Panther 8.8 goes ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. I have to say that you are my streamer favorite, you almost never use apcr
    and you do a lot of damage. Ty for this great vid.

  2. Panthers always go ham! xD

  3. do a type 4 or 5 goes ham. but first try and get it lol

  4. yeah this tank is in some ways good…..when it comes to sustaind damage
    its better then the cdc….people say cdc is better etc yeah its true but
    cmon who uses that speed in a high tier game at the start

  5. ‘bunch of noobs’ 4Head

  6. foch is awesome….because reasons!

  7. I’ve never tried P.88, but kinda know Panther 2 already…so i’m asking
    folks who played both…can we say it officially, that the premium version
    is better than the non-prem one??? Just ’cause i kinda feel like that
    now…(and btw, that would be against WG’s “premiums should be weaker than
    the same tier non-premium tanks” theory…) So? :(

  8. What´s the mod? Which mod xvm?

  9. this tank is underrated im on my second mark working on my third

  10. very few times have I gone ham in this thing. doesn’t happen often. glad to
    see that you can make it work big time.

  11. sirFoch , i got my 113 and i know you like it ,my question is , how the
    fock can you play that tank and not go insane , that tank should spone
    amooracked or in fire wtf seriously its totaly unbalanced .

  12. more breakfast meats???? Wait, NO, little fochy goes HAM in a slow tank
    with no armor. When are we going to see little fochy go HAM in arty?
    Basically, any good game he has in a tank, he goes HAM, cause little fochy
    can’t go HAM in real life so he goes HAM in an arcade game., ROFL. Little
    Fochy has 40K subscribers while quickybaby has 400K but QB doesn’t do
    breakfast meat vids, something to ponder.

  13. This thing is so badly underrated.

  14. Foch pls make a review about the supersherman when it comes out 🙂 ( i.e.
    M4A2 revalorisé)

  15. I’ve 3 tier tens unlocked which should I get Foch 155 fv4202 or obj263

  16. Fock you!

  17. new mic? :D

  18. Moe Dali (Addicted2Trance)

    I was gonna buy it today but I got greedy with the sales on NA server.
    Bought me a is6, su122-44 and a m4 improved for the nice bundle. I think I
    made the right choice. After all I’m grinding Soviet crews and needed a
    replacement for the kv5.
    Thanks for the nice game SirFoch. Always a pleasure watching you play. I
    just wish you play on NA server, get to shoot you or alongside you some
    time. ?

  19. under 10 baby :D

  20. Nice game

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