YOUR GAMING experience will NOT be better in another fancy tank. The 4 minute battles are here to stay, as with stupid arty, wheeled vehicles, yolo players and crap matchmaking. Oh did i forget to mention the faqing naabs, WG i stuffing the teams with?! This game is a mario game – tactics can not be employed at all! PLAY ANOTHER GAME!

  47. I used to focus on Win of Lose… but now I mostly check if I still make credits after repairs and stuff, the other thing I try is make a difference / Contribute to the best game we can play… make the game so much better than staying foced on Win of Lose… and most important.. Try to have fun playing even if you losing.

  48. Wheeled tanks are hurting the game for sure…

  49. My personal record is 18 lost games in a row. That day I had 25 lost games out of 30 played. I had several months like that. 12 loses in a row was like every 3, 4 days. I dropped from 56% WR below 52%. For the last couple of months I recovered a bit like 0.5% up. Match maker does not put you randomly in a battle. I have a tone of screenshots from those series of loses. I always had as much damage as my all team combined. No one in WG will convince me it was random. It looked like MM was doing that on purpose and I don’t why?

  50. First off, Dez keep doing videos like this! Maybe WG will get the hint if you keep making video point this out. Additionally, I agree with you that wheeled vehicles have broken the meta and thus the game. It’s a damn scout car, it should have no armor ever, but it bounces FV4005 HEAT rounds; not only that it travels faster than anything on the modern battlefield and self rights itself,

    Team stacking! WG keeps putting average or better than average players all or most on one side and not the other. A team of tomatoes versus experienced players is often not going to end with the experienced team winning decisively! I use XVM because it is the only way to tell when WG team stacks, which happens quite often.

    Then, the new player refuses to play low tiers and learns how to play and where to go on maps. I have seen many players with less than 1k battles in tier VIII premium tanks doing noob dumb things in battles. Then compound that with +2 matchmaking with the noob player in the top tier heavy, and you know that the battle is a loss before it even gets started. The new players refuse to play tiers I-IV and learn the game.

    Keep it up Dez, sorry for the long post.

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