PANIC MODE in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

“Panic mode” happens to the best of us in World of Tanks! This is no exception – here’s a super stupid of World of Tanks!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. BlackWolf Space-Cowboy

    Looks like the standard battle on the NA server.

  2. Jhon Steven Agudelo Rodríguez

    3:42 WYSI

  3. What the heck did I just watch??? Hahahaha

  4. Loved that … hilarious ending. 🙂

  5. To all those regular players like me…50 TP I feel your pain 11 hits 3 pen…that’s how RNG plays me too…

  6. wtf indeed

  7. Hahaha very entertaining

  8. remember quickybaby’s vid on the lowe? well that was the kind of situation where u should panic but the player of the lowe didn’t good job to him panic mode really messes up the chance of winning

  9. Yeah seen panic mode too much, i do it too but i do love controlled impact, such a game changer in the right tank

  10. Its all negative feedback on Crew 2.0 will wargaming listen . This is going to be straight up proof if they care at all what we and their own CCs say .

  11. that E-100 just made me mad… what a noobie, hahahaha

  12. Joke of a game. Both the teams were competing to take the crown of “greatest throw of the game”.

  13. Butter Apple Pie

    Great game anyway 👏

  14. And that is why I always auto lock onto an spg, unless its a GW, the armor will just troll you most of the time.

  15. 47% winrate and 800wn8 from that E100 player in 4k battles. Standard choice of a tank for a new player that comes clueless to tier 10.

  16. Napoleon Bonaparte

    This is why you bring GOLD shells into a tier 10 battle! You can’t be completely free to play in a tier 10 tank.

  17. Hey Quicky, please play WOTB, panic mode is so much more common there. 😂

  18. Ally E100 what a moron player…

  19. I saw this Twitch clip, probably lost several years of hearing.

  20. Clemens Neuhauss

    Emy e100 deserved to win. U had animals in your Team omfg

  21. What a LAUGH! 😂😂😂
    Thanks for sharing! 😉 👍🏼

  22. Luftwaffe on an RAF clan… Now that’s ironic

  23. T95 has 38.1mm roof armour 😉

  24. Emil is actually Debil

  25. NotYourAverageBelgian

    Tbh, your team absolutely didn’t deserve to win and I hate this video because the enemy E-100 didn’t deserve to get fucked over by RNG like that followed by being clicked to death by clickers. I don’t understand how people think it’s okay to miss or critical hit shots at less than 100 meters. One of the top reasons why RNG needs to be reworked badly, it is fucking stupid and makes this game a game of luck rather than skill.

  26. Clown fiesta

  27. Enemy E-100 name translates in “Armored Teddybear The Killer”…


    STB-1 and E100 players are the reason why I no longer play WOT! Pure hard work squandered by useless tomatoes at the end.

  29. Now imagine there is no arty in that battle and two E100s play on AP rounds only… Bookmaker says: 4,70 to our E100, 3,50 to opponent E100 and 1,10 for draw.

  30. Luftwaffe 18…we all know what that means 🙋‍♂️😂😂

  31. 08:09 this “Oh Dear” was legendary !

  32. Nail biting!

  33. Panic mode for me is when you’re playing an intense battle then your in-laws suddenly knocks on your front door. Me shouting… Just a MINUTE!!! 😆

  34. Lol this is amazing

  35. The End of this video is GOLDEN xD Watch till the end

  36. There e 100 : rng + gold…

    Wargaming garbage game

  37. Nice vid

  38. Why did the SPGs use stun shells ??? They should have used damage HE shells so they don’t stun their own E100 !

  39. I just couldn’t resist smiling when the arty saved the game 🥲

  40. Panic Mode is not playing since January when players were a healthy 29k every night then going on the game last night and players were at 16k on the NA server.

  41. content quality went up a lot in last month, gj qb

  42. I don’t understand how these idiots manage to outlive everyone else in these close games.

  43. The level at the end was so low LMAO

  44. Am I the only one that is greatly confused on how heat goes through the skirt and tracks plus the 150mm of side armor on the E100?? Isn’t spaced armor supposed to either completely destroy heat rounds or greatly greatly reduce there pen?

  45. lol, i know from experince that you need a 117mm gun to overmatch the top of the T95

  46. Maxime Vankerckhove

    This game sums up how much of a shit show WOT can be! 🤣🤣🤣

  47. This is meme replay for both sides.

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