^^| Panther. Things get awkwardo. (World of Tanks Gameplay.)

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Source: SirCircon


  1. circon have you driven the panther 2 this patch? if so how is it?

  2. what to rebuy then? panther ii or i?

  3. nice fucking curry

  4. Tom's Game Replays

    Guys is the panther mit 8.8 an oky tank

  5. Just imagine if that Hummel TKed you at the end of the round 🙂

  6. Is it just me or did you get a haircut?

  7. holy christ you make it look easy

  8. MM is completely screwed. I have so many screenshots of hot it can be horribly unbalanced. Bring on the new MM

  9. very aggressive game play…i liked it

  10. Panther op, needs an alpha dmg nerf!

  11. most people don’t do 4k at tier 10..this mafaka does it at tier 6 and 7 watttttttt

  12. I love your battles using the Panther line. I find them difficult to play. Love to see more panther action tier VI – tier VIII.

  13. There are no bad tanks in circons hands!

  14. Try the E50 with new gun it’s a beast.

  15. indien panzer could be a very good tank if they gave it some turret armour and better ground resistance

  16. So, basically… if circon is on your team, you will win unless your team is a bunch of morons… and circon only has 62% wins… hm, thinking….

  17. That IS-3 wanted Circon’s dick so badly he pushed out his own team mate just to shoot him

  18. Jewtube comments??!!!! wall street journal should make an article about circon and his audience being racist!!!111!1!!!

  19. That IS-3 dickhead, helped your team more than his.
    2:10 – totally pushed the T26E5 out and blocked his retreat.
    E5 thought hard about a team kill…

  20. That T-34-1 showed what more average/below average players need to do, sure he didn’t do a huge amount of damage but he didn’t throw away his HP, he didn’t yolo and he didn’t camp. He played an active part in the battle which allowed Circon to do the heavy lifting. If more players did that they would see their win rates rise because they would be more useful team mates without having to start pulling massive damage numbers. Also hopefully the new MM will reduce MM like that, all support tanks v heavies on a city map, yeh that’s not balanced.

  21. great replay as always!!! not using fire extinguisher on german medium?-brave

  22. t-34-3 isn’t awful, t-34-2 is awful.

  23. roemer schoenmakers

    Tank with awesome pen still loads 20 apcr…


  25. Wow, top tier game and he used so much apcr…..

  26. Want to hear a joke?
    – World of Tanks is balance

  27. So what Tank do you like the best sircircon…

  28. please donate gold, as all of it was lost in this game

  29. Bartosz Woźniak

    Panther… My favourite tank! <3 I love Panther, I love Panther 8,8 but apparently I hate Panther II... Literally.

  30. I hope your team thanked you for all the heavy lifting!

  31. Man, that IS player…

  32. lol. panther is overpowerd. you killed like all the t8 tenks lel

  33. i hope your back does not hurt from all that carrying

  34. That was ridiculous.

  35. Circon is different. I really like to watch his gameplays.

  36. Epic Game

  37. what crosshair is that?

  38. Alexander Guttman

    Hail to the beard! Well played Circon!

  39. I hated the Panther when I used it. Its gun is supposed to be “accurate”,but can’t hit the broadside of a fucking barn.

  40. i love my panther…recently got my 3rd MoE on him. hes such a shitty tank that i felt the need to master him. today i can honestly say for me its the best t7 med..maybe because most of them suck

  41. ShadowAssasinMitchell 12

    Damn son

  42. You are fuckin incredible man =O

  43. I was so certain that the hummel was gonna TK you

  44. Consistent low rolls?

  45. Panther is made of ammo racks.

  46. Holy shit, what a game!

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