Panther 8.8 Ace Tanker

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Source: osirish

Meh æ I donÙt like this tank.

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  1. Yeah, thanks Osirish to ILLUSTRATE PERFECTLY what I’m talking about 100%
    RNG arty … now, I hope all haters will realize how terrible is arty now,
    and asked WG to do something (instead of crying “nerf arty” all the time).

  2. Wonderful :)

  3. Yep, that’s arty accuracy. Have done it quite a few times myself, missing
    huge targets at point blank range!

  4. Too late, already bought mine, but I do like it. I have had bigger games
    than that, and I still don’t have a Mastery Badge, you really do have the
    luck of the Irish, i have to make my own, which is rare.

  5. Totally agree with you recommendation not to buy this tank! It is almost a
    running joke about how many hits I get vs. how many will penetrate! About
    every 10th game, RNG allows the stated accuracy to function. This should
    clearly be a tier VII tank (Panther I should be tier VI I believe). It is a
    German medium crew trainer/credit earner and nothing more. I wish I had not
    purchased it! On the FEW occasions it is high tier, it can do well. The
    problem is it is a Glass Cannon, so most tier Vs have little difficulty
    penetrating. As soon as I see a tank hull down, I need to turn away and go
    elsewhere. It does not peek-a-boom well. I do not look forward to playing
    this tank to get the daily x2 xp at all! You were VERY kind with your

  6. Dreadshells Gaming

    I think when the devs were making this tank, whoever was in charge of
    writing the hard stats, they were thinking that it was a preferential
    premium, and they forgot that Wargaming wasn’t going to release anymore
    preferential tanks. And when they got to the point of releasing the Panther
    8.8, they were like “crap, oh well, we already wrote all the stats for it,
    would be too much work to change them now.” lol.

  7. irish in the place

  8. Same goes with my t-25.I dislike the tank.

  9. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    It would be really nice if you could put background music in the video.

    It feels sort of drab with no music, or anything much then your small Irish
    accent. :P

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