PANTHER is now HEAVY TANK (War Thunder)

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Source: PhlyDaily

is now HEAVY TANK (War Thunder)

In a more sensual way 🙂

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  1. The Unknown Person

    Just got the Panther D today and I thought I was playing it wrong. This shows me I was.

  2. Alfonse Couillon

    Phly, WT doesn’t need to try to make 5.3 lucrative. It is my fav BR for Germany!
    You got Nashorn (love it early game!), Pz IV/70, Tiger H1 and now Panther D for ground. Add Do 335 for ground striking and a Wirbel for AA/side-shooting and you’re pretty much set.
    Sure, urban combat is tough for this setup, but whenever you get shooting lanes of 500+ meters, oh boy is it fun 😀

  3. best fucking tank at that br

  4. 0:17 R.I.P “I will take that as a win”

  5. tewsgcdc Fgech k

    Anyone still saying the panther at 5.3 is balanced?

    Phly is by no means an elite or even exceptionally good player. And he still manages to fk up enemy teams, even in close combat. You can just go in there and listen to the *pling* of stuff bouncing

    • tewsgcdc Fgech k

      Ah yes, before i get hated for saying he isnt a good player:

      First of all, he is taking the panther into close combat. Biiiig mistake.
      Secondly: he only shoots center mass most of the time. Yes, aiming isnt needed with this gun.. but the t34 on the cologne map could have been dead a long time ago, but he fluffed it by not aiming.
      Third (and most importantly): he over-angles A LOT! he is playing it like a tiger. But the tiger has 80mm of side armour. The panther doesnt. Watch for how often he angles, and how often the enemy (especially the russians) could simply pen/overmatch his weak side.

      All in all: he shouldnt/wouldnt be doing that well if the panther wasnt that OP at this BR. But he is.

  6. i got hit my a random 50cal from 2.1km away and got pilot sniped. time to uninstall

  7. Wait did she say yes? If so that is awsome! Big fan of ur sow btw:)

  8. 0:21
    Enemy : Omae wa mo shin deiru!
    Phly : NANI!?

  9. Glad to see you back Phly!! I was getting worried you caught a coof!!

  10. Dat music and action – thats a like)

  11. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! i’m assuming she said yes

  12. Yep, Panther D, good gun, good armor good engine for a push, sits at 5.3.
    Meanwhile Jumbo….

  13. *M4A2 76 gets upped to 5.3 a couple patches ago*
    *Panther goes down to 5.3*
    American tears intensify

  14. Awww congratulations on becoming engaged!!

  15. bro wtf! you cant just casually tell us you proposed and then just get stuck right in the game like we dont wanna know about the details?!?!?! phly! tell us more bro!

  16. Hi phly, you have never made a full video about the Italian leopard, the OF40. TIme to remove AMX-30 super and XM1 spam! attempt #6

  17. “Heavy tank” i once managed to ammo rack a panther with a Crusader Mk III

  18. Brandon Sarsland- brunner

    Honestly a panther flank is good but a tiger 2 (p) flank is something. (Not saying i have done that but the pre production turret just pisses me off so much I want the post production turret so bad)

  19. Clive Lee Johern

    So I came back to warthunder after 4 days and when I play with the Tiger H1, I met up with a whole team of Panthers… This explains everything… Thanks Phyl. And thanks Gaijin. The BR is beginning to make tank engagements more unrealistic T^T

  20. Yo Phly, play the British Bad Boy, the Caernarvon! Nothing says “GAIJIN BALANCE!!!!” like APDS penetrating Tiger II UFPs at 1000 metres!

  21. I want this shirt!!!

  22. congrats
    can i come to the wedding?

  23. Why is my Panther D still 5.7? Anyone an idea if this is only on PC 5.3 and PS4 5.7?

  24. Your nicknames are getting better and better as the time plhies by

  25. Kiefer the Gamer

    6:48 I’m sorry but you’ve thrown off the Panthers groove.

  26. haha pnather at 5.3 is nothing, the lightning has now been moved to 9,7 below the br cap, so no getting rekt by f4s anymore

  27. Wait!!! You proposed?!?!?! DID SHE SAY YES OR WHAT MY GUY???!!!!!😂

  28. Actually Bill Burr and Burt did what you and Laura do, so It’s not that much of a weird thing to do.

  29. Whats the music reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i want panther xd

  30. 9:05 I thought there’s going to be more with that BGM

  31. I do it too and congratulations thats huge dude

  32. Deatheblade Deatheblade

    Yeah we used to take out our boat and drive by other peoples lake houses and admire the richness of their houses

  33. Hilarious, you proposed to your girlfriend but the really big news is that your new ‘T’ shirt is coming out! I bet she loved that!!

  34. Attempt# 86: can you phly the xp50

  35. you need to do a video on the m15a1 spaa for the american faction….. it has an automatic 37mm at 2.7

  36. Gladiator Mk II loving the unloved please Phly or I-16 type 10 with historical information please.

  37. Well Congrats to you and your soon to be wife.

  38. “majestical” is not a word.

  39. Maxwell Schneider

    The m18 is nowhere it is everywhere

  40. Disty Let's playing

    Stay cool, bady.

  41. The Communist Plaque Doctor

    Good god I forgot how slow the Panther’s turret turns. Which probably why War Thunder made a medium tank. Which ment yoy could get easily killed with the Panther.

  42. Donald Wilmoth III

    Easily my favorite youtuber, mentioning your ideals even tho it was minor, says a lot and I’m for it:)))

  43. Donald Wilmoth III

    And shout out to the Raleigh area and their activism!!

  44. congrats on your proposal, dis she say yes?

  45. dorito wars : John Cena edition

    hi guys can someone help i’m new on xbox and when i press to view camos it goes to secondary weapon and planes without a secondary weapon it just doesn’t work at all help! i reaaly want to equip a camo

  46. Ah yes the bloody and cruel invasion on Sweden by the Japanese 1942 colorized

  47. Hey Phly. I found a movie on youtube. It’s called The Last Vampire on Earth. Does that ring a bell? Just wondering if you played the part of Noah (Jonathon Harker) He sounds just like you. Looks like a student film, really bad acting and sound.


  49. i am still waiting for a Tiger Flank with a Tiger P

  50. I hate dealing with Panthers, it’s to “advanced” in terms of angles.

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