Panther Ersatz M10 | Master of Sabotage (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Ersatz M10 | Master of Sabotage ()


  1. “Howdy cowboy – mind directing us to the nearest fuel depot?”

  2. A pleasure to watch you tank! Sleep well!

  3. Hey Phly, you’ve never made a video on the T25 Baby Pershing. Show those Tigers what freedom means!


    Phly take out the p-40e-1 and kill those P-47s

  5. This is one of my favorites tanks!

  6. Try M6A1 Heavy Tank!

  7. didn’t some guy post this request like ten thousand times

  8. Attention all ps4 and pc players! I am the Xbox one War Thunder fan club Ambassador and I have a question. How does aiming at far ranges differ from controller to pc? Does anything feel sluggish? War Thunder will be supposedly be launching on Xbox One sometime this year. I would like a little info from ps4 players on how the game handles. All Xbox one users who have an interest in War Thunder please like this post. Thank you

  9. Play this tank in sim battles and pretend to be the enemy!

  10. 3:42 lmao

  11. shatterflake thepotato

    war thunder says app running but cant close it. Even deleted it from my computer great game dont get me wrong just dose not run on my computer it sucks. so i tried to get rid of it cuz it is a big game if eny one can help plz tell me

  12. seems like you are aiming to low

  13. Now play this in sim battles and try to act like an M-10 with out the enemy team noticing you 🙂

  14. Hello phly could you show me the way how to use the tier of tears or at least show me it’s not only me that had a teabag overdose
    17 pounder for the win
    Greetings cptfalko

  15. With a name like Phly… you’d think he’d aim a little higher… =]

  16. phly likes traps confirmed

  17. hey you not replied me ,,, what is your configuration, and monitor size?

  18. 2:54 “Welcome to Poland” *YIKES*

  19. It would only be a war crime if they put allied markings on it. Leaving it plain doesn’t violate the rules.

  20. Omggg i love this tank in world of tanks blitz

  21. SB Players: Stop putting enemy nation markers on your captured tanks, you fucking idiots – it’s literally a warcrime



  22. should be 6.0

  23. It’s me or the Video Quality is shity since the last 3 or 4 videos?

  24. What time do you usually log into War Thunder? love to play a game you are in it. Doesn’t matter whether with or against. Just want the pleasure of seeing my Screen name on your vids. 😉

  25. 7:23 russian panther kills german m10 that is actually also a panther

  26. “It’s a trap!”

    A transvestite?

  27. Play Sim to see if it work

  28. Hum this should be annoying as hell in sim ground battles

  29. Isn’t using captured vehicles warcrime too? Why is there rule in war lol and who invented them

  30. no 50. cal no USA tank..

  31. Do this in simulator battles see if anybody falls for it

  32. how do i get a phly decal for my vehicles

  33. when did they add it

  34. Is it just me or did somebody else say yes when he got that tank

  35. Only a war crime if you get caught

  36. Oh my god
    War thunder finally produced trash in WoT

  37. You failed to make any mention of the cost to get this tank. And you only gave it a fluff review, I guess don’t look a gift tank in the mouth eh?

  38. Daniel James Springfield

    Traps are gay

  39. (((War Crime))

  40. I believe half of the commenter talking about traps on anime

  41. Let’s commit war crimes.

    *Goes to Poland*

  42. And why aren’t the other panthers 5.7….. oh wait it’s gaijin why do I ask.

  43. Wut a loli.

  44. Pls make your vid longer

  45. Hi Phly, it is not a warcrime until the vehicle doesn´t have markings of your enemy. Vehicle is not a uniform…

  46. phlydaily do you know what the greatest war crime in the history of human kind was ? hiroschima and nagasaki

  47. 2:15 You are wrong… and what about T-V panther? 5.7 20degrees/s

  48. Phly: Take out the T-44-122! We need to see more of that soviet gun! Attempt #6

  49. I think it is more likely M18 not M10

  50. T-126 plaz

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