Panthers in War Thunder

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Source: Zenturion7

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  1. Can you spell the full name for the 12th vehicle?

  2. Somua SM is missing

  3. why did you put in a m10?

  4. Two poison swamps at once🤑. Here we f*cking go again, Myazaki cannot be stopped😂.

  5. Panther D more like Panther Deez nutz 💀💀💀

  6. that M10 looks sus 🗿

  7. Why isn’t it called flak panther instead of flak panzer it always annoys me

  8. what the hell~~~~(mem)

  9. No British Panther?

  10. T-V in Simulator is wild

  11. The USF announcer: Intruder Alert! A German Panther is in the base!

    T34 Calliope: “A German Panther is in the base!?”

  12. The flakpanzer 3 is the most goat of the panthers

  13. Flakpanzer 3❎🥱
    Flakpanther 3✅🗿

  14. How did an m10 end up in this video

  15. It’s funny how the panther is almost on the same level of the M4 Sherman in nation

  16. Flakpanzer 3 be looking like huggy-wuggy from project playtime

  17. It is amazing how the Germans were able to make use of panthers especially since the panther is just the sherman of Germany and the t-34 is the sherman of the ussr

  18. We rode to the Hague in style, ja?

  19. what about the panther 2? i mean it got removed but its still a panther that you can play in war thunder if u are an old player

  20. Shermans💀☠️

  21. Wo ist GW panter

  22. Is there any difference between the VK and the Panther D?

  23. My friend say “My cats))”

  24. Panther II the beloved

  25. You forget the Ersatz M10

  26. I own the panther 2, it’s great fun to play a German vehicle but not have to deal with German teammates, but Soviet ones aren’t exactly a whole lot better 😐

  27. Each amazing killers

  28. What are names of the songs used in the videos?

  29. We need an updated version of the panther 2

  30. Maus: uh excuse me?

  31. Что здесь делает Wolverine?

  32. Is it pantherrrr or panziierrrrrr

  33. PZ 5/4 ?

  34. M10 is non-binary 🏳️‍🌈

  35. Whole Ass Zoo

  36. @maljeanthimothe3538

    Ahh yes, panther warcrime edition, my favourite

  37. @martinmejstrik2525

    where is bretagne panther?

  38. I fking hate panthers aswell… Theres like 6 different variants that are all the same but with slightly different turret traverse rates and their sole purpose is to delay you to get into more interesting vehicles. And i am a German main.

  39. what’s the song for the T-V

  40. @williamkicklighter2530

    What is the name of the Russian song?

  41. We destroying our final drive with this one

  42. Panther II sus

  43. Panzer 2?

  44. Panther 2?

  45. Damn, that M10 which is clearly an M10 stole the Panther II’s spot.

  46. Fun fact: VK’s usually get downtiers to 4.7 and 4.3

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