PANTHER POWER (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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PANTHER POWER (War Thunder )

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  1. Hey Phly, are you ever going to try Heroes and Generals again? It has been
    updated a lot. Its actually pretty fun now.

  2. use a t-3

  3. u are my favorite youtuber and inspired me to be a youtuber one day

  4. Play the M41 Bulldog. America!!!

  5. why my free eagle is not work?

  6. Tiger II (P) and Me-410 A1/U4

  7. Easy 8 and F82 gun pods. Dispense that freedom!!

  8. M41 + M36 + Plane of choice

  9. centurion mk.10 and meteor f3 plz

  10. M60 Patton

  11. american bias says wolverine and hellcat are 76.2 mm LOL

  12. Black Panthro Power!!! …oh wait…wrong show.

  13. Please tell me what screen recorder he uses I want to make wt vids too

  14. Hey fly take out the marder 3 and the B-24 with a skin of your choice

  15. When was that ending added for featured videos because it is amazing :)

  16. churchill and spitfire, for the queen

  17. Your favorite fighter, with favorite tanke

  18. plz do Mig-3-34 w/ Default Ammunition and T-34E STZ. This is my first time
    requesting. :(

  19. t92 and a jet bomber

  20. T 44 and the bias of il 10

  21. ??????Play Australian combo AC VI thunderbolt and CAC Wirraway

  22. Grinz low (Grinzlow)

    Life expectancy of anyone in warthunder 30s.

  23. Sherman Caliope! unleash them murcan rockets!


  25. Love the new outro

  26. op god damn plane

  27. keep up the good work…

  28. The panther isn’t a fucking glass cannon if it’s angled you can only pen
    one small bit at the right BR and every fucking tank has the issue of at
    its respectable BR it’s nice but if you up tier it? Naaah

  29. play M3-lee THE HAOUSE TANK

  30. No one will vote this combo t34-57 and yak 9k

  31. Peanut butter jelly 75 and big d sherman 105, big boy combo!

  32. T_44

  33. hey play as a superperishing phly

  34. T-29 and F7F

  35. M4 sherman 76 ,for freedom.

  36. Cromwell RP3 and the hurricane MK IV

  37. T34-85 and La-5 The fear of germans!

  38. Worst combo ! T-60 + P0 2 😀

  39. How can I move my plane when I look behhind me ?

  40. How do you still have the “gun tube sight“ when everyone else has to
    compensate for the misalignement of gun and scope??

  41. American Feline Power! Super Hellcat and F6F Hellcat Combo

  42. I wanna see the German KV-2 plus whatever plane you’d like to pair with
    it… for the motherland and fatherland!!!!

  43. Crush the enemy with the Caernarvon & Wyvern and be home in time for tea
    and biscuits

  44. British Charioteer and Tempest MkII with rockets, Let Britain rule the land

  45. Show them Russian power with the T-35 and the I-153p!!!! Go slow and stronk
    and be fast and deadly!!!!

  46. Is the LVTA1 amphibious? and pls churchill 3 or 4

  47. Pz IV/70 and Do217 E-2!

  48. i love rhis game but the loading is crazy

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