Panthers vs Shermans! – War Thunder 1.53

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Thunder 1.53 Panthers Shermans!
War Thunder Gameplay – Panther II vs Sherman Firefly!

Thanks for watching!


  1. Use the M4A1 sherman.. more realistic because there weren’t many fireflies

  2. wow this was really cool

  3. m26 vs panthers and tigers

  4. im 14

  5. Chileplayermijo Ñere

    fku man

  6. The unplayable map….hah i hate it

  7. plz the shermen fierfly vs tiger 1 lets see how much the legnd is true

  8. oh god im having PTSD about my FPS

  9. War Thunder Italian Channel “Mr. bombardier” W.T.I.C

    hiiiiii baron good job ;)

  10. Hi

  11. Dat M2A2 though

  12. I was watching you on stream when you played this battle! I loved it!!

  13. Aww why not a pershing

  14. I am so early that “soon” don’t have the ™ already.

  15. Tiger ii p für deutsland

  16. Jhom reporting, this was the most fun i had in War Thunder in the last

  17. m2a2 was courageous

  18. The Panter D-F have no 8,8cm gun

  19. God DAMNIT Cat and MAUS. Maus’ vs Hellcats damnit! You love puns and stuff
    like that.

  20. How to free look?

  21. panther players were fuckin bad holy shit

  22. T-80 with the sovjet speedloader. Fire at will=victory

  23. uhg Baron is an idiot, he should shoot the side of Panthers not their
    turret front! or even the lower plate!

  24. Su-100Y vs Tiger 2s

  25. do shermans vs t34’s

  26. You should do T-34s vs Panthers next! :D

  27. what about t25, m26 vs tiger,panther

  28. Didn’t realize there was Sherman firefly in your load out

  29. primeD Cs:Go and More

    play more heroes snd generals

  30. guys to few panthers and no panther F only D and a few G

  31. do m2a2 vs BT5!! custom!! this is gonna be epic!!!! like this comment

  32. Why they no longer play with phly?

  33. Baron, I have to say I watched this video while I was still drunk from
    Thanksgiving and it was amaaaiiiziiinnng

  34. How does one end up participating in one of these?

  35. Luka Jovanovic (DynamoKid)

    So… Il2 Battle of Moscow just released tanks. Just saying :<

  36. Quantity vs quality

  37. KV-2 vs Maus

  38. So many shermans

  39. Dingle Berry

  40. Baron plz get 1080p 60fps

  41. m26vstiger

  42. king tigers vs t 34 85s

  43. i was screaming “why not the E8″

  44. Sherman’s for the win!!

  45. Chaffees vs pt 76s.

  46. You can change the game mode to tank battle so there will no capture zone

  47. t34 vs panthers

  48. The reason the ammo rack in the panther didn’t detonate is because the
    shells on the firefly don’t have any explosive component in them.

  49. You should try t95 vs. maus to determine the King of the beasts

  50. allahu akbar vine compilation

  51. Hey, Baron. In War Thunder, I am ReadySetThunder. I apologize for not
    knowing how to properly ready up. I was in the M4A3 (105) HVSS Sherman
    beside you from 11:38 to 12:45. I had fun and look forward to more CBs.

  52. I saw my squadron tag on the German team???

  53. the Sherman’s didn’t win the battle the m2a2 won it with its amazing guns

  54. Baron called me buttercup… o7 And the only reason the Sherman”s won was
    because of the cap!

  55. Hey baron i was watching a video here on youtube about how ineffective the
    shermans were against panthers and tigers and came across a scene basically
    showing this map 😀 the video is called “m4 sherman crew tell how shocking
    it was” im a big time tanker hope you enjoy and keep up the awesome work

  56. I’m guessing shermans and pershings vs panthers is out of the question? I
    was thinking about cologne

  57. 720p WTF?????????????

  58. But isnt the Tiger a type of Panther though? Or is it a type of Panzer I

  59. im in love with the fact u listen to ur fans yay for team
    #SlickBaron uplike me boys let em see the praise ^^

  60. M26 vs Royale Tiger

  61. DJAModsᴼᴳ ❶❸❸❼

    Hgstop aiming for the big guns of the tanks they will always pounce away.

  62. im “tankful” for baron, phly, and slick as great youtubers and all the
    other youtubers for making my day great keep up the good work fellas :)

  63. +BaronVonGamez Use the mode “Battle” when you set up a custom game. It
    won’t remove cap points, but it will make caping very hard to do.

  64. Condorscondor Condor

    straight up tdm would def be nice.

  65. Tiger vs T-34 & Churchill (wait, is there any)

  66. black prince vs maus

  67. Baron, I am a new-ish player, and i really look up to you to give me advice
    on tanks. I am barely 13, and I am a very bad strategist sometimes… It
    would be an honor to play with you someday. Also, I would also like to see
    you and maybe phly do the BTD and the P-38

  68. Hows about M103’s vs Tiger II’s or 2-4 Maus tanks vs T-34 horde.

  69. the only reason the shermans won was because the shermans had the flag
    capped for like half the game


  71. t55 vs m60

  72. do maus agianst bombers

  73. Next 1 ! American silver war ! M4 , firefly vs M4 and Fire fly

  74. yee i was the one Panther triple ace, call me Panther van Triple

  75. I was wondering what you have to do to get into the custom battles if I’m
    not able to follow you on facebook or twitter

  76. Panther would have won if someone didn’t cap lol

  77. doom turtles vs maus’s

  78. I play sometimes but it’s not very hard to play (probably because I’m a low
    tier player) I usually get from 5-10 tank kills per match in arcade.

  79. t-34 vs Tigers plox

  80. Arturo Quirantes Ros

    Churchilla vs Tigers! Clash of Titans…

  81. Beat the fudge until we cry

  82. why…
    I dont even know… I keep trying to join in but sadly, NOPE.
    And now my f*cking Ex gets to play with you guys?!

  83. I WANT

    J7W1 vs XP-55

    T-34 vs KV-2

  84. Panthers VS T-34’s. :P

  85. Heh Jijani One-Shot

  86. t95 vs maus

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