^^| Panther M10 Back to Back. (World of Tanks Gameplay.)

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Source: SirCircon


  1. Circon, do you think this tank is OP now? I had some great games and 3marked it the day before the patch, and now I basicly feel like I’m playing a better comet (mostly cuz of the preferential..)

  2. only tank I’ve ever gotten back to back ace’s in was my Fv304 ;P

  3. I want this tank…put it on sale WG!

  4. Keep it up papa circon

  5. it has american gun marks? nice attention to detail

  6. Thanks for the vid Circon. Gotta have something to do at work.

  7. Back to back good mm 😉

  8. The return of Panther M10 🙂

  9. Circon’s meme level = maximum+

  10. that Panther vs Panther duel is awesome, just saying.
    Maybe i should pick Panther too.

  11. Even though nowadays premium tanks are wa, waaay better than old ones, I still prefer vehicles with “rigged” MM. I mean, it is great to have around 230 mm of penetration instead of f/e 203, but when you know that you don’t have to face vehicles 2 tiers higher is… Just unbelievable. That’s why I’m in love with this Panther or SP. Haven’t play Panther m/10 after the newest patch, but I think I’ll like it even more <3

  12. I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen a skilled player using this vehicle.  Never knew it had this kind of capability to be a threat!

  13. Damm, gun handling on it seems really on point

  14. Someone mentioned QB in your chat and his message got deleted? For someone trying to be more and more like he with his youtube and stream, thats pretty sad.

  15. Has the gun handling always been this good on this tank?

  16. Amazing gameplay

  17. Will you play the Pz IV.S? I bought it like 2 years ago and sold it (not sure why but I sold more than 1 premium) and now I regret it.

  18. I wish the regular panther would have gotten the same gun handling than the premium panther. Regular panther feels like driving downhill in a kv2 at 40 kph snapshotting elcs at 500m range.

  19. This tank isn’t op.

  20. THIS THING IS A BEAST!!! it side scraps like a boss and the snapshots and DPM is great best tier 7 premium easily. by the way you stet pedder you load more apcr than AP you noob kappa

  21. ok now I have to get my M10 out of mothballs

  22. I’m actually glad I have one now 😀

  23. So does it require ridiculous levels of sprem spam to be effective or were you just being lazy?
    >4k damage for 6-700cr profit is useless as a premium for most players who in part will play them for cr earning.
    Was utter trash ages ago when released.

  24. This tank was always pretty good, then again maybe I’m just insane…

  25. Hey circon. Have you tried the new and improved 88 on the e50? Wiped a entire flank the other day with perma tracks… 7k damage in like 2 mins… (3.9 sec reload with everything)

  26. 2nd game was even better when you consider that Circon’s team had 7 players do 0 damage!!! And excluding the Jpanther, Circon did just 998 damage less than the other 6 that did do damage.

  27. Who else was watching live?

  28. What equipment do you use on this tank?

  29. Nice thing I like about Sircon is he doesn’t sit there bullshitting about the M10 he takes it right into a match let’s you decide.

  30. Crazy rate of fire!

  31. but circon… y u shoot apcr at skaouts herp derp
    (thats the best/worst spelling of “scouts” I could come up with)

  32. Only took 3 minutes to get top gun lololol

  33. Bollox I sold mine……along with the lurvvver….idiot.

  34. @SirCircon How the fuck do 7 tanks do Zero HP WTF some of these retards need to go back to playing Tetris !

  35. aced mine again on the first game today… 3k plus damage loss… I use binoculars though… crew trainer, no op crew…

  36. how do you zoom out dat far?

  37. It is my favorite Tank in the game.

  38. Chat, did you see that alpha?

  39. I wonder how the Panther II plays like now ?

  40. I had little love for this tank before, and hardly did play it. The buffs were nice to this and the T-34-85M. The M10 is a joy to play now.

  41. omg .. wtf did they do to this tank

  42. One of the few tanks that I was lucky enough to 3 Mark before Circon

  43. i can never tell whether im fighting an actual wolverine or a panther its disguise is too good

  44. wish there was a better American Medium premium… I can’t stand the Super Pershing.

  45. Always love playing this tank. The DPM is crazy and it’s just a good scrapper. All those HPs.

  46. Casual radleys… I knew i should’ve picked this one up when it was on sale…

  47. I liked this video just because it features one of my favorite premiums tanks that never gets any love from any youtubers or streamers. it’s an underdog but I’ve had some epic times with that thing

  48. Mutually I subscribe to your channel. Anyone interested in my channel, “Jack of all tanks [World of Tanks]”

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