Panther 8.8 review! Is it worth the gold?

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Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. First comment yay

  2. First

  3. I been waiting for this. Panther 8.8 review

  4. I love the panther8,8 the same as you foch!

  5. So what is the better Tier 8 premium? I like faster moving tanks, but
    prefer a more “Heavy” based tank, if that is possible.

  6. you mean inferior not insuperior lol

  7. I bought my one and only prem tank yesterday… FCM 50t and I am not
    regretting it atm cause it”s really fun to play but you need to think
    while playing a bit…

  8. Let’s take a Panther with the stock engine, stick the long 88 on and roll
    the dice on the gun stats so someone buys it 😀 sorry WarGaming but I won’t
    buy a “meh”-tank

  9. Np Mate 🙂
    Your a great Player, i hope i can help you with this, even if its a bad
    tank 😀
    you deserve any kind of support <3

  10. Devor110 aka. Bigcube

    JP2 or Ferdinand? *grabs popcorn*

  11. At least in this or premium JT you can have a comfy fight against Super
    Pershings compared to IS-6/112/WZ-111… Against Super Pershing it’s all
    about shooting around the strong parts of the armor and that doesn’t work
    well with these mega-deviation guns unless you are such a lucker who always
    gets close to zero deviation no matter what. However, that kind of player
    shouldn’t have credit worries anyway.

  12. Should change the name of these reviews.
    “Panther mit 8.8cm. Is he Stronk?”

  13. I think i rather buy the fcm 50t soon ^^

  14. 1044 base xp, Churchill GC carried. Churchill GameCarrier. Once again.

  15. I really loved the Panther and the Panther II so i might be one of the guys
    really liking the P88. But i have no money to spare so that will be a thing
    for the far future. As always a good and honest review, love it!

  16. To me, comparing the premiums is pretty pointless… After all, the main
    feature after the credit making potential is the crew training. And you
    can’t train your german med crews with your fcm or your is6, right?

  17. from the encounters I have had with this tank it feels like its complete
    trash, I have even bin able to trash them in a duel while driving the
    soviet garbage T-43, so I would never ever buy this 

  18. Bonkersfogel EQRG

    like this comment if you think he should bring back the “duhhhh”

  19. So its a tier 8 prem, with a tier 7 gun? It gets pref mm? WG? No? Well
    alright then…..

  20. On the bright side, it makes the T26E4 look good….

  21. on the bright side, the Panther 88 makes the T26E4 look good.

  22. Ive got a few tips for everyone. I was one of the first people to buy this
    tank and i loved it. Ive got the superpersh and ive got the t34-3 and this
    nice thing and if i would need to choose between am i would take the p8,8.
    My equipment is enhanced gun laying drive because of the Bad aimtime,rammer
    and vents. And with this u r the deadly sniper of doom. The p88 got great
    camos ratings and the besteht accuarity of all Tier 8 prems. Additional to
    this its got a pretty nice penetration for a Tier 8 medium just as the
    Panther 2.
    Its not competitive to the t26e4 Or the FCM because its not a that hard
    Front tank. The FCM is made for flanking around,the superpersh to take the
    shots and fuck up players who never heard of weakspots and the Panther 88
    is a hard to play sniper what for you need a great map knowledge and a
    giant tactical knowledge base because u need to know where to stand in what
    Position in what development stage of the game,so i would say if you have
    lower than 12k games dont buy it because u will do More Bad than good to
    your Team. If you like the playstyle of Panther 2 and other sniping Mediums
    which are ment to support buy it and remember: tactical knowledge isnt made
    by wn8. Ive got 19k games and a 1100 wn8 so im a More decent player but
    still ive got a giant knowledge about the maps and the mechanics of the
    game so i often just outplay unexperienced little unicums.
    So that were a few tips by SB who loves his p88 and i alrdy exp. In it. I
    hope i helped you Bros :)

  23. Kaiser Franz Josef I

    buy a jagdtiger 8.8

  24. I feel this tank is not worse than a FCM. It has a huge advantage if you
    play it like a sniper over long to midrange distances. The accuracy is just
    insanely good. The soft stats compensate for the worse aim time. The
    panther is by far not as big as the FCM plus its camo values are much
    better. So if you have a good crew you can snipe your enemys to despair in
    this tank. The FCM usually getts spotted as soon as a tank reaches 445m
    spotting range. Enemies love to shot FCMs because they are jucy targets.
    The Panthers turret is hard to hit over a long distance. I think this tank
    is priced quite good and my actual favorite premium tank.

  25. Foch, can i make you a recommendation? Try to shoot at the T26e4 hull, you
    won’t have problems penning it with 203 mm of pen. Learnt it in the Tiger I
    the hard way, lol.

  26. with the panther /m10 as an option this tank seems useless. but what do i
    know, only thing i know about panther /m10 is that it’s easy to kill.

  27. obj 907 review pls.

  28. no pref mm not worth it

  29. is it worth it? -> buy an FCM 50t… well thanks that’s solid 😀 I got that
    at X-mas so I am good…
    Then again if it plays like that I may pick one up, it’s reasonably cheap
    and I got all the other German medium premiums… 

  30. Thank you for the review and I was debating yesterday about getting
    this tank over the Super Pershing and I ended up getting the S. Pershing
    for the simple fact that it does have preferential match making, it has
    awesome spaced armor which can take a beating, it’s got -10 gun depression
    and only 10 less pen than the Pershing.

    I really would love to get this tank in the future because of that
    sweet gun. WG needs to definitely start with preferential MM for this bad
    boy though. Among other things.

  31. I really hope that KV-3 had a damaged ammo rack or dead loader. What a derp
    for half a minute there while you’re on 100 hp.

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