Panther Tanks: German Cats

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

During WW2, almost every nation that played a major role in the conflict employed at least one iconic . The US had the , the Soviets used the T-34… And Germany employed several vehicles that could fit the bill, but in the latter part of the war there was only one tank that could claim that title: the legendary . Today we're going to discuss the nuances and strategies involved in using tanks of this series in combat.

Subtitles are available in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Polish, Turkish, Chinese, Portuguese.



  1. they have time to make videos and more pay to win stuff… more bias russian stuff but fixing this broken game…. I understand that gaijin need money for the war effort (wich is a total epic fail 3 weeks to take over the country?? muhahahahaha)

    but fixing the game so it’s fun agian would be abit better…
    ghost shells, making HUGE changes for rewards and other parts…. updating the game and whit every small update you earn less and less silverlions…. gaijin is truely DUMB….. there is no other word for it….

    ooh players hates us when it’s “the players fault” we make small updates but we are going back to how it was before.
    racists gaijin THINKS they are making it better but WAKE UP gamers gaijin is blacker then EA….

    and EA is pigs when it comes to money making and “suprise boxes”

  2. Simon Riley (Ghost)

    When The Mobile Version Of Warthunder Game Out I Was Shocked, and i was going too choose the airforce but sad its not there only tanks and ships are the options, i am here to tell you about that, please add an airforce update in the future, i hope you are reading this. Peace Out

  3. Not even 24 hours and german mains already cry about Panther II.
    Stop crying.
    Start playing with skill.

  4. I really want the Ersatz variant

  5. Panther II/Panther 2: Excuse me what the fu-

  6. I like to use the VK for ambush or sniping

  7. jagpanther was my favourite tank in that BR he is absolutely good

  8. Even 90mm cant(atyually can) penetrate their frontal armor

  9. Panther D, 5.3
    -impervious in the front
    -volumetric makes shooting the turret not viable
    -long 75 kwk cannon
    -speed is average
    M4A2 (76), 5.3
    -armor made of glass
    -gun, while good, is worthless at longer ranges
    -speed is average
    -constantly have to use track and barrel torture

    How does gaijin consider this fair?

  10. fak you for not mentioning the panther 2

  11. Can you add PT-91 hard?


  13. Zipitydudaday Zipity

    Can you PLEASE add the TSAR tank? It was made only 1prototype… but you have the MAUS just please add THE TSAR tank pls


  15. Can we get a premium version of the f-14? Also can top tier PLEASE be fixed. And my opinion all the BR’s could use some reworking

  16. Sooooooo when you giving us the 10.5 tiger 2 and panther 2

  17. i really hope the update doesnt come out till end of the month or end of next week because i can get the arkansas till monday and i want the preorder

  18. Make the sturmtiger available again(day 19)

  19. Day 1 of asking the Begleitpanzer 57 to be moved up to 10.3 BR 🙏

  20. No Panther II?

  21. Congratulations gaijin you got 1.08m subscribers 🎉

  22. Why can’t you test fly f-16 in war thunder like what would change if you just made one premium or just make all planes test fly able. Game is cool but i just want to show to my friends an f-16 jet like it should be a thing there is f-4s premium but not f-14 or f-16

  23. I hope there will be an Event were we get the Chance to research the Coelian and Panther II aswell as the Tiger II 10,5…. these ones i sadly mist and i want them real bad, even tho they never “existed”

  24. Bro really forgot the Panther II

  25. also Need a video guide for t34

  26. go full ammo in combat and die 30 second

  27. TFW Gaijin just denies existence of in-game Panther 2 tank that was made up by them.

  28. 6:25, i think everyones favourite tactic in a panther is W key and Mouse 1

  29. What about the panther 2 ?

  30. I missed the good old day i enjoy m4 76w and pantherD pantherA. Now…..there is nothing

  31. Russische Panzer siend viel zu overporerd !!! (unzurecht)(is2 !!!!!!)

  32. ????????? ????????? Who knows

    The disrespect for the Panther 2 lmao

  33. Can we get the Ersatz M10 back?

  34. Panther backs up way too slow

  35. Panzer IV Kampfwagen

    the best panther is a dead one

  36. Jadg. panzerkampfwagen V II Aufts. jumbo modern.

    Hey gamers, I cannot run WT because my Laptop is 2013 and cannot run Crome, and my tablet is an Amazon fire 10 HD, so it is outdated.

  37. i got good news: basement guy escaped and touched grass

  38. Please give us the panther 2 and panther ersatz M10 and Tiger 2 10.5 cm kwk L/68

  39. A video on the chi family next?

  40. Panther is one of the most enjoyable tank for me.

  41. Panther solo’s tigers It has great gun and very good armor.I love this tank.If panthers would have a better engine that wouldn’t break down in the middle of combat Panther would be a perfect ww2 tank

  42. Well my Panther II is my favorite so 🤷🏻‍♂️

  43. can we please have the option to remove side skirt like in the thumbnail

  44. My grandpa was in the war he said those panthers would hide in abandoned small towns and would drive out swing the turret and destroy a sherman and the panther would reverse quickly back in hiding spot and the convoy wouldn’t know where the panther is.

  45. Sad Panther 2 Noises

  46. Since we are talking about Panthers it only make sense for me to remind those who don’t know, Panthers are NOT the same thing as PANZERS. The term “Panzer” is “tank” in German.

  47. Panther experience:

    -Flanked by an M18 or shot by a bushed up M18 from a different zip code

    -one shot by a t-34 100 or an IS-2 at the beginning of a match

    -CAS, thats all i have to say

    -that one game where you are an entire panzer division in one tank

    -Volumetric bull where your 75 cant pen a russian tank basically flat on

    -or your shot just doesnt do anything cause of Russian fuel tanks as armor, and no it doesnt catch fire


  48. Gaijin!!! When you will add vietnamese roundel?????

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