PAK-40 PUMA – Panzerspähwagen Sd.Kfz.234/4 (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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PAK-40 PUMA – Panzerspähwagen Sd.Kfz.234/4 (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)


  1. do the russian AAA

  2. I love your content, but I have one request. Whenever you die in a match, could you show what happens in the rest of the match if your still in it? (like in you died and spawned in a plane). You used to show that much more, but now a days you don’t.
    Edit: Like for instance, in the beginning of this video you mentioned possibly using Mr. Quackers, but alas he did not make an appearance.

  3. This does not seem very realstic

  4. “dont worry we got quack quack on the way” simply the best way to put it

  5. Phly, please tell me ur ways.

  6. your vid made me go re watch interstellar

  7. more previews please

  8. Oh, Phly. In this last segment of the video, there’s this guy named Omero, who died with you.
    He’s famous (at least among Russian War Thunder community) Russian YouTuber, who makes vids about War Thunder.

  9. (The fast and deadly combo) F8F-1B bearcat and the M41A1 walker. Show those germans a taste of good ole american speed!!

  10. Omg how are you so good at this game

  11. The name is Hitler, Adolf Hitler

    Take out the Mighty Maus and the Ar 234 C-3

    Bigger, Faster, Stronger
    Attempt #2

    Make the Führer happy

  12. The actual nickname for this TD would be PAKWagen

  13. Can you preview the P-43 next?

  14. 0:13
    Cuando te das cuenta que programaron hasta que los miembros de la tripulación interactuasen de esta manera con el tanque, sabes que es un Juego bien chingon!

  15. Phly I was in your game, you were playing Japanese and I was in a p51 I came up behind you and shot at you but you turned around and we rammed each other XD

  16. Phly , did you actually buy all the premium stuff you have ?

  17. I wanted to get the type 60 AA, but I can’t get the mastered because my computer was broke the first 4 days of the summer event. Rip me.

  18. PLS PLs Pls. BT-5
    BT-5 at higher ranks.( facing hellcats Panthers shermans variants and SPAAs)
    just put it in a realistic battle with the T-34-85(D-5T) and IS-1. try to be Seeki Breeki and da stronk komrad

  19. when you well review again the T34-85 (D-5T). it being so long without that 1 shot vodka beast

  20. War thunder autism

    I have autism if yall want some autism

  21. hey phlyntake out the japs Go-Ko and the ki200
    attempt 005

  22. I remember this from Company of Heroes

  23. love the new intro

  24. Phly awesome video can you plz take out the m4a3 ( 76 ) hvss sherman the Fury and the a 26 B invader

  25. the skorpion of warthunder

  26. Legend says that PhlyDaily once destroyed an enemy vehicle just by looking at it

  27. Well ain’t that just op

  28. Lovely vehicle, but it seems that the time invested to unlock it doesn’t add up to the reward.

  29. Stug Life

  30. i love sd.kfz234/4

  31. what about a walrus? Unicorn? Chuppathingy?

  32. Привет Phly , Омеро в этот момент проводил стрим , и мы все тебя видели и радовались такому совпадению !

  33. Ietsmeergamen Img

    I wana see more war thunder pleas?

  34. nice tank?

  35. Is it just me or does animal mother from full metal jacket kinda look like Phly?

  36. the music Mountains by Hans Zimmer is simple a masterpiece

  37. Ki-94 II preview!!!! Please. So cool. Nobody on YouTube has gameplay of it yet!

  38. Love the preview Phly!!!

  39. Christian Rothenbuchner

    do more preview from the vehicles in summer event

  40. Carlo Emmanuel Bejasa

    Can you tell war thunder to make it free so that I can play it

  41. where can buy this tank

  42. PHLY take out the M6A1 the mini maus with the m18 GMC and the p47 with the 10 hvar rockets

  43. Phly take out the cheeki breki combo the smk and the il-2 1942 with 8 rbs132s and 4 8ab100s #attempt8

  44. Is the Tu-4 better than the B-17 (Flying Fortress) ?

  45. Bernardo T. Schettini

    How u get the summer vehicles?

  46. Alright then, now that it’s here we all know what happens next: FLANK AND SPANK in an 8.3 battle!

  47. legend say that phly can destroy his enemies even with wierd combos……. speaking of wierd combos…… BT5 AND LA-15

  48. Hopefully i can fumble my way to this

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