Panhard EBR 75 (FL 10) Review/Guide, First Impressions of Wheeled Vehicles

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Source: Taugrim

I review the Panhard EBR 75 (FL 10), a tier 8 premium French light tank in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays tier 8 Fisherman’s Bay and tier 10 Erlenberg battles.

I have access to this vehicle as a Community Contributor and have been testing it out, but it is not yet available to the player base.

vehicles offer a totally different driving experience from tracked vehicles. You trade off the ability to pivot in place with much higher speed and acceleration. Wheeled vehicles have two modes for driving: one offers speed, the other turning.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Superb top speed (80)
+ Superb acceleration
+ Superb camo (~42 with Camo, BIA, Vents, and Food)
+ Superb gun handling (1.2s base aim time, low dispersion from movement)
+ Superb turret traverse
+ Excellent shell velocity (1300 for APCR ammo)
+ Excellent gun depression (-8)
+ Can drive in reverse as fast as forward
+ Ability to boost speed from a stand-still start
– Abysmal view range (310 base)
– Unable to pivot (turn) in place / requires multi-point turns to get around obstacles
– Tall profile
– Squishy
– Low HP pool (950)
– Wheels are large and easy to target, resulting in meaningful loss of speed
– Can not mount Binocs

Recommended Equipment
1. Optics
2. Vents
3. VStab

For the vast majority of light tanks from tiers 6-10, you should not mount Binocs given that Optics are a must and for the other 2 slots there are better choices (e.g. VStab + Vents for autoloaders, VStab + Rammer for non-autoloaders), but with this tank the base view range is so bad and the dispersion values are so good that I would use Binocs instead of VStab if that were an option.

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

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  1. Are you feeling ok taugrim? Your voice sounds a bit rough

  2. your vids are great!

  3. Ride of the Valkyries. <3

  4. Another great vid — love the opening music! 🙂

  5. Yeah, I forgot about AW with their wheeled vehicles. They really need practice to drive, but the machine guns they carry are awesome.

  6. what are your thoughts on small vs large repair kits for this thing?

    • also, the wobbling damaged wheels are hilarious.

    • The small repair kit seems to fix all the wheels. I guess the passive on the large repair kit would be more useful on this tank than other tanks, but it you’ll lose some income efficiency.

      Yes, the animation on damaged wheels is awesome 🙂

  7. I’m tempted to get bond vents, bond optics, bond tool kit to repair those wheels faster.
    Food I think is a must and so is large repair and large med. I’d replace food if it lights up easy. I can rely on optics directive especially with the 2019 bonds economy

  8. Love your videos and playstile! Maybe new scouting series??

  9. I really hope WG thinks this through before implementing these as is. I am worried about the impact of it on gameplay. As you say, I think bad players will not be good in it (bad players gonna bad), but their yolos will still be a problem. But, good players will do very well in it.

  10. cant wait to nyoom at 105 kph at tier 10 lol

  11. Your lack of HE use was disturbing… 😉 I saw other people use the HE a lot, it has around 75 pen I think…? would have really helped at the end of the last game where you knew your where only facing arty, a scout and a skoda. The reload is even fast enough that you can switch shells without losing much time. Ok, commenting afterwards is always easier than thinking of it on the spot.

  12. Do you think wheeled tanks will replace light tanks?

    • +Rohan R The new armored car WG has just introduced has the AUTO AIM+ MOD that WG ruled to be illegal 5 years ago and suspended some players accounts back then for using it. It was ‘cheating’ back then to use it but I guess if you give WG money it’s Ok.

    • Auto aim works for all classes of tanks, AFAIK.

      The visual indicator may be new but functionally I’ve been auto-aiming for years. And I’ve never used a single mod.

    • +William Stall you are refering to autoaim extended which is now a legit mod. The mod was changed so you can’t auto-aim ppl without a clear line anymore. Also the new autoaim function doesn’t work as the old autoaim extended mod it’s more a proximity autoaim.

