Panharder! – Circon & Foch Platoon – World of Tanks – Panhard AMD 178B

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Source: Circonflexes

Me and foch play the new tier 6!
: )


  1. As noted in the twitch chat: You may Panhard, but Circon will always Panharder!
    Hope you’re all having a good weekend. <3

  2. More plz! 😀

  3. How do tires squeal on dirt? #Circonmemes #Fearthebeard

  4. Foch needs to step us his game, you had to carry him hard in those two games.

  5. I unlocked the 178B and thought fuck this line after a few games lol 🙂

    Theyre such a weird line and from the tier 6 it seems like theyre a gold mining line for most people as the skill cap for them seems very high to play them well, so most people will be faced with slow tedious unenjoyable progress OR as I suspect WG intended will waste loads off free XP or gold to convert free XP to get anywhere in the line so I decided to move my good crew back into the normal French light tank line and put a mediocre crew in the 176 and I will just get the first win of the day whenever there are XP events on and ignore the entire line the rest of the time

    Good to see a couple of players who are good enough to play them well take them out, but I suspect that for “most” WG players these will just be a cause of frustration and a sink hole for gold and freeXP that could be used more wisely on more mainstream lines

    On the bright side though, finally some tanks that make the French premium 3 shot autoloader light tank seem “quite survivable” by comparison 🙂

  6. i read Citroen And fiat teaming up ……

  7. Obligatory 720p rreeeeeee comment

  8. I have to laugh at the “tires squealing” sound effect… they don’t do that on grass, sand or mud…

  9. When was that stream?

  10. When are Nvida tanks coming to wot ?

  11. Circon&Foch together again…ohh boy the memes are real!!

  12. One shot one of these with arty today and then saw a second one appear crawling away with damaged wheels. Would have loved to have seen the players faces.

  13. “Tamayoshiododo” – Circonflexes, 2019

  14. Sir foch and Circ, only skill is missing for a dreamthreesome ?

  15. rip enemy team, 5-15 curse got em

  16. Oh yes, that medal again
    I remember when uncle Circon got that one in a Bulldog ?

  17. Unicoms making tanks look OP ; )

  18. Yoshi tamme Dodo.
    I hope your mother is doing good.

  19. One more day to Frontline 🙂

  20. @2:49
    I misheard that as “where did that shot go, halal?”. Oops.

  21. Playing heavys that arnt Russian just got a whole lot more frustrating bois

  22. I like Circon and Foch cars bump after IS killing in Steppes. Just as basketball players bump into each other chest to chest after a good play.

  23. the atom bomb was used in WWII… should it be included in the game?

  24. 8:45 tank football with a blown up turret… nice 😉

  25. Never seen so many stock ELC’s zipping around.
    When you’re in one of these wheeled monstrosities and when you have three arty in a match, go right to where they always park. You’d be surprised at the stack of those medals you’ll end up having over time. Creates massive confusion too.

  26. Welcome to Drive-by City. We hope you enjoy your stay (until you get Panharded)

  27. Just like old times! Loving the wheeled memes Circon.

  28. Such riveting gameplay..

  29. Panda, panda, panda!

  30. all i can see is it has mobility fairly similarly to the skopion as it says in wiki

  31. Can we get the IS Nation with a 20MM Packed on a Toyota Hilux next pls?

  32. Circ and Foch together! Highlight of my day!

  33. Panhard: With a Vengeance

  34. Now try without your cheat zoom out mods uniscrub

  35. I have a Yoshio Tamada in my A20 and LT432 on my 5 kill tier 10 mastery game

  36. Yeah…SU-130PM is more like a fast Roomba…not that there’s anything wrong with that…but it ain’t no Soviet Skorp…

  37. AMD 178B looks liek a pick-up truck that AMD uses to transport their graphics drivers

  38. How is your mom doing dude

  39. SU 130PM is advertised as a faster Skorp, and the IS-6 advertised as being able to penetrate even the toughest of armor.
    And the Panther 88 as a very good medium tank.

  40. We need to get Skill in a platoon with Circon, the best platoon ever.

  41. Nice OP platoon. Good weekend for you both too 🙂

  42. Love the memes! long time since i enjoyed a wot video, circon and foch makes it worth it!

  43. I think it’s funny that even on “dirt” and such, the tires screech. lol

  44. tamagochi el dildo medal poggers

  45. Havent played WoT in forever, if they’re doing wheeled now did the US get the M8 Greyhound?

  46. Circon and Foch – two European cunts playing together – and all the homo fanboys are tripping over themselves to line up and suck cock

  47. Few weeks back got a Yoshi Tamada medal back to back games, once in my T-50-2 then following game in mt T-37 lol

  48. ever noticed that foch sounds exactly like 21 Savage????

  49. I love CirFoch platoons

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