    • +Taugrim Yes, but NOW with the EBR 75 you only have to point your gun in the general direction of the tank you want to lock on, to. EVEN if the tank is behind a house or under a ridgeline. THAT was a MOD WG banned 5 years ago. AUTO AIM+ will bust tanks that can’t use it. You’re behind a building? No problem with AUTO AIM+ as the EBR &% is already locked on as it comes screaming past at 80 KPH

    • +SlenderMoose HOW is it different? You lock on to targets you can’t paint with your gun… You’re locked on already as you crest a hill…. tanks without AUTO AIM+ are dead meat in the late stages of games now. PAY2WIN is now PAY2CHEAT with a MOD WG outlawed 5 years ago.

  13. i will enjoy watching replays of this kind of vehicles 🙂 dont belive i will start grinding them any time soon 😉

  14. Taugrim is the Bob Ross of WoT.

  15. I was waiting for your video and opinion on this, thank you Bob Ross of WoT!
    I don’t know why but “over-yolo” made me laugh 🙂

    • Do you mean the painter guy? LOL.

    • +Taugrim Yes your voice is calm and smooth, it gives me the same feel. I listen to him just to relax because i can’t draw a straigh line* but you are instructive too.

      *I was playing Pictionary once and tried to draw a “wedding dress”. My mates only saw “fried chicken”.

  16. Is this a light tank or a new class? ie, can I swap my 13 90 crew in it?

  17. Waited so long for this video 🙂

  18. So I got a code for a seven day rental with this tank. I will freely admit I am not in the same league as Taugrim, but I’m not exactly a bad player. This tank is VOLATILE. You have really good games, or really bad games. It is incredibly punishing and difficult to play. It turns like a boat, is made of paper, and cannot see anything that has good camo. I was proxy spotting high camo TDs instead of actually seeing them. It is incredibly expensive to run because food is a must, and large consumables are recommended. However, I also fell in love with this tank. It can do things no other tank can, reach places on the map that would be impossible for a conventional light tank to reach, and it has a truly disgusting HE round. I can’t recommend this tank to most players because of its incredible skill cap, but it will be lethal in the hands of a good player. I just wish it could mount binoculars.

    -echo9835 NA server

    • > This tank is VOLATILE. You have really good games, or really bad games. It is incredibly punishing and difficult to play.

      That is a totally fair and accurate assessment.

      > I can’t recommend this tank to most players because of its incredible skill cap, but it will be lethal in the hands of a good player. I just wish it could mount binoculars.

      Yes, it definitely requires a higher degree of knowledge / skill to work consistently.

    • +Taugrim also 80km is so much fun. I cannot stop paying it.

  19. Why don’t WG make tier 11 and 12. I’m SERIOUS.

  20. This is just bullshit! WG ruled ASLAIN’s AUTO AIM+ was illegal 5 years ago but the ERB 75 can use it now.  Is it legal to use now for players or just the P2W players? It gives the EBR 75 a huge advantage over Lt tanks to be pre-aimed before cresting a hill at full speed. I guess LT tanks are pretty screwed now since we can’t use AUTO AIM+ without getting our accounts suspended.

    • Auto aim has been in the game for as long as I can remember. There is a visual now but functionally it behaves the same.

    • +Taugrim NO IT DOESN’T!!! You no longer have to ‘paint’ the target with your gun to lock on. Just point NEAR the target EVEN if the tank is below a ridgeline or behind a house and you lock on. You REALLY think it won’t make a huge diff to the game for WG to re-introduce a MOD it outlawed 5 years ago for being to OP? Oh, man you’re in for a surprise when a pack of three ERB 75s come screaming over a ridge already locked on and firing. I went through that with the old Type 59 wolfpacks and the T-50-2 rat packs 6-7 years ago. As ppl buy this PAY2CHEAT tank it will change the game.

  21. You are the smartest player i seen out there. You approach this game like a game of chess, or sort of, so if you don’t mind i copied your approach and must admit that my games are much much easier from that moment and on. Even some 65%players like Quaky baby are not explaining train of thought like you… Are you a professor? Love your work, good luck in the future!

  22. The view range is going to kill the excitement for me. I understand why as it has to have a drawback. Elc 90 is still my absolute favorite.

    • I think the view range is abnormally low – bumping the 310m view range by 20-30m would help a lot, but it looks like WG’s designers intentionally wanted to prevents players from reaching 445m with such a mobile tank.

  23. Nice tips, But who do am I trying to fool? I’m going to be yoloing in it and blaming on my team mates for my own life choices.

  24. You probably should’ve reloaded HE for the two artas there

  25. why exactly are you attacking frontally when the escape speed is arguably more important thus attack butt first and handbrake boost dragster nitrous oxide burning clutch accelerate away if your american capitalist mind can handle it, comrade

  26. Nice review Taugrim to your usual high standard. What’s your view on the climbing ability of this vehicle as the mountain goat brigade will be on this like a flash. What I have noticed in reviews is that under boost this wheeled vehicle can climb places that are currently impossible for anything else to follow. I’m not looking forward to being shit on from great heights and the tier 10 will travel at 105 kph with boost.

    • Well I’m probably not the right person to ask. I never engaged in any cheesy solo-climbing tactics. I want to win because I’m out-playing my opponents, not because I’m out-cheesing them. To me, some of the climbing tactics were exploits, and I’d rather learn legal tactics that are timeless and based on skill.

      But you do raise a good question as to whether the existing maps have been tested meaningfully with the boost capability of the wheeled vehicles. It will have to get looked at for sure, or at least identified and publicly shared with WG so that they can fix it.

  27. skill4ltu has it at 411m with bonds equipment, food, directives, 5-6 skill crew… the view range is that poor…

  28. It turns faster when u let go of the throttle in speed mode

  29. Did I miss what equipment you put on the this “racecar” ?

  30. Taugrim, played with you on Murovanka while you were playing in EBR 75 F10 yesterday =)

  31. What I’m afraid of are maps. Pilsen, Paris, Ensk, Abbey, Mountain Pass actually all the city maps… even Malinovka might be somewhat crazy with tier 3 view range. It feels like two thirds of maps are either towns or corridors and speed has little advantage at least in the early game, which is usually crucial part.

  32. Great video. I am interested to try this. It looks like fun. I have not played Armored Warfare in a while but I do remember the wheeled tanks being difficult to control properly.

  33. hey taugrim, was wondering if you could do a guide on the sherman jumbo

  34. This tank will be ebola in frontline.

  35. Kind of makes me want a modern car combat game similar to twisted metal.

    I suppose I’ll reinstall the Mad Max game for some car combat.

  36. I’m planning to get u the t92 American tier 8 premium light tank 🙂

  37. James The Archaic One

    I can see this thing being really awkward on Abby or Himmels without being able to traverse. The 950 HP means you are going to get two shot a LOT and Japanese heavies pretty much will delete you. I wish it had a three shot autoloader, tier 8 LTs ought to be able to kill an arty . . .

  38. A platoon of these will be….interesting….

  39. Most people seem to be playing this thing as a kind of “Yolo Invader” where they speed through enemy lines early on and take out arty then speed out again, then back again to take out camping TDs. I find it very hard to hit this thing and now don’t even bother taking shots as it just boosts and is gone.

  40. leave it to the french to have a armored fighting vehicle that can go 80 kmh in both forward and reverse

  41. ???? pro as usual

  42. I would say a wheeled vehicle would behave more like a car. Also tracking while active scouting would be less disastrous with wheels.

  43. Like how you give info….better then other players….thanks

  44. I find it unrealistic how it does not flip in some situations.
    Tire squealing on any other surface than tarmac is silly. Maybe in snow there should be a snow friction sound and on grass/gravel some gravel skid sounds (like WRC cars do)
    In deep snow, wheeled vehicles should have the speed heavily penalized. Especially uphill. Tracks are better in snow.
    The new auto aim system should be implemented on all the other tanks classes, especially in light tanks.

  45. This seems like it will be fun to drive but not OP. I’m taking a break from playing WOT at the min as i think the loot boxes giving out OP tanks are ruining the game. Great vid as always Taugrim

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